NHL 21 HUT features player Synergy Icons that help boost player stats as you complete daily and weekly objectives in the game. As you earn enough Synergy Upgrade points, you gain access to unlock a variety of player icons that can help strengthen your team and give you an edge over your online opponents.

Fans of HUT who use NHL 21’s Synergy Icons tend to get the best out of their squad (if they make the right choices for their build). Maximizing certain aspects of players in the game makes it easier for gamers to score, defend, or assist in NHL 21 HUT Rush. Using these upgraded players on your roster in games is usually the difference between victory and defeat in HUT Rush.

These silver icons (for player synergy, gold for team synergy) are available for you to try and either plug certain player weaknesses or boost some of their strengths. Here, we will look at NHL 21 HUT’s best offensive Synergy Icons to help boost your team’s stats going forward helping you outscore your online opponents and assert dominance on the ice.

Best NHL 21 Offensive Synergy Icons

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Being quick and nimble in attack is almost a prerequisite for modern-day ice hockey players. The game has drifted from its physicality-heavy past into a fast-paced and driven game with plenty of goals aided by great passing and movement up front.

To facilitate these slick moves and intricate forward gameplay, you require speed in both movement and control over the puck. In NHL 21, speed plays a crucial role in creating chances and scoring. Often times, a fast forward will find himself clean through on goal just with his ability to break the defensive line and latch onto a through pass.

The Speedster Synergy Icon for forward player gives a severe boost to these stats, giving your snipers and two-way forwards a huge advantage over the opposition. This Silver Icon gives your players a +4 in the Speed and Wrist Power stats. This Icon takes 4 upgrade points to unlock and will make your forward line untouchable.


The most expensive Silver Synergy Icon of them all, the Howitzer is also the best upgrade available for offensive players. This should tell you a lot about the importance placed on offensive play in the modern game and the NHL 21 videogame.

The best way to describe Howitzers upgrades is that it focuses on all the attributes that make a complete forward so unplayable. Instead of focusing on a particular aspect of attacking play (like pace), it gives you overall upgrades across all the skills a forward requires to be a part of a successful team.

The Howitzer gives you +3 in Agility, Slap Shot Power, Wrist Speed, Speed, and Agility. This makes it a much better choice than Speedster for players who field more rounded forwards than just speed machines. Though slightly more expensive, you can save up 6 points to obtain the Howitzer Icon.

Use this to gain a clear advantage in shooting and movement for your forward players. When you are facing an opponent with a great NHL 21 HUT squad, this Icon could make all the difference. The opposition defense cannot touch your forward line as they whistle past and score aplenty.

Light The Lamp

This is for players who belong to the Two-Way or Power Forward player archetypes. This is because, instead of finishing a move, they play a far more crucial role in the build-up (but also pop up to finish off moves). They are more complete player builds than just a sniper and if you have players like this in the team who can play a range of offensive roles in the team, invest in the ‘Light the Lamp’ icon.

As the name suggests, this Silver Player Synergy Icon contributes to the ability of a player to start off a blazing attack. It focuses not on speed but on a player’s ability on the puck and the cerebral aspects of offensive play.

It gives you a +3 in Balance, Hand-eye, Offensive Awareness, and Wrist Accuracy making the player much-improved on the puck and ability to find space to receive a pass in the final third of the rink.

This is the best Synergy Icon in NHL 21 for well-rounded forward play and will help lesser builds shore up the basic skills that the best NHL 21 plays are built on. It costs 4 upgrade points and is well worth the investment and results are immediately evident.


This is an honorable mention in the NHL 21 Offensive Synergy Icon category. Though it is more geared towards the modern-day playmaker, this icon serves as a great supplement to attacking players too. It helps with puck control aspects of attacking play which makes attackers hard to disposes, allowing them to burst through and score more goals.

It gives you a +4 Dekeing, Puck Control, and Agility making forwards with this upgrade a nightmare to dispossess, even by upgraded defenders. This is reinforced by the agility stat which compliments fast attackers. This allows them to weave in and out of crowded areas and also hold the puck for longer allowing you to take last-minute shots or reach areas where your shots are unstoppable for the goalie.

For +4 upgrades throughout the board, this Icon costs only 4 upgrade points, making this a bargain buy too. This could be a supplemental Icon for the other ones on this list and helps attackers in your NHL 21 HUT squad attain new god-like powers on the puck.