Fl0m is not only entertaining and highly skilled, but he’s also educational and easy to listen to. It’s easy to see why the CSGO community loves him.

Fl0m has always been interested in teaching and sharing with his community. Now it’s our turn to share more about him and how his mind works in CSGO.

In this article, I’ve compiled Fl0m CSGO sensitivity & settings.

If you’re a newcomer to the game, you may consider this as a starting point. If you’re looking to improve your gameplay, you won’t go too far wrong by copying Fl0m’s settings and sensitivity choices.

Mouse Settings

Settings NameFl0m‘s Mouse Settings
Zoom Sensitivity1.00
Windows Sensitivity6
Raw Input1
Mouse Acceleration0


Settings NameFl0m‘s Crosshair
Sniper Width1

Fl0m mentioned that he likes changing his crosshair settings from time to time, so I can’t promise that this will also be the same crosshair that he uses when you watch him streaming a few weeks from now. However, he does tend to gravitate towards similar settings, particularly the cyan color.

Fl0m also mentioned that he likes using the static default crosshair. You can enable this style by going to the console and typing the command “cl_crosshairstyle 1”.

Game Settings

Settings NameFl0m’s Game Settings
Enable Game Instructor MessagesNo
Max Acceptable Matchmaking Ping270
Max Acceptable Game Traffic BandwidthUnrestricted
Community Notification LocationTop Left
Enable Developer ConsoleYes
Friendly Fire Reticle WarningOnly on default crosshair
HUD Scale0.85
HUD ColorPurple
HUD Background Alpha0.50
Health / Ammo StyleDefault

Video Settings

Settings NameFl0m‘s Video Settings
Color ModeComputer Monitor
Aspect RatioWidescreen 16:9
Display ModeFullscreen
Laptop Power SavingsDisabled
Global Shadow QualityHigh
Model / Texture DetailLow
Effect DetailHigh
Shader DetailHigh
Multicore RenderingEnabled
Multisampling Anti-Aliasing ModeNone
FXAA Anti-AliasingDisabled
Texture Filtering ModeBilinear
Wait for Vertical SyncDisabled
Motion BlurDisabled
Triple-Motion ModeDisabled

For Color Mode, there are two options which are “Computer Monitor” and “Television”. The television color mode desaturates the colors of the game while also brightening it a bit. As Fl0m said, if you’re having issues looking at dark areas in the map, or if your monitor isn’t as good as it was, then you may opt to have television color mode.

Fl0m also has his Global Shadow Quality, Effect Detail, and Shader Detail on high because there’s actually a significant in-game advantage to it. Fl0m made a separate video talking about these settings and how it enables him to see Molotov fire better.

On the other hand, the other video settings are disabled because they’re not exactly advantageous in any way. In fact, in most cases, disabling these settings and using bilinear texture filtering mode can even increase FPS in CSGO.

Audio and Music Settings

Settings NameFl0m‘s Settings
Master Volume100%
Music Volume in Steam Overlay0%
GOTV Caster Volume100%
Audio Output ConfigurationStereo Headphones
Audio DeviceSpeakers (4 – Audiobox USB)
Advanced 3D Audio ProcessingNo
Enable VoicePress to use mic
VOIP Volume20%
VOIP PositionalNo
Play Audio When Game in BackgroundNo
Main Menu Volume0%
Round Start Volume0%
Round End Volume0%
Bomb/Hostage Volume0%
Ten Second Warning Volume10%
Death Camera Volume0%
MVP Volume9%
Mute music when players on both teams are aliveNo
Danger Zone Music Volume0%

There are a couple of things that Fl0m highlighted for audio. The first one is the master volume which can also depend on your Windows volume. You can put it in 1% if your Windows volume is 100%, and vice versa.

The next audio setting that he highlights is the audio output configuration. Unlike other games, particularly role-playing games and open world games, surround sound isn’t as good in CSGO. Surround sound creates a sort of spatial sound that provides better immersion. If you’re wearing headphones, surround sound makes it seem like the sound is coming from everywhere and not just two sound sources.

This can be quite distracting, however, and as per Fl0m, it doesn’t sound that good in CSGO. He recommends using either stereo headphones or speakers, depending on what you use.

The third thing Fl0m mentioned is the VOIP volume. It’s the volume of your teammate’s voice chat. It’s really more of a “positive vibes” thing, since match making can quickly become toxic.

Last but not least, Fl0m prefers to have the ten second warning volume at 10%. This music setting refers to the countdown that you have left to diffuse a bomb. If you have a CSGO music kit, you have to be wary though. There are some wonky interactions between the ten second warning and the music kit, where you may notice that the actual count down doesn’t match with what’s being said.


Settings NameFl0m‘s Viewmodel Settings
Offset X2.5
Offset Y1
Offset Z-1.5
Shift Left Amt0
Shift Right Amt0

Fl0m’s viewmodel is akin to CounterStrike: Source’s viewmodel, which is the CS game that he started with. Compared to the default viewmodel, Fl0m’s viewmodel is just a bit moved forward.


Settings NameFl0m‘s Bob Settings
Lower Amt0
Amt Lat0
Amt Vert0

Fl0m doesn’t like his viewmodel to be bobbing too much. In fact, he doesn’t like any bobbing movements at all. You may notice some minute movements, but overall, the hands are pretty stationary.

PC & Peripherals

For his PC, Fl0m has an Intel Core i9-9900K for his processor and an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080. While these gears may be too much, as a streamer, Fl0m is compelled to use a high-end computer for better use and speed. If you’re a regular home gamer though, you can easily get away with a low-range PC if your budget is not yet up to par.

Since Fl0m is sponsored by SteelSeries, most of his peripherals are from the brand. The only difference is his Samsung Odyssey G7 gaming monitor.