DNF Duel is a 2D fighting game with simple inputs. Although this game can be a hardcore fighting game, it allows beginners to easily mash and have fun. Thanks to its rollback netcode, it’s now one of the best fighting games on PS5.

Characters use commands that depend on a direction and a button, much like Super Smash Bross, which makes them perform ridiculously cool special moves.

Despite being beginner-friendly, the game can become quite technical once you dive into it.

Characters like Swift Master, Striker, and Kunoichi have super long combos that don’t seem to ever end. On top of that, some characters are quite gimmicky and hard to deal with before you learn their weaknesses.

That being said, if you just want to pick a character and feel as cool as possible, there are less technically demanding characters that can do a lot with a few button presses. There are also characters that will increase your chances of winning while you are still learning the game.

Although I think that players should just pick whoever looks cool and learn from there, these are the easier-to-use and best DNF Duel characters for beginners.


Striker Win Pose

By far my favorite character, Striker is easy to use because everything works. You can mash and chain her movements making crazy combos without any effort. Striker is fast, fun, and has strong special moves that make her dash forward when you are pressing Forward + Special or Mana Special. She is probably the most intuitive character on the roster.

On top of that, Striker has a unique feature in the cast called reverse beat. While most characters can only combo from weaker to stronger attacks, Striker can chain stronger attacks into weaker ones. In fact, she can chain almost whatever she wants.

Another good thing about this character is the fact that her potential is incredible. Yes, she is easy to learn and fun to mash, but she can be a highly technical character once you start learning her specials, combos, and setups. Because of that, Striker can be a character that helps you to naturally transition from button mashing to playing with intent.


Crusader Win Pose

Besides the final boss, this is probably the most oppressive character in the game. Crusader does not depend on combos to dish out massive damage because his attacks hit super hard. His jumping mana special is a giant hammer that deals massive damage and keeps your adversaries away. Although players can dodge roll through his hammer attack, it’s too risky to do it, and you can slightly delay pressing the button to throw their timing off.

Crusader is an unusual fighting game character. Yes, he is a slow big body character, but his hammer attack is very fast. He has an invincible reversal, and he also has projectiles. This makes him able to zone and severely punish anyone who tries to get closer to him.

Like all characters, Crusader has combos. However, they are short and easy to learn. The most important thing about this character is learning how to use his buttons and knowing when to strike. The longer you play, the better players will be able to see through your patterns. There’s not much to learn about Crusader from a technical standpoint, and his raw power will surely help you win more often.

Lost Warrior

Lost Warrior

Lost Warrior is a boss character. Unfortunately, he won’t be available as soon as you boot the game. You must first learn how to unlock the Lost Warrior in DNF duel before being able to select him.

This character has a special move that instantly hits his enemy wherever they are. If his enemy is not full screen away from him, another special allows him to hit them on the ground. He has so many cool and powerful things, so it becomes mandatory to recommend him to beginners who are looking for early wins.

However, this is also a gimmicky character. Much like Crusader, if you become predictable, all that power will not help you much. Although he might seem even more powerful than all the other characters, Lost Warrior doesn’t have an invincible reversal. It means that if you are cornered, you will have to sit back, block, and figure out how to escape since you are extra vulnerable to strike and throw mix-ups.

The Best DNF Duel Adventurer for Beginners

Striker vs Crusader vs screen

The best DNF Duel character for beginners is usually the one they like the most.

Even if you want to play a complicated character like Swift Master, chances are you will be learning his cool and complex stuff over time because that’s what you find appealing.

If you like cool wind powers and quick elven characters, chances are nobody in the game will make you feel more badass than Swift Master. This, hopefully, will cause you to dedicate some time to his combo trials so you can master the power of the wing. After all, fighting games are power fantasy games.

Although all that I said is true about all the other characters, don’t die on that hill. Use those three to get the feel of the game, from the very fun to the very cheap stuff that the game has. From there, once you understand the game’s systems and character a little better, look for a character that makes you really want to play the game.

The character that looks the most fun to you, or the one that you find most visually interesting, is usually the best one for you to start learning a fighting game.