Do you feel like you’ve hit a brick wall and no matter what, you don’t really seem to be getting any better at Fortnite?

I spent hours practicing with the hope of learning something new or be a little bit faster at a particular aspect of the game. Then, I would play cash cups after cash cups with nothing to show for them. It really sucked.

The problem is, where do you go from here?

In this guide, I will pour my heart out. I will tell you everything I learned from years of playing Fortnite and how I finally found ways to convert more chances into wins. All the secrets, all the small details, everything.

We won’t cover settings like sensitivity, this focuses much more heavily on gameplay improvements.

Before you focus on anything else to do with your development as a player, you must have a fundamental understanding of the three stages of each game.

Early Game Tips


The early game is the time from when you first board the battle bus to the first circle starting to close.

During the early game, your main goal should be to gather as much loot as possible while maxing out on all of your materials. During the early game, you are likely to engage in battles with other contenders who also decided to battle you out for your building or POI.

So, playing smart during this stage can pretty much determine the rest of your game. Early game might seem simple, but it’s not. Below, I’ve shared a couple of great tips for nailing your early game every time.

As soon as you know the direction of the battle bus, you are already in the early game.

From here on out, every action will matter. Below, I have shared five early game tips that I hard to learn the hard way, which will make all of the difference for you.

Land in heavy loot locations

You give yourself the best chance at getting a decent loadout by dropping in heavy loot locations. These locations are known as POIs (Points of Interest).

One thing you want to avoid is landing in a house with 1 chest and 2 floor drops. The chances of getting decent loot are much lower than landing in a house with 3 chests and 6 floor loot drops.

You also want to land in locations where you can easily get health and shields.

Don’t directly contest anyone

If you land in the exact same house as someone else, you are adding a lot of totally unnecessary risk. You might be the best player in the world but if your opponent finds a shotgun while all you can find is a fishing rod, you’re probably going to get wiped out.

If someone lands in your house after you, there is little you can do about that, but at least you have a few seconds of loot time advantage.

Landing on your own doesn’t happen accidentally. Look around carefully whilst gliding to give yourself an overview of the locations of other players.

Collect metal ASAP

After getting 100-200 wood and brick, try to get a lot of metal as you won’t find metal very easily later on in the match.

Push nearby players if you have good loot

Let’s say someone contested the building next to you. If you have a purple or golden shotgun and a spray gun with half or full shield within the first 10-15 seconds, push the player next to you.

The chances of them having decent loot already is very unlikely, which gives you a huge advantage to eliminate them. Push with your teammates if you can.

This is different to directly contesting someone (as mentioned in an earlier point) because you have already found good loot. The key difference is pushing when you have an advantage compared to not taking risks when you’re at a disadvantage.

If the zone pulls far away, leave early

If the zone pulls far away from where you are, leave early.

You don’t want to race to the new zone with the zone on your back while fighting a few other people rotating late with you.

If the zone pulls far, chances are that you will also encounter a number of different players from other POIs on your way to safety.

Mid Game Tips


The mid game usually starts after the first zone starts closing in and bringing all of the players alive one step closer to each other. During this stage, your focus should be on preserving your loot and avoiding random battles that could put you at unnecessary risk.

Think of the mid game as a transition period that you need to survive in order to start using what you obtained in early game and unload it all on your opponents in end game.

Though surviving mid game is quite simple, for one reason or another, many players seem to make a lot of common mistakes during this stage that lead to their elimination. Here are

Avoid picking up random fights unless you are in bot lobbies: Ideally, in mid game, you shouldn’t fight anyone unless you are forced into a fight. Another reasonable excuse for picking random fights is if you are in the very first game of a tournament and are playing in bot lobbies (lobbies that are not yet segmented by points or performance within the tournament).

Even then, you don’t know who you might encounter. Thus, as a general rule of thumb, I play it safe and play it safe by avoiding getting into conflicts and battles.

