How to Save Cars in Saints Row

Saints Row Reboot features an impressive number of vehicles for players to cruise through Santo Illeso. From bikes to cars, boats, trucks, and helicopters, you can look forward to meeting over 80 types of vehicles in the game.

Cars in Saints Row fill in specific roles. You might kick it better with an off-road pickup for its robustness or enjoy a classic car for aesthetics. Either way, you’ll be better off with a dandy collection of distinct wheels.

Even so, if selecting a car based on its statistics is your cup of tea, the game’s garage will catch your eye. In the garage, you’ll see an overview of the car’s info, including brand, speed, off-road performance, etc. But, first, you’ll need to save the car.

Don’t worry; saving vehicles in the garage is as easy as pie. Let’s take your wheel collection a notch above by breaking down how to save cars in Saints Row reboot.

The Garage

The garage in Saints Row is where you store your vehicles. You’ll find the garage in your apartment complex during the early game. To access it, simply walk towards the big bulky graffiti-ridden door adjacent to your apartment’s entrance.

You’ll easily spot the white circle hovering in front of the door. If you get close enough, it’ll display a control key to open the garage (“E” in PC).

In the garage, you’ll have a list of your cars. These are your currently saved vehicles, and you can manage them by deleting or setting favorites.

Expanding The Garage

The garage might feel as empty as a pauper’s purse on your first in-game days. Don’t stress over it, though; you can quickly expand your number of cars.

Take a stroll on the streets and go “car-shopping” in any parking lot. Take any car that catches your eye and leave; steer away from the main roads if the car’s alarm goes off. Now, drive to your garage; as soon as you arrive on your apartment’s sidewalk, the car will be stored.

Open the garage, and voilá; the car is there. At this point, you’ll be able to set it as a favorite or even delete it from the collection. You can do this to virtually any car on the street; get it to your garage, and you’ll save it automatically.

However, do not attempt to fast travel to your apartment while driving the car. This action will cause the vehicle to disappear.

Why Have a Big Garage?

Cars have different statistics. Depending on your next mission, you might need a racing car that performs well on asphalt. Alternatively, some tasks require you to cruise through the desert and off-road terrains, and some trucks perform well in these scenarios.

So, by expanding your wheel palette in Saints Row, you’ll have a car to jump the gun for any scenario.

Note that some cars are special, and you won’t carjack them on the streets. There are unique cars that you’ll only get through missions, and they’ll go to your garage instantly, for example, the “Ridgelord,” your first car.

Additionally, by selecting a car in the garage’s GUI, you’ll notice a “Signature ability” slot for each. This ability is an exclusive “Super” that cars have, and they come in highly handy during gameplay.

However, in all cars, the signature ability is locked. So, you’ll need to unlock it first; to do so, you’ll need to kick it into high gear. The car has challenges you’ll find below the “signature ability” slot in the garage.

You can also manage cars by tuning new parts in them at JimRob’s garage.

These challenges are random, but they’re typically something like “Do eight near-miss streaks,” “Do three barrel rolls,” etc.

I’ll list a few skills below so that you get the gist. There are seven in total.

  • Jump – An ability to hop and go around traffic by jumping over cars.
  • Ejector Seats – Ability to leave the car mid-run by ejecting yourself safely.
  • Infinite Boost – Turns on a nitrous boost, instantly increasing the car’s speed.

Some distinct cars can hold identical signature abilities, while similar cars can hold different ones. That’s because this comes randomly to every car.