Sometimes we just want to make sure we are doing all we can to win the game, and sometimes we just want to justify our loss.

Tier Lists are conversation starters more than a tool to be taken seriously. However, we all love a tier list.

The civilization tier list you’ll find below is just my opinion on the AoE4 civilization’s strengths. Like other AoE tier lists of ours, it is in alphabetical order, so you can easily find any civilization you want to read about.

The Best AoE4 Civilizations

S Tier
Delhi Sultanate, English, Malians
A Tier
Holy Roman Empire, Ottomans, Rus
B Tier
Chinese, Mongols
C Tier
Abbasid Dynasty, French

Abbasid Dynasty

The Abbasid Dynasty has many different playstyles to choose from, and the strength of this civilization will depend greatly on how you decide to play with it.

This civilization can be a solid choice in maps like Dry Arabia, Four Lakes, and Lepany being particularly good options. However, they might struggle on maps like Prairie or Mountain Clearing.

The Abbasid Dynasty is not necessarily a bad civ, but it’s not a standout choice either. It can be a good option for players who enjoy the eco or trade-focused playstyle, but it may struggle in the current meta that favors aggression.


China is a civ that offers many good map options, making it a decent choice for players who like a versatile civ.

Maps like Mountain Clearing, Four Lakes, French Pass, and Baltic are all great for China, while maps like Prairie may not be as ideal.

However, China’s playstyle doesn’t quite fit with the current meta that favors aggression. In the past, China’s strength was in 2TC into strong army compositions, but this style has fallen out of favor.

As a result, China is a solid choice for players who prefer a more defensive or eco-focused playstyle but may struggle in aggressive games.


Delhi is undoubtedly one of the strongest civilizations in the game. It excels in both hybrid and open maps, making it a versatile option for any situation.

Its unique technologies, such as the Sacred Sidewinder and Compound Defender, make it an excellent choice for feudal aggression.

Delhi’s biggest advantage, though, is its ability to counter English and Malians, two popular civilizations in the current meta.


The English are very good on every map and very hard to defeat due to their strong defense.

They have many different ways to attack and adapt to the enemy, making them one of the most versatile civilizations in the game.

Even if the meta shifts to something else, there is a good chance this civilization can just be played in a different way and survive most changes. That’s how good they are.


The French civilization has always been one of the weakest civilizations in the Age of Empires 4.

Although they have recently received an economic buff where their villagers produce faster, making them a little bit better, this is far from enough to make them good.

If you do decide to play French, make sure to build at least two TCs to maximize your production and economic output. However, know that you are in trouble.

Holy Roman Empire

The Holy Roman Empire is a solid choice, but not necessarily in the top tier of civilizations.

However, it does have its strengths, such as being playable on dry Arabia and Four Lakes, where it performs really well.

It is not the giant it once was before the game was patched, but its playstyle hasn’t changed significantly. Sadly, it did lose a lot of the things that made this civilization so scary.


The Malian civilization is considered one of the best civilizations in the game. They are incredibly strong, especially in feudal all-ins.

Their unique bonus for ships makes them a strong civilization on water maps. Their scouts are also strong and can be used to harass the enemy’s economy.

In addition, their Sofas have a four-second faster production time, making them a very aggressive civilization.


The problem of this civilization is the inconsistency in strengths and weaknesses. Depending on the map, you will notice that they perform significantly better or worse.

The Mongols are a unique civ that requires a specific approach to the game, so there is a greater learning curve than most civilizations in this game.

It’s also somewhat map dependent, and that usually means that a civ will be placed in a lower rank.


While not as dominant as Delhi, Ottoman is still a very strong civilization. It’s particularly effective against English, making it an excellent choice if you’re facing off against that civ.

Ottoman can also perform well in Castle Age, with its military schools providing a significant boost to its army. However, it’s not as versatile as Delhi, and it can struggle in some matchups.


Rus is a very map-dependent civilization. On maps like Mountain Clearing and Four Lakes, Rus is a top-tier civ thanks to its strong early-game units and abilities.

However, on other maps, it can struggle to keep up with some of the more versatile civilizations. If you’re playing on a map where Rus is strong, it’s an excellent choice, but otherwise, it may be best to choose a different civilization.