Follow your rotation path and stick to it: Every great Fortnite player has a rotation path that they follow on their way to the zone. All a rotation path is a pre-planned track that you follow to safety while being able to access a number of great loot location that are also relatively out of the way and safe.

Make one of your own, or simply copy someone else, and follow it. You will not only have the advantage over others as you will know the area like the back of your hand but will also increase your chances of survival during this stage of the game.

If you need to fight, end it quickly: As I mentioned above, I don’t recommend you to get into battles during this stage of the game. It’s a waste of resources (in most cases) and can get you eliminated or exposed to third-party players.

If you end up fighting, whether you picked a fight or were forced into one, try and end it quickly. Be as aggressive as you can. You don’t have time to waste as with every second, the chance of third parties jumping into the fight and complicating everything increases significantly.

You can read more about this in one of the points below where I will go into more detail as to why I don’t usually like fighting mid-game.

Try and position yourself in the middle of every fixed zone: The first five zones, despite being random, if you stay in the middle of each, you are guaranteed to be within the next zone.

This is a great tip particularly if you want to ensure that you expose yourself to more enemies by having to constantly rotate. If you are playing ultra safe, then this is a great strategy to implement into your game.

End Game Tips

Different Material

While there is no clear definition of what end game actually means, as a general rule of thumb, if you can’t just walk around and loot without risking getting shot by ten different players, then you better believe that you are in the final stage of the game.

Unlike the other two stages, when you are in the end game, you can’t afford to make mistakes as that can lead to you getting focused by other players with no where to hide. This will often lead to your elimination or a huge waste of materials as you attempt to save yourself from the pressure.

End game is often the most enjoyable yet crucial part as this is where everything is decided from all of your hard work during the entire game.

As we said above, end game is a very interesting yet challenging aspect of Fortnite. A little mistake can lead to your elimination. While you probably already have some knowledge, below, I’ve listed four crucial strategies that I wish I knew when I first got started.

Rotate with the zone: This particularly applies if you play competitive as end games are often ‘stacked’, meaning that there is a high number of people left with not much room to move around without getting pinched between players.

As soon as you see where the next zone is, start moving – even if the zone pulls on your end. You don’t want to have the zone on your back while trying to break through builds and avoiding running into anyone.

Thus, stay ahead of the zone, and move with it, no matter what. Let everyone else fight and stay behind. Those will soon become easy targets for you.

Build behind you: I couldn’t tell you the number of times I’ve gotten killed from behind by a player trailing behind in the zone or ‘jumping’ in my box by surprise. This tip that I am sharing with you right is literally a game-changer.

When you start tarping towards where the zone is pulling, always place a ramp or a wall after you. If you are playing mid-ground, then you can easily just look down once you’ve walked about 50% if the single floor block beneath you a place a ramp. This way, you will stay beneath the ramp and can continue moving forward without having to look back to place the ramp.

Look for easy ‘picks’: If you are playing competitive Fortnite, eliminations are the second-best way to get more points after placement. If you are in a pretty good position during the end game, look around for people that are struggling and try to eliminate them. Those would be some of the easiest kills that you will get during the end game.

Understand and play the different levels: Ideally, you want to get the high ground as that gives you the biggest advantage. You will essentially have the best chance of survival while the massacre beneath you evolves. Getting high ground can be extremely hard, especially if the player on high ground is good, and can often result in the waste of materials. If you are comfortable where you are, stay there.

In case you don’t have any materials left, it’s best for you to navigate in mid to low ground where there are guaranteed to be a lot of player builds to protect you. Though that is probably the worst place you can be at out of the three different levels, you don’t really have a choice.

Material Use

Three materials are used in Fortnite for the building aspect of the game – wood, brick, and metal. While the strength of each one is obviously different, one thing that you need to understand is when to use each of the materials.

