How to Level Up Fast in Splatoon 3

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Splatoon 3 is a lively game that’s full of unique ways to play. Whether you’re someone who’s keen on solo content, local multiplayer games, or online battles with strangers around the world, there’ll be something to suit your tastes.

There’s a great leveling system in Splatoon 3, and you’ll be able to unlock new content as you progress throughout the game. It can be hard to know where to start with leveling in this game, though, as it can be a bit grindy in places.

To help you out with your inky journey, I’ve handpicked my best tips and tricks to get to the top quickly in the game. Here’s how to level up fast in Splatoon 3.

Did I miss any of your favorite ways to level up in Splatoon 3? Please feel free to let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear what you think.

Jump Straight Into Regular Matches

One of the best things about Splatoon 3 is that it doesn’t waste any time getting new players into the middle of the action. Unlike other games where newbies might have to complete lots of tutorials or challenges, Splatoon 3 lets new players start battling straight away.

The simplest way to start leveling up quickly is to start winning Turf Battles. This is the standard battle mode for Splatoon 3, and match winners will receive a nice chunk of experience after playing.

It’s a great way to level up your Hotlantis catalog once you’ve hit level 4, too.

Splatoon 3 leveling does depend on players learning how to play the game well and getting to grips with the play style, but there are a few ways that you can enhance your chances of winning a match.

Remember The Aim of the Match You’re In

This sounds simple, but remember what kind of match it is that you’re playing. You’d be surprised how many players I’ve seen chasing down enemy players instead of focusing on the match objective.

If you’re playing a Turf Battle, the aim is to cover as much ground with ink as possible. As tempting as it might be to chase down enemies and go for extra splats, this won’t help you win the game unless they’re strategic e.g. splatting an enemy so you can access a new area.

Remember to ink your home base/spawn zone, too. This is something that a lot of people forget to do, and it can make all the difference at the end of the match.

Make The Most of Gear Abilities

Another way to boost your chances of success is to pick your gear mindfully and read up on the different gear abilities that are available in the game.

When purchasing gear from a store, hit the ZL button before buying to look at the ability that it comes with. There’ll also be extra space for a new ability that will unlock as you level it.

There are all sorts of abilities in Splatoon 3, ranging from increased resistance to enemy ink, to increased swim speed.

My recommendation for new players would be to look at abilities that enhance movement speed and weapon performance, as these are applicable across all types of gameplay.

If there’s a particular gear ability that you want, head to Murch outside the lobby. This NPC can help you remove abilities from gear, gain ability chunks, and apply new abilities to your chosen items. It’s a very handy service.

Think About Match Bonuses

After playing a few matches, you may notice that there are a handful of bonuses that appear on the summary screen. They appear in the top left hand corner, in green splats of ink.

These match bonuses are a great way to net a few extra bits of XP, as they’ll add on to your final XP total.

These bonuses reflect how well you performed, and can include everything from a time bonus, a specific ink score bonus, and a win bonus. They’re small bonuses, but can stack up over time. Look out for them, and see if you can adjust your style of play to get more of them.

Pick Your Weapon Wisely

One of the main things that I would encourage new players to do is spend some time testing out the new Splatoon 3 weapons and getting to grips with the different play styles.

Everyone has a different style of play, no matter what video game it is that you’re talking about. Splatoon 3 has very distinct classes of weapon, so it’s good to sink some time into testing so that you can find a weapon that suits your play style.

After all, trying to level up quickly in Splatoon 3 with a weapon that feels odd or clunky to you won’t be efficient. Find what works for you, and make the most of it.

Use Food Items for Bonus XP

The food items in this game are incredibly useful for leveling quickly and earning cash quickly, too. Once you know how to get food tickets in Splatoon 3, you’ll be able to speed up your leveling process immensely.

To purchase food items, head to the Crab-N-Go food vendor in the main lobby. It’s right by the Shell-Out gumball machine and vending machines.

From here, you’ll be able to exchange food tickets for items to help with your leveling process.

I’d recommend going for the Pescatariat Royale if possible, as this doubles your battle XP for 20 matches. Something great about the food item system here is that there’s no time limit on when you have to use them. You can play 5 matches today and 15 tomorrow, and still get the XP bonus for each one.

You’ll also be able to buy drinks at the Crab-N-Go food vendor with drink tickets that can help you out with picking the best gear abilities and perks too. This is another great way to optimize your gear and help your performance in the long run.

Start Playing Anarchy Battles ASAP

Once you hit level 10, you’ll be able to check out the Anarchy Battle system. These battles are incredibly useful for leveling up quickly in Splatoon 3, although they do require a lot more effort and patience.

Anarchy Battles are part of the ranking system in Splatoon 3, where players can compete in more intense matches and new game styles. These matches are typically more difficult, especially if you’re new, as the teams are made up of much more experienced players.

While Anarchy Battles may be trickier, they come with a lot more rewards and perks. The amount of XP and cash that you can win from a successful Anarchy Battle is a lot higher than a regular Turf Battle.

If possible, I’d recommend using a food item like the Pescatariat Royale and queuing for a few Anarchy Battles. Make sure to look at the different game modes and play styles beforehand, to maximize your chances of winning.

Leveling in Splatoon 3 can be a little grindy in places, but it’s ultimately worth it. You’ll be able to level your catalog as you go, unlock new game modes, and gain access to a heap of inky rewards, cosmetics, and treasures.


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