Fighting game veterans already know that, at some point, they will have to check a game’s Frame Data to understand it to its core. It’s pretty much unavoidable. At some point, you will have to find out what you can do after your adversary does something.

For that reason, some of the best fighting games add that kind of information to their training mode. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case here. DNF Duel does have a great tutorial, but there is nowhere in the game where you can check the Frame Data.

For that reason, we decided to research and list the DNF Duel Frame Data that you’ll need to improve at the game.

Use the information below, and learn how Awakenings Works in DNF Duel, to increase your chances of winning.

Quick Introduction to Frame Data


The symbol “~” means the frame advantage or disadvantage varies. When the symbol is alone, it means that it can change so much that adding a number is pretty much pointless.

However, some moves might stay between two numbers even though the data varies. When that is the case, the “~” will be between the maximum and minimum variants.

For instance, the fact that you recover faster or slower than your opponent might depend on position, height, how long it took you to press a button, or the state of each character when the interaction happened.

An observation will be added for attacks that launch or knockdown on hit instead of any specific frame data.

As for the buttons used in this article, they are: A, B, Skill, MP Skill, Awakening, and Guard. However, in order to simplify things, Skill, MP Skill, Awakening, and Guard might be referred to as S, M, AS, and G, respectively.

If you tap A twice, your character will perform a second light attack that might have different properties. For instance, Striker’s second Light attack has more pushback and can be canceled much faster. That second attack is listed here as: Light (Chain). Some attacks only perform that second attack when the first one connects.

As for when moves are listed with added numbers — like A+B+C — read A as startup frames, B as active frames, and C as recovery frames.

If you are completely unfamiliar with Frame Data and the terminology used here, you can check more information on the subject at the end of this article.


Numpad NotationStartupOn BlockOn Hit
MP Cost
Light (Chain)A during Light5AA~-7-1
Crouching LightDown + A2A6-4-1
Crouching HeavyDown + B2B12-10Knockdown
Charged FlingHold S[S]32
High KickDown + S2S14-12
Charge High KickDown + Hold S2[S]29-7
Neck SnapForward+S6S20+4+8
Charged Neck SnapForward + Hold S6[S]35+10+31
Air SteinerBack + S4S9-35
Charged Air SteinerBack + Hold S4[S]24-35
Jumping LightA (airborne)j.A5~~
Jumping HeavyB (airborne)j.B10~~
Slam KickS (airborne)j.S14~~
Charged Slam KickHold S (airborne)j.[S]29~~
Charged MagnumsaultHold M5[M]28+6~40
Seismic CrashDown+M2M2 (63)~50
Charged Seismic CrashDown + Hold M2[M]2 (97)~50
Shoulder TackleForward + M6M3+15+6-8*~50
Charged Shoulder TackleForward + Hold M6[M]3+15+22-7 *~50
BreakdownBack + M4M7~70
Charged BreakdownBack + Hold M4[M]24~70
Aerial BreakdownM when airbornej.M9~70
Charged Aerial BreakdownHold M when airbornej.[M]28~70
Sole Bearer: Quaking TigerAwakening SkillAS5+0

* Once charged, this move seems to have unlimited armor until it ends

Note that Grappler’s grabs, except for his Fling and Charged Fling, work as unblockable hit grabs.

This means these attacks will interact with an enemy’s hitbox and allow you to hit their limps or weapons with Grappler’s. This is also true for Grappler’s Awakening Skill.

His air command grab, Aerial Breakdown, works on standing characters too, which can lead to some great mix-ups if your opponent is waiting for a Slam Kick.

Grappler’s Fling and High Kick have armor when charged, being able to absorb up to three hits before Grappler goes into hit stun. However, his Charged Shoulder Tackle can withstand an unlimited number of hits until the animation ends.

Note that Grappler’s armored moves and his parry special, Seismic Crash, are vulnerable to attacks that hit low.


