How to Get a Boat in Saints Row

Saints Row boat

Saints Row is set in a the fictional city called Santo Ileso in the American southwest. There are fifteen distinct districts, each with its own terrain and environment.

Santo Ileso is excellent to explore using all the vehicles found in the massive city. Players can take any vehicle they want in the overworld and customize it. Additionally, they can also do a small in-game challenge to unlock a vehicle’s signature ability

Furthermore, players can also take to the sky with a flying vehicle or through gliding from high places by using their wingsuit. All of these viable options are available as soon as the tutorial ends.

However, those who want to travel by water must put in the extra effort. This guide will show you how to get a boat in Saints Row and store them at a dock for customization.

Saints Row Boat Storage

As soon as the tutorial ends, the boss is able to find or steal any vehicle they want in the overworld. Then, they can take it to the nearby garage to save and customize their vehicles.

While this principle also applies to boats as well, players won’t have access to a dock until they make some progress in the main missions. It’s a good idea to do this before exploring, so players can earn multiple sources of income to earn money fast.

Play through the main campaign until you’ve successfully established Saints HQ in “Take Me to Church.” This mission officially creates the Saints and unlocks missions to expand their criminal empire.

After that, several missions will become available at the same time. These range from unlocking new features or personal missions with your crew and it’s up to the player to choose which one to do.

It’s a good idea to prioritize “Networking” first, since this unlocks Criminal Ventures. This new feature lets you buy faux businesses from empty plots of land for a consistent source of income.

After completing “Networking,” players can now take on an important mission called “Aggressive Recruiting.” This mission puts the boss on a dangerous battle royale style island in order to recruit more members for their outfit.

Players can take the ferry at the dock near Saints HQ to travel to Boot Hill. Once there, players will undergo a lengthy combat gauntlet where they have to reach the end of the island while mowing down hordes of enemies.

One more thing, you’ll start with no weapons and have to loot them on the island. It’s a fun, straightforward mission where you can really cut loose during combat. It’s also an organic way to try out the different weapons in the game.

Surviving Boot Hill and completing “Aggressive Recruiting” will recruit more members for the Saints. At the same this, this unlocks the dock, allowing you to get a boat in Saints Row.

As that’s left to do is to find a boat in Saints Row, which is a relatively simple task. All you’ll need to do is find one parked at a dock scattered throughout the city or attempt to hijack one in open water.

While players are able to steal any boat they find in the world, they aren’t able to save it without the dock. Thus, if they destroy or lose it, they’ll have to find another.

For the pirates attempting to steal one from another person, it’s a good idea to take the driver out first before entering the vehicle. It’s a difficult situation when you’re swimming to get a boat in Saints Row, only for them to drive away, leaving you stranded.

Additionally, once you unlock your dock, there’s a free boat players can use to scout for better vehicles. Don’t forget to save a new boat immediately, so you don’t lose it.

Finally, you can customize your boat as easily by saving it in your dock and then customizing it from there. The central body of water conveniently connects a lot of districts, so it’s a good idea to get a boat in Saints Row.