This guide gives you a full list of all of the weapons that are currently available in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019). Broken down by weapon type, you’ll also find the level or challenge required to unlock each gun.

We’ll start with primary weapons; assault rifles, submachine guns, shotguns, light machine guns, marksman rifles and sniper rifles.

Primary Weapons

Assault Rifles

GunLevel UnlockDescription
M4A11Despite being unlocked at rank 1, there are many reasons why this fully automatic gun is the assault rifle of choice for pro Call of Duty League players.
FAL1This is a semi-automatic gun (single shot) that can have a high rate of fire if you have a fast trigger finger.
Kilo 1411An underrated automatic AR, the Kilo 141 helps you to stay accurate with minimal recoil and a decent damage level. It can also have a 100-round drum attached to it for maximum ammo capacity.
FR 5.5616A replica of the Famas from MW2, the FR 5.56 is a 3-burst assault rifle that can deal a lot of damage with minimal recoil.
Oden28The Oden is an automatic AR with a slow rate of fire. It deals high damage per bullet, but also has heavy recoil.
M1339With a high rate of fire and low recoil, we’d put the M13 as the most underrated assault rifle on the game, alongside the Kilo 141.
AK-4753A familiar face to regular CoD players, the AK-47 has features on many editions of the game over the years. Deals a lot of damage, but the recoil can be tough to control.
RAM-7Challenge: Get 2 headshots with an assault rifle in 25 matches.The RAM-7 is almost like an SMG but with more power; it has a high rate of fire and is great at close range.
Grau 5.56Challenge: Kill 5 players with an assault rifle in a minute, 25 times.Despite being nerfed after its introduction, the Grau still offers incredible range, minimal recoil and high damage. A Warzone favorite.
CR-56 AMAXSeason 4 Battle Pass, tier 31A copy of the Galil from the Black Ops series, the CR-56 is very strong at medium ranges.


GunLevel UnlockDescription
P901Featuring in many editions of Call of Duty, the P90 has an extremely high fire rate, reasonable control and good magazine sizes to boot.
AUG5The AUG is designed for close range combat and actually has slightly higher base stats than the heavily-preferred crowd favorite MP5. An underappreciated, well-rounded SMG.
MP512The SMG of choice in the Call of Duty League, the MP5 is exceptional at short ranges, has great hipfire accuracy with the Merc foregrip attachment, and can be surprisingly effective at medium ranges.
Uzi34Another pro CoD League choice, though not as prevalent as the MP5, the Uzi is another highly effective SMG at both short and short-to-medium ranges.
PP19 Bizon42Featuring large magazine sizes, the PP19 Bizon allows you kill 3-4 opponents before needing to reload – if you’re accurate enough, of course. This is a well-balanced SMG, though isn’t used by the masses.
MP754The MP7 has a high rate of fire and reasonable accuracy control which helps to negate its low damage stat. A pretty good SMG when you’ve got the right attachments on it.
Striker 45Challenge: Kill 2 players whilst sliding in 15 matches.With high recoil, the Striker 45 can be quite hard to control. However, it is a good SMG when you’re in close quarters combat due to its high fire rate and damage.
Fennec Season 4 Battle Pass, tier 15A replica of the Vector from previous Call of Duty games, the Fennec has an insanely fast fire rate, meaning you can regularly win one-on-one or even one-vs-two fights. Small magazine sizes require you to be accurate though – the extended mag attachment only boosts it from 25 to 40 bullets per clip.


GunLevel UnlockDescription
Model 6801A well-rounded shotgun with one-shot-kill at close range.
R9-01You can fire two extremely quick shotgun bullets using the R9-0 before needing to reload. Not a shotgun that people use often.
72517An extremely powerful shotgun that has only 2 bullets before a reload is needed. If you’re accurate, your opponents don’t stand a chance.
Origin 1231The Origin 12 offers many more bullets (12) than most of its counterparts. However, it is the weakest shotgun in terms of damage and one of the weakest in terms of range.
VLK RogueChallenge: Get 7 kills in 15 matches using a shotgun that has 5 attachments.A copy of the M26 MASS, the VLK Rogue’s biggest benefit is its fast fire rate. However, the one-shot kill range on this shotgun is nowhere near as large as most of the other options in this category.


GunLevel UnlockDescription
PKM1The PKM has a medium fire rate which helps massively with recoil control, especially when shooting at medium-to-long distances. This can hinder it in close range combat, though. High damage level make this a 3 bullet kill in many situations. Arguably the best LMG on the game.
SA8724The SA87 is probably the least popular LMG on Modern Warfare. It is fairly difficult to control and has magazine sizes that are smaller than many assault rifles offer (when they use capacity-boosting attachments), but is less mobile than said ARs.
M9125A competitor to the PKM for the ultimate face-melting LMG, the M91 offers high damage and reasonable control.
MG3449The MG34 offers a really high rate of fire and a damage stat to match. However, recoil makes it hard to be accurate when trying to unleash the true power of those aforementioned stats.
Holger-26Challenge: Get 2 longshot kills in 25 matches using LMGs.Despite being an LMG, the Holger-26 is a G36C replica when using certain attachments. When not using that setup, this LMG can be configured to be suitable in a wide range of different game modes. However, all setups of the Holger-26 are outperformed by many other LMGs and ARs.
MK9 BruenChallenge: Kill 3 enemies that are near smoke using an LMG in 15 matches.A Warzone favourite, the MK9 Bruen offers surprisingly good recoil control for an LMG. A real threat to teams – especially when there’s a suppressor on it.