NameCommandNumpad NotationStartupOn BlockOn HitMP Cost
Light (Chain)A during Light5AA~-30
Crouching LightDown + A2A6-3-1
Crouching HeavyDown + B2B10-11~-20Knockdown
Tiger Chain StrikeS5S12Launch
Tiger Chain BashS (after Tiger Chain Strike)5SS~-7Launch
Muse’s UppercutDown + B2S14-12Launch
Crushing FistForward + S6S20-18-12
Low KickBack + S4S9-9-4
Jumping LightA (airborne)j.A5~~
Jumping HeavyB (airborne)j.B10~~
Air WalkS (airborne)j.S14~~
Shadowless KickM5M3+10~Launch30
Rising FistDown+M2M9-47Knockdown50
Mountain PusherForward + M6M18-8Launch**50
One Inch PunchBack + M4M29+4Crumple50
Tornado KickM (airborne)j.M29-3~30
Empress’s Climactic FistAwakening SkillAS2+16-45

* Striker is invulnerable during Rising Fist from frame 1 to frame 9.
** This attack causes a wall bounce on a counter hit.

Striker is a character with unique combo routes and abilities. Check our DNF Duel Striker guide to familiarize yourself with her in case you don’t entirely understand how to play this character.


NameCommandNumpad NotationStartupOn BlockOn HitMP Cost
Light (Chain)A during Light5AA~-7-2
Crouching LightDown + A2A10-30
Charged HeavyHold B5[B]17-13~
Crouching HeavyDown+B2B17-15~
Steyr AMRS5S22-4~
FM-31 Grenade LauncherDown+S2S16-6~
Cannon BallForward + S6S20-5~
SprigganBack + S4S18-17~
Jumping LightA (airborne)j.A8~~
Jumping HeavyB (airborne)j.B18~~
Laser RifleS (airborne)j.S15~~
Charge Laser RifleM5M3+15+7-13-650
BBQDown + M2M3+15+5-32~60
X-1 ExtruderForward + M6M3+15+6+28~70
FM-92 mk2 LancerBack + M4M3+15+17+3~+48~50
Quantum BombM (airborne)j.M3+15+17~~90
Ancient TriggerAwakening SkillAS2+16-34

* Striker is invulnerable during Rising Fist from frame 1 to frame 9.
** This attack causes a wall bounce on a counter hit.

Launcher is an odd character that, since most of her attacks are projectiles, it’s really hard to define what is the frame advantage on certain attacks because they depend on so many variables.

That being said, the values on block consider the opponent to be hit during the first frame of her projectiles.


NameCommandNumpad NotationStart UpStartupOn HitMP Cost
Light (Chain)A during Light5AA~-13~-6-1~+7
Crouching LightDown+A2A10*-6-2
Crouching HeavyDown+B2B15*-18~-10~
Mach KickS5S10-3+2
Steep SlideDown+B2S18*-12~0~
WindmillForward + S6S14-8~
Air RaidForward + SS6SS~-29 / +2 (airborne)~
Triple TapBack + S4S15-4~
Jumping LightA (airborne)j.A12~~
Jumping HeavyB (airborne)j.B13~~
G-14 BusterS (airborne)j.S183~~
Suppressive BarrageM5M3+15+2 -10Launch40
Double Barrage*MM5MM30
Triple Barrage*MMM5MMM15
Wild ShotDown + M2M3+15-27Knockdown60
Deadly ApproachForward + M6M3+15+9+1/-11Crumple**60
Death HawkBack + M4M7+62~70
Scud GenocideM (airborne)j.M3+15+5~~30
Double Scud GenocideMM (airborne)j.MM~~~20
Triple Scud GenocideMMM (airborne)j.MMM~~~10
Seventh FlowAwakening SkillAS2+16-40

* The Startup Frames assume the opponent is point black and will be hit during the first frame of the projectile
** This attack can have varying frame data depending on where the target was when hit, but if you hit a grounded enemy, it causes a crumple state

Much like Launcher, many of Ranger’s attacks are projectiles. This is why it can be hard to define what is the frame advantage of certain attacks. The distance between Ranger and the opponent can significantly change how the interaction happens.


