DiamondLobby has an extensive portfolio of press coverage that it has earned in a relatively short period of time. Despite the site’s young age, after being founded in 2021, it has been featured on hundreds of leading publications around the world, including The Independent, IGN, CBR, Newsweek, Marca, Der Standard, Terra, La Nacional and more.

The site attracts over one million monthly visitors, with this number quickly increasing, and our reputation of being one of the best gaming guide websites in the world continues to grow.

If you work for, or with, a large gaming developer, and you’re looking to discuss written and video coverage for an upcoming major release, please get in touch with [email protected].

We do not charge for any press work that we engage in, keeping all of our opinions 100% unbiased. The only compensation we request is free access to games, as well as early embargoed access, and this does not influence what we say when talking about a game. We have purchased access to every single game that we’ve covered on DiamondLobby, often multiple times over – even if a writer secures free access, we still need to pay for other writers to gain access too.

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