Fortnite Sensitivity Calculator

You need to ensure your sensitivity is correct if you want to become the best Fortnite player you can be.

Whilst the ‘correct’ sensitivity for every player will be different, most low level players will find that their sensitivity is way too high.

The best way to get a sensitivity that works for you is to calculate your Fortnite eDPI. eDPI factors in your in-game sensitivity percentage as well as your mouse sensitivity setting (or DPI) to give you your effective DPI.

As this is an eDPI calculator, it’s not relevant for controller players.

How to Use the Calculator

The way our Fortnite sensitivity calculator works is very simple:

  1. First, you need to input your mouse’s DPI value.

    Many gaming mice will have various DPI settings that you can toggle through using a DPI button. If you don’t know what DPI you’re on, open up your mouse software to check. Almost every major mouse manufacturer will have software that you’ve likely installed on your PC.
  2. Secondly, you need to input your in-game Fortnite sensitivity.

    You will find this under ‘Settings’, ‘Mouse and Keyboard Settings’. It’s listed as a percentage. We heavily recommend setting your X and Y sensitivity to the same number. Most high level players use the same figure for each and you probably should too.

What eDPI is Best?

The best eDPI in Fortnite will be different for every player.

There are factors you need to consider too, including play style and even desk space. If your desk is very small, a higher sensitivity may be needed because you don’t have much room to move your arm.

Most professional Fortnite players use an eDPI between 36 and 68. Some drop to as low as 32 and can go as high as 72, but these figures that show that many gamers have their sens too high.

If you’re playing at 800 DPI and using 10% Fortnite sens, your eDPI is 80 and this is already higher than almost all high level players.

If in doubt, try starting with 800 DPI and 7% sens. This is an eDPI of 56.

Play a match or two to see how you get on once you’re used to it. You can then adjust up or down depending on how slow or fast you’re finding it. If you’re used to high sensitivities then it will probably take more than a couple of games of getting used to, but it will almost certainly increase your accuracy overall.