NameCommandNumpad NotationStartupOn BlockOn HitMP Cost
Light (Chain)A during Light5AA~-3-4
Crouching LightDown + A2A7-5-5
Crouching HeavyDown + B2B13-20~
Side SlashS5S18-4+1
Cleave: UpperDown + S2S14-12~
Cleave: CutForward + S6S21-9-4
Cleave: SlashBack + S4S20-100
Jumping LightA (airborne)j.A8~~
Jumping HeavyB (airborne)j.B10~~
Impact StrikeS (airborne)j.S25-8~
Inferno ChargeM during Brandish5M~5M~-2+810
Crescent SlashDown + M during Brandhish5M~2M~-14~20
Dread BoreForward + M during Brandhish5M~6M~-12~30
BeheadBack + M during Brandish5M~4M~-10-220
Lunge StrikeDown+M2M3+15-40~60
EarthshatterForward + M6M3+15+2-7~70
DevastateBack + M4M3+15+2-2~50
Doom GlaiveM (airborne)j.M3+15+2+2~90
Demonic InfernoAwakening SkillAS2+16-34

* Striker is invulnerable during Rising Fist from frame 1 to frame 9.


NameCommandNumpad NotationStartupOn BlockOn HitMP Cost
Light (Chain)A during Light5AA~-8-5
Crouching LightDown+A2A8+3+8
Crouching HeavyDown + B2B14-10~
Hammer of RepentanceS5S20-20~
Sacred UpperDown + S2S18-12~
Flash SphereForward + S6S20-6~
Saint CounterBack + S4S5~~
Jumping LightA (airborne)j.A7~~
Jumping HeavyB (airborne)j.B14~~
Hammer of Repentance
(in air)
S (airborne)j.S33-20~
Miracle SplitterM5M3+15+2-1460
HaptismDown + M2M3+15+2-30~70
Deflect WallForward + M6M3+15+2+5~50
Grace of RemidiosBack + M4M3+15+32~~90
RepentanceBack + M during Repentance4M~4M3+15+9-850
Spear of VictoryM (airborne)j.M3+15+2~~50
ApocalypseBack + M during Repentance (airborne)4M~j.M3+15+187~*
AscensionAwakening SkillAS2+16-45

* When under Apocalypse, chances are the opponent will be in block stun for a couple of seconds.

Swift Master

NameCommandNumpad NotationStartupOn BlockOn HitMP Cost
Light (Chain)A during Light5AA~-3-1
Crouching LightDown+A2A6-6-4
Crouching HeavyDown+B2B10-14~
Wind BlasterS5S16-9Launch
Storm StrikeRelease S
after charging
Wind UpperDown+S2S15-2Knockdown
Sweeping WindForward + S6S15-19-7
HeadwindBack + S4S28
Jumping LightA (airborne)j.A7~~
Jumping HeavyB (airborne)j.B9~~
Aerial Wind BlasterS (airborne)j.S16~~
Relentless Biting WindM5M3+15+18+4Knockdown50
Eye of the StormDown+M2M3+15+5-29Knockdown70
Wind Orb*Forward + M6M3+15+1750
Storm QuakerForward + M while Wind Orb is active6M~6M3+12 +73Launch50
Wind TwistBack + M4M3+15+1 +22+2770
Vortex HurricaneBack + M while Wind Orb is active4M~4M3+15+2 +13Launch50
Sonic MoveM (airborne)j.M60+8~+20~
Stormy EliminatorAwakening SkillAS2+16-37~

* Wind Orb is not an attack but a move that sucks enemies toward it. This move allows Swift Master to perform some sort of air dash when around it. This is why it has no frame data on hit or block.


NameCommandNumpad NotationStartupOn BlockOn HitMP Cost
Light (Chain)A during Light5AA~+1+3
Crouching LightDown+A2A9-4-3
Crouching HeavyDown+B2B18-9~
Punishing CrossS5S16-9~
Rising CutDown+S2S20-14~
Cut-in DashForward + S6S25~~
Cut-in BashForward + S
(after Cut-in Dash)
Flege’s EssenceBack + S4S34-7-2
Jumping LightA (airborne)j.A9~~
Jumping HeavyB (airborne)j.B15~~
PunishmentS (airborne)j.S18~~
RaidDown + S (airborne)j.2S21-11~
Fledge’s FirebombM5M3+15+27+37+42
Noble RageDown+M2M3+12-26~
Summary JusticeForward + M6M3+15+5-6~
Burning WheelBack + M4M3+15+22+166~
God’s WrathM (airborne)j.M3+14-3~
Blazing HellAwakening SkillAS2+16-33~

Inquisitor has a move called Incinerate. It is only activated when you throw Fledge’s Essence on your opponent and then hit them with an MP Skill. This makes the opponent take more damage.


