How to Allocate More RAM to WWE 2K22

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The previous iterations of the WWE 2K franchise were a bit hounded with issues on the technical side. Among the promises that were promoted in WWE 2K22 is the assurance of a much more stable game.

And it is. It’s way better in virtually every aspect! It’s definitely one of the best wrestling games on most platforms, both because of gameplay and technicality.

However, there are some odd cases where the game still crashes. It can be incredibly frustrating especially if you’re in the midst of a winning match.

There are a lot of reasons why games and applications crash. Among the top of the list of reasons is leaking memory. The good news is that this can be easily remedied using certain steps that do not require spending on new hardware.

Most of the time, the issues that players face are similar; which is why we’ve gathered tried and tested solutions on how to allocate more RAM to WWE 2K22 in this article.

Reinstall the Game

We have to be honest with you. Odds are, reinstalling the game, which was running fine the first time you installed it, will probably not help.

However, reinstalling will give you a much cleaner slate if it’s faulty after the first installation.

A lot of things can cause this issue, and one of them is the incorrect data reading of your hard disk which could also lead to memory misallocation.

On Steam, go to your game library and look for WWE 2K22. Right-click the game and choose “Manage”. At the bottom of the menu, there should be the “uninstall” option. To reinstall WWE 2K22, go back to the same game library. The title usually isn’t automatically removed even if you uninstall it. Click on the game and you’ll be led to the game page with a big blue “install” button.

Change Your Monitor’s Refresh Rate

It is extremely bad practice to have a monitor with a different refresh rate from your PC setup. This could cause a range of issues, from in-game stuttering to causing discord between your programs.

A system that’s perfectly matched will have harmony in every sense of the word.

One way to control stuttering and memory leaks that you may be experiencing is to lock the refresh rate.

To do this, right-click on your desktop. On the pop-up menu, choose “display settings” which is right at the bottom. Scroll down a bit and look for the “advanced display settings” link. It should lead you to a different window. The bottom of that window will have the “Refresh Rate” options. Choose 60 Hz in the drop-down menu.

Refrain From Using Custom Images

As we all know, wrestlers come and go. Some have immortalized their image on WWE 2K22 while some are still building their reputation. Other times, there are wrestlers whose profiles just don’t make the cut for various reasons.

It can be quite annoying to see that some wrestler profiles don’t have images. Apart from good gameplay, don’t we all want our games to be nice looking too? Thankfully, WWE 2k22 has a feature where players can download or upload custom portraits.

It’s honestly a pretty rad feature, but it can also be pretty heavy on your memory.

You do not necessarily have to delete all your custom images and arenas, but you have to tone it down to not more than 80. Your images should also be less than 100 MB.

Turn On VSync

You may be wondering why we’re recommending that you turn VSync on when we usually don’t recommend it. It really largely depends on the game’s overall configuration and your PC build.

In the case of WWE 2K22, there have been screen tearing issues observed by a lot of players. Enabling VSync in this scenario would actually be extremely helpful because that’s literally what VSync is for.

To activate VSync, go to your Nvidia Control Panel and look for “Manage 3D Settings”. Scroll down on the “I would like to use the following 3D settings:” and look for “Vertical Sync”. Select “On”.

If you have an AMD, the option is “Virtual Refresh”. It should be under the Gaming tab and the “Wait for Virtual Refresh” setting.

Update Your Graphics Drivers

Oddly enough, we’ve been seeing a lot of bug reports from players with a 3000-series Nvidia GPU. Crazy, right?

Sometimes, it isn’t about the power of your GPU but also about the updates and patches. This is why graphic cards always get new drivers and updates.

Updating your graphic drivers is pretty simple and there are actually two options on how to do it. The first method is by going to the Nvidia Control Panel if you have an Nvidia GPU or the AMD Radeon Settings Menu if you have an AMD.

On Nvidia, there should be a big button and several details that show if your driver is up to date. On AMD, you have to click the “Updates” button on the lower left corner of the window.

The second method is by doing it on Window’s Device Manager. Simply type “Device Manager” on the search button and click enter. A small window will appear and you have to scroll down until you see “Display Adapters”. Click the small arrow on the left side of the text and your GPU should appear. Right-click on your GPU and press “Update Driver”.

Wait for the New Patch Fix

If you’re experiencing memory leak issues or crashing issues immediately after a patch, then it’s not coincidental.

Experiencing bugs and random game-related hiccups is actually completely normal after a patch. This is because the developers cannot literally check all the possible bugs in the game. It’s just impossible.

But don’t worry! If you report the issue on the 2K Support website, there is a huge chance that it’ll get a hotfix.

Do your duty as a player and be a little more patient!


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