How to Get a Wingsuit in Saints Row

In Saints Row reboot, you’ll have a ton of stuff to do on the most tricky scenarios imaginable. Just after arriving at Santo Illeso, you’ll deal with car chases, explosions, convoy destruction, and a lot of mayhem in general. A lot will be going on, and you’ll definitely need a wingsuit.

You’ll find yourself going out on a limb in the middle of Santo Illeso’s higher-altitude locations at a certain point in the gameplay. In this case, if you need to 007 out of the situation, you must have a wingsuit on the go. This equipment allows you to soar safely through the sky.

However, you might have trouble locating this equipment at first glance, especially during the first mission’s aerial combat. But don’t stress over it; the wingsuit will be one of the quickest items you’ll get.

Let’s cut this mystery short and see how to get a wingsuit in Saints Row reboot.

The First Wingsuit

After completing the game’s introductory mission, you’ll appear in your character’s apartment. At this point, you’ve already set your character’s appearances and outfit beforehand.

Still, after getting past the first chapter of Saint Row’s campaign, you’re free to roam. This means that you can now leave the apartment, go outfit-shopping, get more cars, etc. Now, in your apartment, you’ll be able to change your character’s physique and outfit.

Go into the apartment’s wardrobe and enter the “Outfit” section. Next, browse the clothing parts for your character’s upper body and select “Wingsuit.” The wingsuit icon will probably have an exclamation icon on it, indicating that there’s a new item there.

After accessing the upper-body clothing section, you’ll see a new wingsuit; equip it. You automatically get it after completing the first mission in Saints Row.

How to Handle a Wingsuit

The wingsuit is a flying aid to your character. However, you might struggle to make heads or tails of how to use it during gameplay. This is because the game doesn’t provide an intro or tutorial on using the wingsuit, and the main story doesn’t require it either.

Players will have to shake a leg and get into specific situations where the wingsuit deploys automatically. Unfortunately, you can’t activate it manually from anywhere.

Currently, there are three ways of forcing the wingsuit to open in Saints Row. Let’s discuss them.

High Altitudes

Starting with a classic, you can get to an elevated point in Santo Illeso — it doesn’t need to be super high — and jump. After jumping, keep pressing the “jump” command (spacebar on computers).

You can also do this by jumping out of a helicopter mid-air.

After activating, you’ll go a few feet higher and will be able to steer the flight’s direction.

Jumping Out of Car Roof

A more cinematic way of using the wingsuit is by clinging your character to a car roof at high speeds and jumping out.

While in the car, press the command button to hop out, but hold it instead. Consequently, your character will break the window and reach the vehicle’s roof, where an option of jumping to a wingsuit appears.

You can also activate the wingsuit out of a car by ejecting your seat if your vehicle has the “Ejector Seats” signature ability. To see a vehicle’s ability, save it in your garage.

Weather Stations

A different way of flying with your wingsuit is by getting to a weather station. Pull up to the nearest weather station and use it. This action starts an animation where your character grips a rope while shooting another, yeeting themselves to the sky.

You can try this on the “Mercado” weather station, which is pretty near your apartment complex, so you’ll be able to fast travel close to it.

Then, press the jump button, and your character will zip the wingsuit out.


Landing with a wingsuit in Saints Row can be pretty straightforward; you can direct yourself where you want to fall smoothly. However, you can spice things up a bit.

If you direct yourself towards a vehicle, an action command will pop up, allowing you to land on the vehicle’s roof. In PC, it’s the “E” button.

Additionally, you can also John Wick yourself on top of enemies, striking them from the air. Again, this action performs an insta-kill stunt. Unfortunately, though, you won’t find this opportunity as often in-game.