In shooter games like CSGO, there are only two things that are of utmost importance: higher frame per second and low ping.

Having both of these in ideal numbers can spell success and comfort in playing. The opposite would probably literally look like an image – completely unmoving.

While ping is largely dependent on your connection and several factors that affect it, the frames per second or fps can be affected by your hardware.

However, what if you have a really good gaming PC? Or alternatively, what if you’re only playing on minimum specs and have no plans of upgrading yet? What will you do if you have a drastic drop in fps?

In this article, we’re going to teach you how to increase fps in CSGO without having to allot much or sacrifice much.

Delete Your Cookies


If you’re noticing a performance decrease in your regular internet browser, a sure-fire way to solve the issue is by deleting cache and cookies. Cache and Cookies are data stored in your browser. Some common examples include passwords and images.

We’re obviously not going to delete cookies on some random browser and it’s going to magically affect CSGO. Steam also has its own browser and a lot of people use it for easier access while in-game.

If you’re one of these people, chances are, the Steam browser has been affecting your game.

First, go to Steam settings. In the left menu, there is a “Web Browser” tab. Then, press “Delete web browser data”. Afterward, go to the downloads tab in the same left menu. In the lowermost section, there is a button to “Clear Download Cache”. Click this button before you restart Steam and log in again.

Tweak Your Launch Settings


One of the best things about Steam is how players can tweak the launch options. Steam’s launch options allow players to manually override some internal game settings. Aside from improving some game features, the launch option can also give you a chance to troubleshoot a lot of issues; case in point, low fps.

First, go to your Steam library and look for CSGO. Right-click on the game. A drop-down menu will appear, and the bottom-most option is “Properties”. Click on that. In the General tab, there is a “Launch Option” section at the bottom. Type “-high” and re-launch everything, including Steam.

Use Bilinear On Texture Filtering Mode


This aspect of the game settings is all about the graphics and texture. In CSGO, there are six settings for Texture Filtering Mode. Out of these six, bilinear is the most basic.

Tweaking this setting, in its simplest sense, would be able to provide you with either more refined textures or you would get warped images on your computer. Choosing the best Texture Filtering Mode also depends on what kind of computer you have.

As with most games, choosing the most basic setting would yield better performance. Your computer won’t have to work twice as much to give you good visuals.

CSGO’s Texture Filtering Mode settings can be found in the Video Settings in the “Advanced Video Options”.

Relocate Your Game Files


After a game update, there are instances when the game deletes your previous settings. Sometimes, this results in lower fps.

The concept of this fix is to override the new settings that were caused by the update and replace them with your previous settings. This method is particularly useful for those that have experienced a drastic framerate drop after a recent patch.

First, go to the old common CSGO game folder which is found on Program Files (x86) > Steam > steamapps > common > Counter-Strike Global Offensive > csgo > cfg. Search for the files “video.txt” and “config.cfg”. Copy both files and paste it on Program Files (x86) > Steam > userdata > and look for your CSGO account ID.

Next, go to the “730” folder, then the “local” folder, and lastly, the “cfg” folder. Paste the “video.txt” and “config.cfg” files here. Overwrite the files if there are files with the same name in that folder.

Once you’re done with this, there is no need to restart Steam but it wouldn’t hurt to do otherwise.

Unlock Your Framerate


As we mentioned, Steam’s launch option is a fantastic option for players to disregard some internal game settings. One of the most popular commands used by players, and not just CSGO players, is the removal of the framerate cap.

The best part? It’s super easy to do.

In the Launch Options, type “+fps_max 0” or “+fps_max 999”. Close, then launch the game.

The number in the command signifies the fps cap. Had you written “+fps_max 60”, the fps cap would have also been 60. Setting it to zero unlocks or removes the fps cap.

This is also a way to allocate more RAM to CSGO, in case you are also facing that issue.

Make Sure Windows is in Maximum Performance


This one is particularly applicable or recommended, for people with subpar hardware. While one joke about CSGO is that it can run on a potato, the game will still inevitably be played better on a better PC.

One workaround is setting your Windows power setting to “High Performance”. By doing so, your computer will not concentrate too much on saving power but, instead, concentrate on rendering the game at the highest level.

To do this, go to the Power Options in your PC’s Control Panel. Under “Choose or customize a power plan”, click on “High Performance”.