NameCommandNumpad NotationStartupOn BlockOn HitMP Cost
Light (Chain)A during Light5AA~-5+2
Crouching LightDown+A2A7-9+1
Crouching HeavyDown+B2B13-12~
Surprise CutS5S15-9-4
Dead LiftDown+S2S12-15~
Agile ManeuverForward + S6S18-8-6
Mighty StrikeBack + S4S22-10~
Jumping LightA (airborne)j.A6~~
Jumping HeavyB (airborne)j.B10~~
Dead SixS (airborne)j.S18~~
Final StrikeM5M3+15+13-4+1450
Bill DrillDown+M2M3+14-28~70
CaracoleForward + M6M3+15+5+2+1570
SweepBack + M4M3+15+3-7~50
Helix DiveM (airborne)j.M3+15+5-3+1450
Shattering Strike*M after an MP Skill when Awakened*X~M*3+15+5-5Launch or Knockdown*10
Dusk WingsAwakening SkillAS2+16-38~

* Shattering Strike can only be used while Hitman is Awakened. It causes a crumple state on grounded enemies and a hard knockdown on airborne ones.

Ghost Blade

NameCommandNumpad NotationStartupOn BlockOn HitMP Cost
Light (Chain)A during Light5AA~-6-4
Crouching LightDown+A2A7-6-4
Crouching HeavyDown+B2B11-8
Ultimate Phantom SlashS5S15-20
Spectral EradicationDown+S2S25-7
Drive Slash*Forward + S6S15-20-13
Drive Slash
(2nd hit)
S during Drive Slash6SS~-13
Drive Slash
(3rd hit)
S during Drive Slash
(2nd hit)
Soul StrikeBack + S4S23-15~
Jumping LightA (airborne)j.A7~
Jumping HeavyB (airborne)j.B10~~
Cross SlashS (airborne)j.S30~~
Ghost: Single StrikeM5M3+15+8-20+1650
Dyad: Soul CrossM during
Ghost: Single Strike
Ghost RetracerDown+M2M3+15+12~40
Ghost: Sky SlashForward + M6M3+15+9+7/+45*~50
Ghost: Phantom WindBack + M4M3+15+9+147~80
Ghost: Targeted HitM (airborne)j.M3+15+27+39/+95*~50
Phantasmal SlayerAwakening SkillAS2+16-36~

* These values are for the first and the second hit of the attack.

Ghost Blade’s Frame Data is a bit hard to use practically when you are the one being attacked by him. Mostly because the ghost and Ghostblade will most likely be attacking you at the same time sometimes.


NameCommandNumpad NotationStartupOn BlockOn HitMana Cost
Light (Chain)A during Light5AA~-7-5
Crouching LightDown+A2A12-70
Crouching HeavyDown+B2B12-8~
Sword BombS5S15-5~
Black CrescentDown+S2S18-5~
G-BombForward + S6S15-11~
Swashbuckler’s RefreshmentBack + S4S45
Jumping LightA (airborne)j.A8~~
Jumping HeavyB (airborne)j.B12~~
Aerial G-BombS (airborne)j.S15~~
Igniting SlashM5M3+15+5-2~20
Igniting Slash (2nd)M after Igniting Slash5M~M~-4~20
Igniting Slash (3rd)M after second Igniting Slash5M~M~M~+1~20
Perfect BattingDown+M2M3+15+3~-2670
Get on FireForward + M6M3+15+13~-1750
Get on Fire (3rd hit)*M during Get on Fire6M~M~-19~60
OppressionBack + M4M3+15+5-23~20
Disastrous QuakeM (airborne)j.M3+15+15~+330
IncredibleAwakening SkillAS-32~~

* Troubleshooter’s Get on Fire hits twice. Pressing M during the attack makes shoot a third time. This third attack is used to deal more damage or because of its even greater range.


