How to Customize Your Splashtag in Splatoon 3

Image credit: Nintendo

Splatoon 3 is an incredibly colorful and lively game, and it encourages players to express themselves during online play. There’s heaps of gear to collect, personal lockers to customize, and a cool feature to showcase player names, known as Splashtags.

Splashtags contain a few bits of key info about players. Namely, their chosen username, player code, and title. There’s also aesthetic elements, which can include everything from stickers showing achievements, to cosmetics purchased with in-game currency.

Knowing how to change your Splashtag can really help you stand out in the game and show off your creative flair.

Here’s a quick and easy guide on how to customize your Splashtag in Splatoon 3, and some tips on finding the best cosmetic items in the game too.

Open the Menu to Change Your Splashtag

To start off the process of changing your Splashtag in Splatoon 3, hit X to open the menu.

Then, tab over to the status section using the R button.

From here, you can select the gear option and then select your Splashtag (the colorful rectangle with your name on it) to open up the editing tab.

There are three main sections in the Splashtag editor in Splatoon 3. You can change up your banner, which is the background pattern for your Splashtag.

You can equip badges, which you can earn and collect in a variety of ways, including completing different types of content and beating bosses in the single player campaign.

When you select a badge, you’ll get the option to put it in three different places on your Splashtag.

You can also change up your title in this editor, which is the small piece of text shown in the top left of your Splashtag. The editor will let you cycle through both columns of text so you can mix and match with the titles you’ve found in the game so far.

This is a comprehensive yet simple editing system. Splashtags are great for showcasing your personality online and for showing off achievements and cosmetics that you’ve unlocked when playing Splatoon 3 with friends.

Speaking of unlocking cosmetics, there are multiple ways of getting new items. Some require a little bit of luck, some require you to complete certain tasks, and some require both.

Try Out Different Modes to Get New Items

It may sound simple, but if you’re looking to add some flair to your Splashtag in game then make sure that you’re sinking your teeth into as many game modes and pieces of content as possible. Gear can be found in almost every game mode.

As an example, I purchased Splatoon primarily to play online matches against other people. After winning some matches, I managed to get a new title to drop fairly quickly.

The first badge that I managed to get in game came from single player content, though. I defeated the first boss, DJ Octavio, and the red badge that you can see on my Splashtag in the screenshots in the previous section dropped after the fight.

To pick up any drops that you’ve gotten from single player content, head to the lobby terminal in the main game lobby. Open it up and select ‘get stuff’ to get your hands on the items that you’ve earned during your adventures.

Look Out For Loot Anchors to Find Cosmetics

When playing through single player content, make sure to keep an eye out for loot anchors. These little glowing red items pull up a piece of treasure, which can sometimes be a cosmetic item like a new banner to customize your Splashtag.

They’re usually hidden by the fuzzy ooze.

Something cool that you can do when looking for loot anchors is keep an eye on your Smallfry. Your little buddy can sometimes sniff out completely hidden ones. You’ll be able to spot when this happens because Smallfry will do a little dance and emit a golden glow.

It’s not just banners that you can find using this method, either. As an example, I managed to find a golden record to change the music of the area that I was currently exploring.

Use the Shell-Out Machine to Get Items

Another great way to get your hands on cool cosmetics for your Splatoon 3 Splashtag is to use the Shell-Out machine in the lobby. It looks like a giant gumball machine.

The first time I tried using the machine, I got a new banner for my Splashtag. You can win other items too, like tickets for the food vendor or ability chunks.

Keep an eye on the cost when you’re using the machine. The first spin of the day is a lot cheaper, and the jump in price is quite steep.

And there we have it! You should hopefully have all the information you need to customize your Splatoon 3 Splashtag.

Splatoon 3 is truly one of the best party games on the Switch. It’s a great pick for anyone who likes to play games with a completionist aspect, as there’s an absolute mountain of gear, cosmetics, and items to unlock and use.