The DiamondLobby Trophy Race

GamePrizeStart TimeStatusPlatform
Dying Light 2$1,000Feb 3rd, 19:00 ET
Feb 4th, 00:00 GMT
Winner announcedSteam, PSN, Xbox

What is the Trophy Race?

The DiamondLobby Trophy Race aims to reward and incentivize achievement hunters in a simple way: with cold hard cash. The first person to unlock all trophies within one of our competition games — through legitimate means — gets rewarded with our bounty prize!

The Rules

  1. The winner is the first person to send us proof, as laid out above, that they’ve completed every achievement.
  2. You cannot start the run before our official start time listed on this page. This is designed to prevent influencers and early-access gamers from getting an unfair advantage.
  3. No cheating — we follow the rules for fair participation. All potential bounty-winning attempts will be verified by DiamondLobby staff.
  4. You must live stream the entire run, with VODs enabled, for verification. You will also need to provide proof of the full list of trophies unlocked within your account.
  5. If we’re unable to definitively verify that you followed all of these rules, or if you are unable to receive payment via common international payment services, we will move on to the next fastest entry. Our decision is final and we reserve the right to apply rulings as we see fair and appropriate.

How to Enter

All you need to do to enter is play the game featured in our Trophy Race on a public live stream after our official start time, then submit your proof of completion (including links to your stream replays) via our submission form.

If streaming on Twitch, we highly recommend that you save/download your VODs as the platform will remove them after a short amount of time.


What is trophy hunting?

Trophy hunting, also known as achievement hunting, is a popular gaming activity where players try to unlock as many achievements as they can within a game, often in the quickest possible time. Unlocking 100% of a game’s achievements is known as getting ‘Platinum’ — with a platinum trophy actually being awarded to those that unlock all other achievements on PlayStation. Our races are also open to Steam and Xbox players.

Why is there a set start time?

To ensure fairness for competitors all around the world, we enforce a start time that should give as close to equal and fair access as possible. This prevents those that get early access to a game from getting a head start, whether it’s due to luck, connections, influencer positions, or otherwise. If your run begins even one minute before our official start time, your entry is invalid.

What qualifies as the ‘start time’?

For maximum simplicity and clarity, the start time is defined as the moment your first trophy is unlocked. This means pre-game activities like server queueing or character creation are allowed — as long as they don’t unlock a trophy when doing so. If in doubt, don’t load up the game until the start time.

What if I can’t stream?

Verification and fairness is paramount in our trophy races. Therefore, we must have concrete, uneditable evidence that 100% of the trophies were earned according to the rules of achievement hunting competition. The only way for us and the community to verify the legitimacy of your attempt is with stream and VOD analysis, and this is the only method we’ll accept for entry.

Does it have to be completed in one stream?

No! We don’t expect you to complete every trophy in a single stream — that would be crazy. You will just need to be able to provide links to every public stream replay for verification from ourselves and the community.

What does ‘Status’ mean?

The Status refers to whether the prize has already been won for a specific game. The statuses are as follows:

  • Active: the race is open and no-one has claimed the prize
  • Under review: the race is still open but a potential winner has submitted evidence for their victory
  • Finished: the evidence has been verified and the winner has been notified

Isn’t this a bit serious?

At the end of the day, this is still about playing games and should be considered a bit of fun! However, it is also a competition with a real prize, and proper competition starts with a fair and well-enforced ruleset.

How will the prize be paid?

We have a few options to pay the prize money depending on the country you’re located in. These options include wire transfer, PayPal, Wise and Payoneer. If you’re in a country that is unable to accept payment via any of these methods, you won’t be eligible to win the prize and we’ll pay it out to the next fastest entrant.

How do we find out about future trophy races?

All of our trophy races will be announced on our Twitter account, so be sure to follow us on there for future updates!

Can we sponsor the Trophy Race?

We’d love to work with brands to enable future trophy races to have bigger and better prizepools. Please get in touch with luke [AT] if you wish to discuss this.