How Long Does It Take to Complete Terraria?

Image credit: Re-Logic

When talking about Terraria, we always imagine a huge 8-bit world that is almost endless.

And it is a huge game!

It can be pretty intimidating, and some RPG hardcore players might think that it’s quite odd, but Terraria is also like entering a new world but complete with fantastic music, interesting enemies, and loads of fun.

For a game that seems huge, just how much time would one need to sacrifice to finish it? Does Terraria even have an ending? Doesn’t it have a multiplayer mode?

We always say that it really depends on what kind of player you are, but we also can’t deny that there is an average time for players to get through the whole thing.

Through experience and plenty of research, we’re finally able to tell you just exactly how long it takes to complete Terraria. Not only that, but we will also be listing the things that you should take note of when playing the game. After all, the circumstances in Terraria can be vastly different.

The Different Game Modes

Terraria has two options for the different game modes. One is on the character side while the other is on the world aspect. In this article, we’ll concentrate on the World modes.

Just like what the name suggests, each mode has a corresponding difficulty. Each mode will also have a different finishing time. In fact, there are even horror stories of people not finishing the hardest modes.

Journey mode is Terraria’s world for all the creative gamers out there. It was added on Terraria PC in 2020 and is probably the true alternative way for players to play the game. Journey Mode is fun because of its customization and it’s also quite easy because of the extra items as well as the duplication. The average time should be around 50 hours or more, but definitely, less than a hundred even if you’re playing leisurely.

The next Terraria mode is Classic. It is also called the “normal” mode because it has been in the game before the new modes were even introduced. Classic mode is basically the perfect mix of everything because, while it doesn’t have the freedom of creativity that Journey offers, it’s much easier than the two other modes after it. We reckon it should 90 hours to complete Terraria in Classic mode, and that’s give or take.

After Classic, we go to the big guns, the first of which is the Expert Mode. What obviously makes it harder than Classic mode are the item drops and the rarity of the items. What also makes it extra challenging is that once you pick this mode, there is no turning back and adjusting, unlike Journey. Expert Mode could easily take up 200 hours of your time, and that would actually be quite a modest assumption.

Last on the list is Master Mode, the hardest of them all. It has exclusive items and its boss monsters are infinitely harder than Expert Mode. All features of Expert Mode are also integrated in Master Mode, on top of the other difficulties. For this one, honestly, we don’t have a definite answer. In fact, you might never even be able to finish it!

Entering the Game

Terraria is the epitome of a refined sandbox game. It gives players freedom while also providing ample excitement.

As with most sandbox games, Terraria also has a kind of general pattern, especially when it comes to progression.

Upon entering the game, players are tasked with gathering all that they can. This includes equipment, resources, tools, and the like. There are even seasonal events that can happen in the game in case you chance by it.

Even the first part of the game would easily take up at least half of your actual playing time. Yes, it’s that tedious. In fact, we reckon it would be more, depending on how you approach the game.

We’re in the Middle

The marker that you’re already in mid-game is after you have killed the Wall of Flesh. It’s the final boss in the first part of the game and it’s found in the underworld. Yes, it is also as grotesque as it sounds.

While most of the map should have been looted by now, there are still loads of things to do, items and weapons to upgrade.

You should be preparing for hard mode, especially for events like the Frost Legion and the Pirate Invasion. Apart from that, you’d have to reassess if you can fight some bosses. Of course, that would largely depend on how prepared your character is, but eventually, you’d have to face them if you want to finish the game.

This part, also known as Hardmode, is basically 50% of Terraria.

Final Thoughts

Terraria is pretty hard to quantify, especially since there are numerous modes to consider. On average though, 500 hours actually seem reasonable enough if you’re going on a relaxed pace. However, if you’re trying to beat time, it would still eat up plenty of hours – around 200, if you’re going to be meticulous about it.