Marksman Rifles

GunLevel UnlockDescription
EBR-141This semi-automatic rifle is similar to the FAL in its use, though is designed to be more useful at longer ranges. Offers a good fire rate and reasonable level of damage.
MK2 Carbine15The MK2 Carbine is a single shot bolt action rifle that offers one shot kill to the head, and to the chest at short ranges on multiplayer. You’ll need to be accurate when using it.
Kar98k33Similar (and preferred by many) to the MK2 Carbine, the Kar98k is another high damage rifle that offers fast aim-down-sight for quickscoping. Arguably the best marksman rifle on the game.
CrossbowChallenge: Get 5 kills in 25 matches using a marksman rifle with a Reflex optic attachment.The crossbow is more of a novelty over something that is actually useful. Bullet drop makes it extremely tough to get any kills from medium or long ranges. Slow fire rate makes it tough to get kills at close ranges. One for private games, perhaps.
SKSChallenge: Get 2 longshot headshot kills in 15 matches.The SKS is a semi-automatic rifle with the highest rate of fire of all marksman rifles, but there is quite a bullet spread when firing at speed which leads to inaccuracy. Can be very dangerous to your enemies if you don’t go overboard with the trigger finger, even on Warzone.

Sniper Rifles

GunLevel UnlockDescription
Dragunov1A fast firing semi-automatic sniper, the Dragunov is by far the weakest option in this list – expect lots of hit markers unless you’re playing on hardcore.
HDR11The most popular sniper, the HDR offers one shot kill to the torso and above, and can down a fully-armored opponent with a single headshot on Warzone.
AX-5037A strong competitor to the HDR with similar stats, many argue the AX-50 is better – though it isn’t as widely used.
Rytec AMRChallenge: Kill 3 opponents with quickscopes, 15 times.This ‘anti-material’ sniper on Modern Warfare offers explosive bullets that are perfect for taking out enemy vehicles or choppers on Warzone.

Secondary Weapons

If you’re not running Overkill (that gives you two primary weapons), you’ll need to pick one of these secondary weapons. All of the unlock levels and challenges for handguns, launchers and melee weapons can be found below.


GunLevel UnlockDescription
X161The X16 has a fast fire rate and offers 3-5 shot kill depending on the body part that you’re shooting and the range you’re shooting from. It has great handling and large magazines.
19111Very similar to the X16 and also unlocked from the start, the X16 sacrifices a little bit in accuracy, fire rate and magazine size for a boost to its damage.
.35721This .357 Magnum offers powerful damage and can kill opponents at extended ranges, but is often used as Snake Shot Akimbo – one in each hand – for devastating close range damage.
M1937The M19 is like an upgraded version of the X16. It offers good fire rates, stability and damage. A favorite pistol for many.
.50 GS52A copy of the Desert Eagle from CoDs of yesteryear, this is a powerful pistol that offers one-shot-kill to the head. Its slow fire rate affect its popularity, but its still a strong option nonetheless.
RenettiChallenge: Get 2 headshot kills with a pistol in 15 matches.The Renetti performs to its best when you attach the Mk3 Burst Mod barrel, unlocked at gun level 46, that allows the pistol to shoot 3-bullet bursts. Arguably the best pistol option once you have this equipped.


GunLevel UnlockDescription
PILA1The PILA offers vehicle locking as its best feature, but can be fired freely too. Best used in Warzone for taking out choppers.
Strela-P17Arguably the least useful launcher in the game, the Strela-P offers rockets that fly at a quicker speed than RPGs, but you need to be very accurate to kill people with them due to their small blast radius. Weak against vehicles, choppers and killstreaks too.
JOKR35The JOKR can take down armored vehicles in just one shot. Your rocket will fire up into the air and automatically track down the vehicle you’ve locked onto. You can also use it to lock on to locations where you expect opponents to be hiding or running through to make the most of its huge blast radius.
RPG-744Highly used in both multiplayer and Warzone, the RPG-7 can be extremely valuable – especially when paired with the Amped perk for faster weapon switching and reloading. Great for taking out vehicles at close ranges, or for wiping out whole teams of opponents in close spaces.


GunLevel UnlockDescription
Fists1If you’re running around with your bare fists, you’ll have to get up close and personal and punch people multiple times to kill them.
Combat Knife22The main benefit of the combat knife is to double the duration of your tactical sprint – perfect for objective games like Search and Destroy. Running with your combat knife at the start of rounds is an S&D tactic regularly employed by pro players. Kills people with one stab.
Riot Shield22Resistant to bullets and explosives, you can use a riot shield to protect your team mates or distract opponents. Don’t expect to get many kills, though you can beat people down in two strikes on multiplayer.
Kali SticksChallenge: Get 3 kills whilst sliding with a knife in 15 matches.Another option that allows for fast and prolonged tactical sprint, Kali Sticks allow rapid melee attacks to kill your opponent – and embarrass them at the same time.