As a competitive player, I have found a number of different combinations that work like a charm. Those pretty evident strategies prove to be extremely beneficial, especially when it comes to playing competitive Fortnite. The good thing is that not many players play like that, which is where you can take advantage.

Let me break it all down for you by material and when you should use each one of the three.


Wood is the easiest material to harvest in Fortnite. You can obtain wood from knocking down trees, fences, bushes, and more. Thus, this resource must be used first, especially during early game battles. You absolutely do not want to use any other material unless you really are put against the wall and have no other choice.

Why? Because replenishing brick and metal is much more time-consuming than knocking down a couple of trees and capping your wood mats.

You should use wood for early to mid-game, and once that is exhausted, and you can’t safely loot any more, switch over the brick.


Brick is one of the underdogs in Fortnite. It is neither the strongest nor most efficient but is the hardest to obtain. And no, not because of the lack of buildings that you can knock down, but more because it takes forever to mine.

You really only want to use your brick when you run out of wood and are approaching the end game of the battle royale game.


Now, you may be wondering why use metal last. Isn’t it important to stay as safe as possible through the game, especially early on? While you are not wrong, the chances of getting targeted in end game is significantly higher than any of the other two stages.

During the end game, people are going to start looking for picks (easy kills). If you get targeted by the entire lobby, using wood isn’t going to do much for you or give you a reasonable amount of time to try and escape the fire.

So, the last material you want to save for end game is metal. You must only use metal then (with an exception that we will explain later on in this article in point 17 in our advanced tips section).

30 Tips for Improving

Once you understand the core concepts of the game, it’s time for you to gain some game-changing in-game sense. The 30 points below will be vital to your progression as a player. The great thing about them is that you can implement most if not all right away.

I decided to split them in three categories – attacking, defending, and other. If you feel like you lack in any particular category, feel free to start implementing the tips I’ve given you right away and watch the difference they make in your very next game.

1, 2, 3 – Shoot!


To beat players quickly and efficiently (in terms of wasted resources and ammo), you need to catch them by surprise. If you have had the chance to watch pro players, you will hear them count to three, after which they will proceed to shoot at their target.

This of course only happens if you are playing duos, trios, or quads to sync up and give every person from the party the chance to aim before giving away your position.

Whether you are playing alone or with your friends, counting to three before shooting is a great way to catch your opponent by surprise and dealing the maximum amount of damage that you can before they build.

Even if you deal just 66 damage using your AR, you would already be at an advantage to your opponent, which leads us to the next point.

Don’t Let Your Opponents Heal After an Exchange

If you get the chance to deal some damage to your opponents by catching them off guard, you need to push hard. Don’t let them breathe for a second as during those vital few seconds from you dealing damage to them, and you getting closer to them, they will get the chance to heal.

You must prevent this at any cost by applying constant pressure to the player, even if you are not directly next to them. One way to do that is by shooting and breaking down their build with your AR.

This way, they will be forced to rebuild their build, which will cancel their attempt at healing. Do that as many times as you need to until you get close to them and apply real pressure until you eventually eliminate them.

Spam Cone/Ramp in Your Opponents 1 by 1

When pressuring an opponent, you must do everything in your power to challenge them in ways that they need to react to in seconds or else risk getting hit by you.

One fantastic way to do that is by placing a cone inside their 1 by 1 after taking one of their walls. This will prevent them from placing anything in their own build (and ability to edit down should you be fighting in the air) to defend themselves. Their only option is to edit any of the three remaining walls to escape. During that time, you can open an edit, and deal “free” damage to them.

This strategy is very specific and is only done by more advanced players who are quick with their building and editing. The very first person who did anything like this was Mongraal, who instead of a cone, used a ramp. Mongraal would single edit a ramp in reverse, in the opposite direction of where you are, which leaves you trapped in a very small space where he can shoot.

The cone evolved later on as other pros started to adapt this strategy. By using the cone over the ramp, your opponent will remain highly exposed, allowing you to control the way you attack them.

