Now Hiring

As a rapidly-growing gaming blog, we are regularly hiring for new roles within the DiamondLobby team both on a freelance and permanent basis.

As work is done 100% remotely and has been since the inception of the site, both freelance and permanent members of the team slot in seamlessly.

We are a worldwide and inclusive company to work for. We do not care where you’re based (as long as we can pay you), nor do we care about your age, gender, sexuality or anything similar. All we focus on is your ability to be a valuable member of our team.

Even if we don’t have a vacancy that suits you below, if you believe you’re a perfect fit for us then please don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing luke [at] and tell us exactly why we should hire you.

Due to large volumes of applicants, we will only respond to candidates that we wish to progress with.

Content Writer – Gaming Guides – Full-Time

We have multiple positions available for content writers that cover guides, tips and tricks for specific games (e.g. FIFA or Call of Duty) or types of games (e.g. Sports or First-Person Shooters).

We have numerous full-time positions available, which would involve writing 7,500 words per week or more, an average of 1,500 words or more per weekday. During busy times you will likely write higher amounts, and during quieter times it will fall around this level.

You would be required to play the games that you’re writing about to have a true understanding of how they work, and also to find new content ideas to cover. We pay for the cost of games.

Please email luke [at] if you’re interested in this vacancy, and tell us about your interest in games and why you think you’d be a great fit for the role.

You should also include your writing experience if you have any, but we can provide in-depth training on writing, SEO, formatting and more for successful candidates. Prior writing experience is not essential.

Video Content Creator – Gaming Guides – Full-Time

We’re looking for a passionate gamer with a talent for voiceover-style video production that can lead our charge into video content.

We have lots of great written guides and a great writing team set up, the next step is to transition into video.

As our own experience is weak here, we’re looking for applicants with proven experience of making videos and using editing tools like Adobe Premiere Pro. Bonus points if these are gaming videos.

We would expect that you’d be creating and publishing an average of 3 high quality video guides per day. This number will likely vary based on video length and complexity, but the majority of our video ideas are fairly simple and straightforward to execute — they just need the right person with the creative flair to make them perform to the fullest.

We can provide in-depth training on YouTube SEO, engagement and more, and also cover the cost of games.

Please send examples of videos that you’ve made previously — or even make a gaming tips and tricks video — to show us what you’re made of.

Email luke [at] to apply.