How to Test New Weapons in Splatoon 3

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When playing a game like Splatoon 3, it’s good to know what sort of fighter you are.

Do you prefer to be in the midst of a fight, swinging a melee weapon around? Prefer taking measured shots at opponents from far away? Or do you like using explosives and projectiles? Whatever your preferred play style, there’s sure to be a weapon to suit you in this game.

In fact, there’s sure to be a weapon that’ll suit almost anyone. This game has a bucket load of inky weapons to pick from and you can unlock them as you progress throughout the game.

It can be hard to know which weapon to pick, though, especially if you’re a new player. That’s why it’s useful to know how to test new weapons in Splatoon 3.

Here’s a quick and easy guide to doing just that.

First, head over to Ammo Knights. You can do this by either walking to it in the Square, or travelling there directly using the menu.

Hit X to open up the menu. I’ve shown the correct location in the screenshot below.

Once you’re there, Sheldon (the shopkeeper) will greet you and walk you through any new weapons that you might have unlocked during your levelling up process.

Cycle through the different weapons available, and select the one that you want to test out. For this example, I’ve gone for the heavy splatling gun.

You can use R to try on the weapon visually. It’ll show up on your character on the right hand side, and you’ll be able to twirl them around to get a good feel for the aesthetic.

You can also hit ZL to get more information about the weapon.

To actually try out your chosen weapon, hit Y and select test.

This will take you to a shooting range of sorts, where you can test out the new weapon and abilities that come with it. It’ll look like a standard Splatoon 3 map, but there won’t be any other players to worry about.

There will be some practice dummies, though. I’d recommend trying to hit those from a distance, to get a feel for the range of your chosen test weapon. The heavy splatling gun had great range, but I had to get the hang of charging it up first.

Don’t forget to try out the other abilities that come with your test weapon, either. It’s all well and good finding a new type of gun that you enjoy, but you might get stuck into a match and realize that you don’t know how to use your special move properly.

There’s no time limit on this test run, so take your time learning and experimenting.

Once you’re done testing the new weapon out, you can hit the minus button to bring up the menu and exit straight back to the weapons shop.

What’s your favorite weapon so far in Splatoon 3? I’d love to hear what you guys are experimenting with, please feel free to let me know in the comments below.


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