End Fights Quickly

Whether you decide to take a fight or are forced into one by getting pushed by an aggressive player, it is important to end fights quickly. Take control of the fight quickly, and be super aggressive with fighting your opponents until you have eliminated them.

Remember that you can always get third partied by another player nearby who is coming in fresh into the battle. End fights quickly, and if you can’t or just seem to be getting nowhere, disengage… which brings me to the next point.

Learn When to Disengage From Fights

Whether you’ve decided to fight someone or you got forced into a fight, if the fight isn’t going anywhere, you are probably wasting materials and ammo by the minute. So, if you find yourself in such a situation, be smart about it. Go back to the drawing board and make a decision – is fight worth fighting for?

Remember that you don’t want to end up winning but have zero mats to your name as you and your opponent both used up everything that you had. This will put you at a huge disadvantage later on in the game as the chances of maxing out your mats again are pretty low,

So, understand when you aren’t going anywhere with a fight and try to safely disengage. In most cases, once your opponent sees that you are pulling out, in many cases they will do the same thing. When it comes to the pro divisions, almost everybody understands the game and how they should be playing.

Keep in mind not to signal to your opponent using your pickaxe that you are not willing to fight as that is now punishable by Epic Games. It was a pretty cool way of communicating if you ask me… until it lasted at least.

Expand, Expand, Expand

Tip number 3 is very annoying, especially if you are the one that has gotten surprised by an enemy player. Luckily, I’ve got a pretty good counter for you, which you need to make use of every single time, no matter which opponent you are facing.

Rather than building a 1 by 1 and sit behind a wall and a ramp, expand your build to at least two or three 1 by 1’s. This will not only prevent your opponent from being able to shoot your walls down directly, but it will also give you plenty of time to heal before they make their way over to you.

Moreover, this expansion will also allow you to move around in an already built base, which will give you the freedom to move back if the pressure gets a little too much.

Never Stay In a 1 by 1 Defending Yourself From an Enemy

Leading from the point above, you must never stay in the same box if you are getting pressured by another player on the opposite side of your build. Despite turbo-building, eventually, your opponent will get the wall from you, and get inside your box. If that happens, you are likely to panic and make a lot of mistakes, which would oftentimes result in your elimination.

Instead, as soon as you see someone pushing you, expand by at least one more. This way, you are not only keeping your distance from your opponent but are also creating more room that you can safely move around in during this fight.

Place a Ramp in Your 1 by 1


Again, leading from the point above, you must ALWAYS put a ramp or a cone inside your 1 by 1. This way, decent players won’t place a ramp or a cone in your box provided they take your wall. This simple tactic doesn’t give your opponent complete control over your build, making you a lot less vulnerable while allowing you to execute a number of the best edit peaks. Keep in mind that you can still turbo build around your entire 1 by 1 even if you are standing on a cone or a ramp.

Use Different Material to Your Opponents

But, don’t we all have the same materials? Yes… What I mean is that you should always use different materials to your opponents when engaging in a fight. If you think about it if you both start cranking 90s with wood, as you should if it’s early to mid-game, eventually, you will both run out of wood and switch over to brick or metal.

When the fight is over, hopefully in your favor, you won’t be able to automatically replenish all of your wasted mats that went into the build fight from your enemy as they also used the same mats as you.

So, what I am trying to say is that if your opponent is using wood, you should use brick or metal. This way, once you eliminate your opponent, you can just stock up on brick or metal from their loot since they didn’t make any use of it in the fight (provided they have looted any of course).

Understand Who You Are Playing Against

Now, you are probably wondering… you can’t know who is in your lobby, so, what is this even all about? You don’t need to know if specific players are in your lobby. All you need to know is the level of the players that you are going to come across.

Let’s say that you are playing a cash cup. Your first game is known in the community as being a ‘bot lobby’. During this stage, every participating player starts on the same level field. During this first game, pros and casual players are mixed together.

