How to Super Jump in Splatoon 3

Image credit: Nintendo

Combat in Splatoon 3 is incredible. It’s fluid and fast-paced, while still being decently easy to pick up and get the hang of.

When playing Splatoon 3, it’s clear to me that the development team wanted to prioritize movement when putting together matches and move sets. There’s lots of great tricks and techniques that you can use during games to get from A to B quicker.

One of the best things to learn when trying to master movement in Splatoon 3 is Super Jumping. It’s easy to do, once you’ve learned which buttons to use and how to time it.

Here’s how to Super Jump in Splatoon 3 easily, with a few bits of advice on how to time it and how to optimize your gear to work alongside it.

Open Up the Map During a Match

You’ll need to be in a match to be able to Super Jump. This can be any sort of match, it doesn’t have to be a regular Turf Battle. You could be playing in an Anarchy Battle, or even playing a Splatoon 3 match with friends.

Open up the map while playing using the X button

You’ll be able to see the map as a whole, including where your teammates are, where the enemies are and how much ink is over the map. Your icon will be slightly off of the map, at the spawn point.

Think About Where to Land

Before you jump, quickly decide on the best place to land. Where are all your teammates? Is there an area that you need to ink that you could Super Jump to? Super Jumping can be a really useful tactical move, so take a second to glance over your options.

Once you’ve picked out the best place to jump to, hit the down button on your D-Pad.

Then, use the cursor to select one of your teammates on the field. There’s no range limit on this, you could theoretically jump to a teammate in the enemy base if they were there.

Select your position, then press A to begin. Your character will transform and immediately begin to Super Jump over to your selected location.

Prepare to Get Spotted by Enemies

It’s important to note that enemies can see you Super Jumping.

Before you land, a moving circle will appear on the ground where you’ve chosen to Super Jump to. Enemy players (and teammates) can easily see this, and it could lead to people immediately firing upon you as you spawn.

Take note of where your enemies are and where the nearest bit of cover is when looking at the map, and prepare for people to see you Super Jumping.

Consider Upgrading Your Gear

If getting spotted by enemies while Super Jumping in Splatoon 3 sounds irritating (trust me, it is) then consider looking into different abilities to help enhance your Super Jumping.

Some pieces of gear come with the ‘Stealth Jump’ ability, which does what it says on the tin. It hides your chosen location from distant players when Super Jumping, to help give you a competitive edge.

Other pieces of gear can come with the ‘Quick Super Jump’ ability, which is again, pretty self explanatory. It helps to increase your Super Jump speed, which can be very helpful for getting to team mates who are in a dangerous situation.

There’s also an ability known as ‘Drop Roller’ for some particular pieces of gear. This allows you to tilt the left stick during a Super Jump, which causes you to perform a roll in that direction when you land.

If you want to get these abilities, check out the Crab-N-Go food vendor in the lobby and look at the different drinks on offer, as some of these have relevant abilities. You’ll need to know how to get food tickets in order to purchase these items, but it’s a worthwhile endeavor.