Doesn’t Lost Warrior look cool? Boss characters tend to be that way. They need to portray power to feel intimidating when compared with other characters in the game.

However, Lost Warrior’s menacing presence goes way beyond his mysterious story and scary looks. This character has some of the craziest special moves in the game.

Lost Warrior can teleport, throw fireballs, side switch at easy, command grab from the air, and so much more. All his animations look cool and display him as being on another level. It always looks like he doesn’t need to put much effort into what he is doing.

If you want to play as a boss character, stick around.

Here’s how to unlock Lost Warrior in DNF Duel so you can terrorize your friends and adversaries with all his power.

How to Play as Lost Warrior

Lost Warrior in game

You must finish the story mode to unlock Lost Warrior. It’s pretty simple, really.

From the main menu, go to Local Mode and select Story Mode. From there, select any character you want and play through their story. It should take you half an hour to finish the story mode with any character on the roster.

You can speed this up by picking a high-damage character like Crusader or Grappler and spamming special moves.

You can also skip the dialogue quickly if you don’t care about the story behind the continent of Arad.

Once you have finished any adventurer’s story, you will be able to play Lost Warrior in all other game modes.

Lost Warrior Story

Since he is a boss character, Lost Warrior will be, obviously, your last challenge during the story mode. That’s when you will see a small sample of this power. I suggest you use the block button if he starts teleporting around or crossing the screen. It might be annoying to deal with his instant full-screen attacks and mix-ups, so holding the block button when you are not attacking is a good idea.

The Lost Warrior is a powerful boss character who challengers adventurers on behalf of Plane: The Gate.

Time erased his name and his memories. Lost Warrior now just wanders about, unsure of who he is, being a part of a grand scheme beyond most adventurers’ understanding.

Lost Warrior Win Pose

It is clear that the Lost Warrior was a seasoned fighter even before he got all this power. His scars show how many battles he survived, which should also give you an idea of how many battles he has won.

Lost Warrior is one of the best DNF characters for beginners due to his perceived power.

If you are looking for easy wins against people who don’t understand the game, he will be the character that does that for you. However, spamming his skills won’t make you good at the game. It won’t take long until you find a player that knows how to deal with this character, so keep that in mind.

Are There Other Secret Characters?

Secret Characters

There are no secret characters in DNF Duel. Even Lost Warrior is very clearly meant to be in the game’s character select screen, so you can already begin thinking about how to unlock him after seeing this.

However, most fighting games with locked characters that are not DLC are usually revealed when the player beats the story mode.

Secret characters are a thing of the past in fighting games. They are either easily unlockable or not really that secret.

Games now rarely go to arcade machines, the birthplace of fighting games, which means that players might just want all the content they paid for. For that reason, developers will advertise all the characters they have in the game, so players will want to spend their money on it.

Final Thoughts

Lost Warrior 1

Don’t be misled by the boss character label. In modern fighting games, playable bosses are not necessarily better, from a competitive standpoint, than the rest of the cast. Lost Warrior seems pretty good, and he has some scary special moves, but all adventurers have something that makes them scary.

For instance, Ranger can combo you after a shot he landed from the other side of the screen, Crusader can erase your HP with a few hammer attacks, and you never know if Striker will ever stop hitting you.

Lost Warrior is fun, scary, and difficult to deal with when you don’t know the character. Still, he doesn’t necessarily have more damage or powerful tools than anybody else. He might help you win games at first, but if you want to win consistently when playing against others, online or not, you will have to learn the game.