Let’s say that you end the first game with a win and 20 kills. You’d be near the top of the ranking just after this one game because you’d have a lot more points compared to everyone else. During this first game, this is where most pros win the tournament as a whole because games start to get harder from here on out.

After the first initial game, skill-based match making kicks in, which means that the tournament is set up so that players can play against players on a similar level.

If you enter your second game with 2 points, you will play against average players who only got 2 points (or within that range). If you enter the second game with 35 points, you’d be playing with all the pro players that have dominated their first game.

So, back to my point, understand who you are going to play against based on the time elapsed of the tournament and your current points. This will determine your playing style as you cannot be as reckless in your second game if you come out as a winner from the first because your competition is going to be much tougher to beat.

Are You Using the Best Key Binds?

While there isn’t such a thing as the “best key binds for Fortnite”, one thing is for sure – there is such a thing as best kind binds on Fortnite for YOU. If you feel like your edits or building just isn’t fast enough, you need to consider changing things up. Try new binds. Remember that you can always go back to your old binds if the new binds just aren’t working for you.

One thing that you also need to remember is that your new binds are going to take you some time before you get used to them until your brain naturally starts to click the buttons on your keyboard or controller in reaction to what you see on your screen.

If there is a particular pro player that you like, simply Google their key binds and use them. My friend introduced me to a set of key binds, and I’ve been stuck with them for a long time because they work for me. Find what works for you.

Getting High Ground Is Always a Good Idea


Regardless of whether you are in early, mid, or end game, being on high ground is always a good idea. You are above everybody else and the chances of you getting killed or pushed on high ground are very small. In most cases, you will simply be able to shoot down on your opponents and force them to stop if they attempt to take it from you.

As a general rule of thumb, natural high ground is much better than high ground from your buildings because… well… players can’t destroy it and bring you down to their level.

If you don’t have a high ground over your opponents, one thing you need to do is calculate your current situation and if it’s worth pushing for high ground. Unless you have the grappler or some other item that allows you to fly around, many of your valuable resources will be involved especially if your opponent fights back and continues to build higher.

In that case, you should cut your losses short and give up fighting for high ground as there is no point in being on height when you don’t have any materials left.

Learn Loot Drop Locations

Knowing where all of the loot drop locations are in your POI is highly advantageous. If you land in the same place, you will pretty much be on autopilot when you go inside and start looting. You know exactly where every chest is, where loot drop is, everything.

If you want to learn all of the loot locations in your POI and potentially expand that onto your rotation path, then you can use online tools such as this.

Rotate Like a Pro (Create a Rotation Path)

If you’ve had the chance to review games of pro Fortnite players, you would see that often times, unless something unprecedented happens during the game, they would follow a rotation path to the zone. In many cases, pro players have a number of rotation paths depending on where the zone pulls.

Keep in mind that this point only applies to you if the zone pulls away from where you have landed and you need to make your way over to it.

So, what is a rotation path? A rotation path is a pre-planned route that you follow with the goal of collecting as many materials and as much loot as possible on your way to the zone in the safest way possible.

Use the Map Design & Its Nature to Your Advantage

Fortnite Map

Oftentimes, Epic Games would add a number of aspects around the map to help players get from point A to point B rather than being strictly limited to running on land.

Some of those include river streams which allow you to swim much faster than normal (provided you are going in the right direction), ziplines, the secret passages, and many more.

If any of those are available nearby where you land, you can easily use them as part of your rotation path to speed up your rotation to safety. Keep in mind that most other players would have the same idea as you, and some may even camp those places waiting for an easy prey.

Play With Better Players

If you are the best player in your friend’s group, guess what? You won’t progress. There isn’t anybody that you are playing against that you can’t beat in a 1v1, and because of that, you don’t need to try anything different because what you do works.

Just because your style of play works against your friends, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is as good as it can truly be. Thus, find some players on Discord or any other social platform that are better than you, and play with them, or against them for that matter.

