About Us

Who are we?

DiamondLobby is a growing team of gaming fanatics that give you an honest verdict on gaming products and teach you how to become better players in the games you’re playing.

We’re fully remote – like many gamers, we want to maximize our time in the comfort of our own homes – and we’re based in over 10 different countries (and counting).

We test products hands-on, including uploading videos to our review channel, and we give an honest verdict on every product we test. We don’t care about a brand’s name or reputation, or whether we bought a product or if we received it for free, we are always 100% honest and unbiased in every opinion we have. Our reviewers are not incentivized, financially or otherwise, to encourage you to buy any product.

We also play every game we’re writing about. We’re problem solvers at heart. We go into every game asking “what will people need to know about this?” – and then we answer those problems in our high quality guides and video tutorials.

Finally, we’re an inclusive and progressive company. Our campaigns, including one to promote women in gaming, and our study looking at gaming diversity data, have been shared across hundreds of websites around the world, including:

Why are we here?

DiamondLobby exists to turn regular people into above-average gamers.

We have three aims as a business:

  1. We want to produce the highest quality and most trustworthy content in the gaming industry.
  2. We want to encourage positive change in the gaming world, particularly around inclusivity.
  3. We want to be an awesome company to work for, where employees learn, earn and go on to achieve great things. You can check if we’re hiring here.

Our Team

Luke Jordan – Founder

Luke Roberts – Head of Content
[email protected]

Chris Parker – Product Reviewer. Responsible for hands-on testing of products.
[email protected]

Fergus Carmichael – Video Content Creator. Manages the production of video guides.
[email protected]

Davi Braid – Gaming Writer

Enzo Zalamea – Gaming Writer

Em Stonham – Gaming Writer

Gio Riva – Gaming Writer

Orel Dizon – Gaming Writer

Ola Olayiwola – Gaming Writer

Petra Dolovski – Gaming Guide Writer

Júlio Roque – Gaming Guide Writer