How to Unlock Criminal Empire Tiers in Saints Row

After bailing out of your character’s apartment and rebelling against “Marshall,” you and your crew will establish the infamous “Saints” organization. The Saints will grow into a criminal empire, funding and managing illegal activities throughout Santo Illeso.

This “chapter” of Saints Row starts a bit further from the early game, and you’ll already have completed the initial Marshall missions and church episode. Then, after concluding the “Networking” mission, the game introduces you to the criminal empire tiers.

As your criminal enterprise starts to progress, you’ll be able to get your fingers in more pies and unlock new tiers and businesses. If you do the criminal progression correctly, you’ll fall into the honey pot; each illegal activity provides passive income for your character.

So, let’s discuss how to unlock criminal empire tiers in Saints Row and make all your illegal ventures run like clockwork.


First, you’ll need to complete the main quest called “Networking.” This mission is the second after moving out of the crew’s apartment to the abandoned church.

Start the mission by talking to Eli on the church’s second floor.

After completing it, you’ll automatically have a new venture, JimRob’s. In addition, the church will have a new empire spot on its second floor. After climbing up the stairs, go to the big rounded table in the room, and you’ll see the Saints’ venture map.

The mission briefs you about how this mechanic works, circling ventures and tiers.

Empire Table

Now that you have access to the Saints’ empire table, you’ll notice a few vacant spots in different neighborhoods where you can start a “business.”

As you expand your criminal business and create more venues, you’ll profit more, gain more XP, and hop onto the next tier.

Therefore, to unlock more tiers, you’ll need to have more venues. But, you’ll have to turn your nose to the grindstone since each venue you create calls for more threats and dangerous challenges.

But, depending on your game’s difficulty, you’ll upgrade empire tiers more quickly.

Criminal Empire Tiers

Regardless of their tier, all venues will provide the same rewards when you get them to their full potential. There are four tiers in total and fourteen venues.

In the end, you’ll collect from each venue after completing their requirements:

  • 5,000 XP
  • Exclusive Outfits
  • $30,000

Tier 1

At tier one, you’ll be able to create the initial three venues, which are:

  • JimRob’s Garage
  • Chalupacabra
  • Bright Future

JimRob’s Garage

You get this venue for free after completing the “Networking” mission. Initially, JimRob’s garage grants you a three thousand dollar hourly income.

You can expand this business by completing its requirements, which are eleven. The requirements for JimRob’s garage involve stealing specific cars hidden in Santo Illeso. After cranking this venue for its full potential, you’ll receive exclusive outfits, XP, and loads of money.


You’ll need $30,000 to open a Chalupacabra taco restaurant in Santo Illeso. But, of course, that’s just a cover to hide a drug operation for the Saints. Initially, the Chalupacabra business will fatten your wallet with an hourly $3,750.

You can expand this business by completing five requirements, which circle around wiping out any competition. As Walter White would say, “Stay out of my territory.”

At its most, you’ll get exclusive outfits, a fat compensation, and a fair amount of XP.

Bright Future

If you run $30,000 out of your pockets, you’ll be able to open a toxic waste company called “Bright Future.” You’ll be stealing and collecting radioactive and hazardous waste under the wraps.

To get it at the top, complete its fourteen venue requirements: stealing radioactive barrels from trucks and bringing them to the dump.

Shady Oaks

This business relies on insurance fraud. You’ll get your payday after running in front of traffic and faking injuries; you’ll basically have to pull a slippin’ Jimmy on unsuspecting civilians. You’ll go through seven requirements to boost this business investment.

You can start this venue with an initial investment of $30,000. After that, your hourly income will be $2,500.

Castle Kraken

This business revolves around creating a Live Action Role Playing fort to compete with neighboring kingdoms around Santo Illeso. After completing five of its requirements, you’ll get this venture to its max stats.

The initial investment is $30,000. Then, you’ll pocket $7,500 hourly.

Tier 2

You’ll progress to the next tier as you unlock criminal empire tiers in Saints Row. Again, you’ll have to keep the hustle and bustle going; initial investments on this tier are a fixed $100,000 for any venue.


Going on a bit of a lane change, Eurekabator is an invention business. So there’ll be four requirements for it, and they’re all about testing some inventions before they’re out on the streets. After the initial investment, you’ll profit $15,000 hourly.


There won’t be a money laundering business more suitable than a laundromat. After the initial investment, you’ll get an hourly income of $15,000. You can upgrade this business by completing its four requirements.

The laundromat requirements are about cleaning up criminal clothes that could be used as evidence in court.

Wuzyerz Repo

This venue works as a repossession service. But, instead of going the typical textbook route, Wuzyerz Repo uses a bit more muscle. Among the requirements for this business, you’ll need to tow confiscated vehicles to the impound lot.

The requirements are infinite; your hourly paycheck will be $15,000 after the initial investment.

Tier 3

At tier three, you’re a big shark. The initial investments at this point will be a flat fee of $400,000.

Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge steers a bit more towards a legal business; it is a fashion brand led by Edith Hunt. The requirements you’ll need to meet for this venue consist of taking photographs of specific locations to inspire the leading clothing designer.

After the initial investment, your bottom income will be $46,000 hourly.

Kakts Radio

The Kakts Radios is a radio station you can create for the Saints. This venue is a pirate radio that requires you to bring down competitors’ transmission towers and claim them. A tip for upgrading this business faster would be to reach towers by flying above them.

The initial hourly rate is $46,000.

The Big One

This venue deals with selling guns. To attract buyers, you must create mayhem throughout Santo Illeso; it’s a gun marketing strategy. There’ll be six locations around town, and you must obliterate specific properties and vehicles.

After starting this venue, you’ll add a $46,000 hourly payment to your wallet.

Tier 4

Moving a bit higher on the chain, you’ll reach tier 4. In the fourth tier, every investment will cost you $1,600,000.

At this point, you’re unlocking criminal empire tiers in Saints Row more quickly and will reach the game’s final criminal status shortly.

Additionally, regardless of the venue, you’ll start on the initial profit of $160,000/hr, which you can maximize to $480,000/hr.

First Strike Dojo

The First Strike Dojo is a recruitment program for the Saints. This venue’s primary concern is to gather criminal personnel for the organization. To upgrade this business, you’ll need to complete five protection racket missions, earning the belt on renowned dojos.

Let’s Pretend

This venue is a costume business that creates and distributes top-quality costumes for parties, events, and even heists. The main reasoning is to train members of the Saints in espionage and heist execution.

To upgrade the “Let’s Pretend” business, you’ll have to complete five heists in Santo Illeso.

Planet Saints

This venue will work as a clothing brand for the Saints; it’ll develop accessories and fashion assets. To upgrade this business, you’ll need to take down the competition by robbing them blind of merchandise.

To expand “Planet Saints,” you’ll have to rob 12 trucks mid-delivery before they reach their final destination.

Tier 5

After completing the entire game’s campaign, you’ll be able to unlock the last criminal empire tier in Saints Row. In the fifth tier, there’s only one last thing for you to create.

The Saints Tower

The tower doesn’t work like the previous ventures; you won’t need to perform activities to upgrade it. Instead, by simply creating it, you’ll receive a passive income of 1,280,000/hr, which can bottle up to 1,920,000/hr.

Still, you can only build the tower after completing the campaign and have at least six ventures at their maximum potential. To create the Saints tower, you’ll need to cash out 5,000,000.