Don’t Push Risky Battles

If you do the 1, 2, 3, shoot tactic I shared with you previously, you are someone required to push and eliminate your opponent as in most cases, it would be an easy elimination for you.

What I am talking about is you starting random battles during any stage of the game that you simply don’t need to fight. If you already have pretty decent loot, unless your opponent presents to you as a threat or a challenge later on, it makes very little sense why you should take the battle.

You should look at battles as a waste of materials. If the goal of the competition is to place as well as you could, avoiding battles overall is generally a pretty good idea.

Practice Your Drop


There is nothing worse than starting the game before everybody else because of a bad drop. At the beginning of the game, every second counts, especially if your drop spot is often contested by other players.

If you mess up your drop and land 5 or 10 seconds after everybody else, those already on the ground will have already found a gun, and are likely already making their way to hunt you down.

To truly master your drop, you must land in the exact same place every single game until you gain an understanding of when to jump out of the battle bus (regardless of the direction that it is coming from) and how far you should glide before you dip down to reach your desired drop location.

Ideally, you should get so comfortable with landing in your POI of choice that you can land exactly where you are supposed to (often house doors or roof of buildings).

Look Around You Before You Drop

Part of becoming a better player involves you being a lot more aware. One of the simplest things you can do before you land is to simply take a look around you and see who is coming and where people are dropping.

This vital intel will provide you with all the necessary information that you need to develop a short-term plan of action for your early game. If you are alone, happy days. You can loot as much as you want (though you must always stay wary as people are sneaky).

Some pro players don’t just look at who drops in their POI. Rather, they take a look how many players drop around them in the POIs next door to them. If a particular place is jam-packed with players, they would typically avoid that place.

Going this extra step can pretty much determine how your mid-game rolls out.

Never Push Mid-Game

Though I already covered this point above, I want to mention it again one more time, this time in a more specific scenario. Once you are done looting your POI, you will start rotating towards the zone. As you already know, this stage of the game is known as mid-game.

During mid-game, you must never engage in random fights unless you have the obvious advantage over your opponent. As an example, if you dealt some damage, and see that the player isn’t very good, push. You will get some more mats and potentially better weapons.

However, engaging in random fights during mid game is generally not a good idea. This is because everybody from around you will be rotating in, making the possibilities for you getting third partied significantly higher. Besides that, you will be wasting mats and ammo in this fight. Keep in mind that replenishing those if your opponent has none will be hard as most places would already be looted.

Overall, engaging in mid-game fights puts you at a disadvantage in end game, especially since you need every bullet and every material you can get your hands on to survive, even during the moving zones.

Pay Attention to the Zone

Rotate Early 1

As soon as you land and the first zone is released, you need to make a plan of action on getting out of where you landed, and safely moving over to the zone. As a general rule of thumb, I would recommend that you move ahead of time if possible. This way, if you encounter some player on your way to the zone, you have a little bit more time to show them not to mess around with you.

The last thing you want is the zone trailing 6 feet behind you with players rotating into the zone at the same time as you. To avoid this, as soon as the zone is revealed, make a calculated decision on how long you should loot for, and decide when the right time to start rotating is.

Of course, if you end up being lucky and getting the zone in your favor, then you can switch things up differently and decide on where you want to position yourself before the zone closes in and all players from the lobby come one step closer to you.

Learn to Tarp

Tarping or tunnelling is an essential skill to have, especially when it comes to rotating in-between 20 people in the last zone. Tarping is essentially a term for moving from one location to another by building around you while moving.

Learning to tarp will be of a huge advantage, especially if you are a competitive player that wants to go up in the divisions and start competing for money. In those divisions, almost everybody knows how to tarp effectively.

To give you a little bit of advice when it comes to tarping, try to use as little materials as possible. As you could already imagine, building while moving to provide cover for yourself will exhaust a lot of your materials very quickly.

