How to Turn Off Motion Controls in Splatoon 3

Image credit: Nintendo

When it comes to games like Splatoon 3, different kinds of gamers will have different preferred play styles. Luckily, most games in this niche nowadays have multiple options and settings to help people find the best setup for them.

Motion controls can sometimes make a game difficult to play on the go, and with Splatoon 3 being a Nintendo Switch game, it’s good to know how to turn these controls on and off.

There are certainly some perks to playing Splatoon 3 with motion controls turned on, but if, like me, you prefer to play your games without them being active, this is the article for you.

Here’s how to turn off motion controls in Splatoon 3 quickly and easily.

Looking up how to turn off motion controls in Splatoon 3 was one of the first things I did after completing the initial tutorial in the demo, as you’ll be able to see in the screenshot above.

I loved the fluid movement in the game and the combat system, but found the motion controls to be somewhat jarring, especially when trying to play a match while on the go.

To access the right menu to turn off motion controls, hit the X button. This will take you to the main menu and map, along with tabs for the different game stages and status information.

This menu is full to the brim with useful information and it’s a very handy tool to tab in and out of if you’re new to playing the game.

For example, the mini map can help point out the key locations you’ll need to progress further in the game e.g. it can point you to the stores where you’ll be able to buy the best gear and cosmetic items. There’s a tab for the different stages that are available, and a status tab with info about your progress.

The tab you’re looking for here is the options tab. Use the R button to access it, then select the mode that you’re playing in on the left hand side of the menu.

From there, you’ll simply be able to use the cursor to turn off motion controls and switch the game to a manual control system.

If you’re also wondering how to invert your controls or adjust sensitivity, that can be done in this menu tab as well. For those who prefer keeping motion controls on, you can turn the sensitivity of them up or down here where needed, too.

There’s no need to save the settings when you’re done, which is great if you’re in a rush. You can simply exit the menu and head straight back to the main game, using the two sticks to move your character and adjust the camera while playing.

Do you prefer to play matches in Splatoon 3 with or without motion controls? I’d love to hear your thoughts, please feel free to let me know in the comment section below whether you think they’re essential for the game or not.