So, don’t build more than necessary. How much you build will solely depend on the position that you are in. Generally speaking, being on high ground is going to save you the most mats, though you must never try to save on mats when on the top as people will be shooting you down in order to try and claim the high ground from you.

Play the Current Meta


The current meta essentially describes the current state of the game, how the game is played, and what players use to play with to win each game. If you’ve played Fortnite for some time, you’d remember the Mechs. Those big powerful robots were the meta at the time. No matter how good you were at building or shooting, you simply stood no chance against that thing.

Playing the meta is one of the most underestimated advantages that you can give yourself over other players. You should always be adapting to the evolution of the game and use the latest and best addition to Fortnite if you want to stay ahead of the curve and win your games.

For those of you that may be a little bit confused, playing the current meta simply means playing using whatever the developers at Epic Games release. Now, if a particular weapon is obviously underperforming, you don’t need to use that, but, if there is a game-breaking gun, you need to start using it. Otherwise, people will use it on you.

To give you a few examples from time, some meta’s would have been the combat shotgun, mechs, and charge shotguns.

Use Edit On Release

As building is a huge part of Fortnite, you really need to nail down your editing skills. Being a great builder is one thing, but taking it a step further by learning the ropes of editing builds like a pro is a whole different game.

Previously, when I didn’t really know what I was doing, I was extremely slow at editing. I always wondered how one earth do these people edit this fast. I did some research, and found that many pros edit on release. And by many, I mean everyone.

Edit on release allows you to be pretty much two times faster in your edits as normal as it saves you an additional click per edit.

Edit on release essentially means that upon selecting the edit that you want to make and let go of the mouse button you use for this edit selection process, your edit will automatically happen. If you are not already editing on release, I strongly urge you to try it. It is a game-changer. To start editing on release, simply:

  1. Go to your settings page in Fortnite.
  2. Click the cog icon, which will take you to the Fortnite settings.
  3. Scroll down until you find confirm edit on release.
  4. Set confirm edit on release to ON and click apply.

Scroll Wheel Build Reset

Moving on front from the point above, using the scroll wheel on your mouse to reset builds is another little trick that you should be making use of right now. What this essentially does is rather than clicking three times and selecting build, then resetting, then confirming (which is the manual way of doing things), all you do is change up your settings so that all three of these commands are done by scrolling down on your mouse wheel.

Sounds simple? It is. This and editing on release are one of the most game-changing things you can do to instantly improve as a player.

I mean, think about it. Editing faster by using edit on release will allow you to navigate through builds in tough situations much faster. Besides that, it limits the amount of mistakes you can make. As with the scroll wheel build reset tactic, you can literally edit, shoot your opponent, and reset in a single second.

Setting up your mouse wheel to reset builds is a little bit more complicated than release on edit. If you want to implement this into your game, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to your settings in Fortnite
  2. Click on the “arrow key” icon, which will take you to your input settings.
  3. Scroll down until you find the building edit and reset building edit settings (they are in the building section).
  4. Bind your building edit and reset building to mouse wheel up or down.

Stay In the Middle of Every Fixated Zone

Middle of Zone

In case you don’t already know, if you stay right in the middle of the each of the fixed zones, you are guaranteed to be in the next zone. This way, you have plenty of time to decide on what your next step is, and how you are going to move to the middle of the next zone.

Please note that once the moving zones begin, that little secret that I just shared with you no longer works as zones begin to randomly pull in any direction. In fact, staying in the middle is of a huge disadvantage to you since you need to travel across amongst many other players to reach the zone.

In this case, I like to play the game of luck. Simply pick a side of the zone, and stick with it. If the zone pulls your way, you are in luck because you’ve got it easy while everyone needs to rotate in very tight spaces. During this stage, most of the remaining players get eliminated. If the zone pulls far away from you, that’s just back luck. Try and do your best from what you’ve got.

Learn From Previous Mistakes

Reading guide and watching YouTube videos isn’t going to make you a better player. While you are going to get your hands on some great information, you need to change and evolve as a player in order to get better.

What do I mean? Go and watch replays of your old games. Find out what went wrong. What you could have done better. How you could have approached the encounter better. All little aspects that you can’t do much about while cranking 90s with some random player trying to eliminate you, but what you can do is learn from your mistakes so that they don’t happen again.

Some things you can look out for:

  • Are you not aggressive enough in battles?
  • Do you mess up your builds and edits too much?
  • Do you tend to overbuild?
  • Is your building or editing too slow?

The above are some points, however, as every player is different, my mistakes might be your strengths so your job is to figure out where you are lacking, and work on it.

Upgrade Your Setup

If you play on a 60Hz monitor and you think you are as good as you can get, you are wrong. By simply investing a little bit more money into a decent 144Hz monitor, you will see a huge jump in your gaming abilities.

That also goes for your graphics card, processor, and your entire setup as a whole. Better equipment almost always means better performance unless your current setup is already at a pretty high level.

Warm-Up Before Your Games

You don’t see professional sports athletes go out on the field and start playing without warming up, so, why should you? Unlike the beginning of Fortnite when we didn’t have creative, today, the creative battleground has expanded so much that you can practically simulate in-game moments in creative mode.

Use that to your advantage and prepare for competitive Fortnite. Remember that warming up is one of the most important things that you can do to get your skills to a high level before you jump into playing battle royale.

Some of the best creative warm up courses are:

Advanced editing course – 3939-9108-1428

Aim and edit practice – 1593-8407-2408

Aim practice – 5850-5895-4090

Free building practice – 6055-7683-6855

Develop Your Own Game Plan

No two players are the same. While some prefer to push every player they come across and be aggressive in their plays, another player might be a bit more laid back and prefer to play safe. Whatever your play style is, develop a game plan that best suits you.

From picking safest or riskiest landing spot, to creating a safe or risky rotation path, it’s all down to how much you are willing to risk. Because there isn’t a predetermined way to to develop your own game plan, I wanted to share with you what I like to do, and you can go off from there.

I’d class myself as a fairly balanced player. Not too aggressive, not too laid back. I take my chances when I see an opportunity, and always make logical decisions by calculating the risks I am willing to take (depending on my circumstances).

I pick a relatively out-of-the-way POI (not a random hut in the middle of nowhere, but let’s say, Pleasant Park. I pick the house that least people go to, loot around while tracking what everyone else is doing, and decide whether I should dip or if I should sneak on someone/third party a fight.

During mid-game, I always box up somewhere safe (preferably on height) and out of the way (depending on where the zone pulls) so that I don’t have an influx of players coming my way to get into the zone. Then, as the zone closes, I slowly but surely move safely into the zone while looking for picks.

In end game, I pay attention to the movement of everyone else and create different scenarios in my head as to when I should rotate depending on a few different possible scenarios while still looking for picks. This way, I somewhat know what I am going to do once the zone pulls in any direction.

My main goal during end game is to stay as safe as possible while preserving as much materials as possible. It’s a difficult thing to manage, but with practice, I’d like to think that I’ve nailed on that process fairly well.

That’s petty much it. When developing your own game play, here are a few things for you to consider:

  • Pick a POI that resonates with your skill/abilities to attack/defend yourself without getting eliminated.
  • Pay attention to everyone nearby. The last thing you want is to count 3 players dropping with you and only seeing 1. In this case, you don’t know where the other 2 are, which puts you at a pretty big risk.
  • Rotate in accordance with the risk against reward that you are willing to tolerate.
  • Look around you all the time. Turn around every 5 seconds, inspect every possible corner from distance. This way, you will be able to often see if someone is trying to hunt you down.
  • Preserving mats in end-game is the most important thing you can do. However, don’t play to preserve mats to the point where you can get eliminated. Use metal and brick, and keep wood for last during this stage of the game.