NameCommandNumpad NotationStartupOn BlockOn HitMana Cost
Light (Chain)A during Light5AA~-5-1
Crouching LightDown + A2A6-10-7
Crouching HeavyDown + B2B15-12~
Madd, It’s Time to Dance!Down + S2S14-17~
Lantern Firebomb* Forward + S
Destiny PuppetBack + S4S350~
Jumping LightA (airborne)j.A7~
Jumping HeavyB (airborne)j.B12~~
Aerial Lantern FirebombS (airborne, chargeable)j.6S/j.6[S]~j.6]S[15~45~~
Terrible RoarDown + M2M3+15+7-20~40
HarvestForward + M6M3+15+12-12~20
Keep Away!Back + M4M18080
And, Scene!*M while Showtime is active5M~M20
Madd the Guard*Down + M2M30+48~40
Madd Mad Slash*Forward + M6M20+34+3720
Curse of Terror Bear*Back + M4M25+53+5880
Forest of Dolls*Awakening SkillAS2+16-48~

* Showtime! allows you to control Madd and access its MP Skills. And, Scene! ends Showtime! while the others each do something different. While active, Showtime! consumes your MP over time. You can control Madd’s movements with directional inputs while this MP Skill is active, even if you are crouching or holding block.


NameCommandNumpad NotationStartupOn BlockOn HitMana Cost
Light (Chain)A during Light5AA~-3+1
Crouching LightDown+A2A5-9-7
Crouching HeavyDown+B2B11-8~
Flame CutS5S14-10~
Rising CutDown+S2S15-12~
Kunai ThrowForward + S6S15-16-11
Ninpo: Log CloneBack + S4S37
Jumping LightA (airborne)j.A5~~
Jumping HeavyB (airborne)j.B8~~
Kunai Throw (Air)S (airborne)j.S15~~
Fire Art: FireballM5M3+15+8-4~40
Fire Art: FireballHold M5[M]3+15+39/29*+2~35
Heavenly Fire BlastDown + M2M3+15+17-16~60
Nin-Bound Heavenly Fire BlastDown + Hold M2[M]3+15+32/22*-16~60
Flame TornadoForward + M6M3+15+17+120~90
Nin-Bound Flame TornadoForward + Hold M6[M]3+15+47/37*+120~90
Toad Oil BombBack + M4M3+15+18+119~70
Nin-Bound Toad Oil BombBack + Hold M4[M]3+15+50/40*+119~70
Flying Air ShurikenM (airborne)j.M3+15+2~~50
Sword of KusanagiAwakening SkillAS2+16-37~

* Due to how her Awakening Effect works, the Frame Data on Kunoichi moves while she is Awakened.


NameCommandNumpad NotationStartupOn BlockOn HitMana Cost
Light (Chain)A during Light5AA~-6/-4*-4/-1*
Crouching LightDown+A2A6-20
Crouching HeavyDown+B2B16-8/-5*~
Ghost SlashS5S18-13-4
Upward SlashDown+S2S16-17~
Gore CrossForward + S6S15-5+2
Gore Cross: ExpulsionForward + S, then S6S~S~-12~
Mountainous WheelBack + S4S25-7~
Jumping LightA (airborne)j.A8~~
Jumping HeavyB (airborne)j.B12~~
Blood SmashS (airborne)j.S16~~
Ashe ForkDown + S (airborne)j.2S16~~
Blood TwisterM during Frenzy5M~M3+15+5+3~80
Raging FuryDown+M2M3+15+3-40~70
Blood SwordForward + M6M3+15+1+9~50
Blood LustBack + M4M11~50
Outrage BreakM (airborne)j.M3+15+14+4~50
Blood RivenAwakening SkillAS2+16-37~

* Berserker’s Frenzy MP Skill changes the Frame Data of some of his attacks. The second values are the ones for when Frenzy is active.

Dragon Knight

NameCommandNumpad NotationStartupOn BlockOn HitMana Cost
Light (Chain)A during Light5AA~-30
Crouching LightDown+A2A5-8-2
Crouching HeavyDown+B2B13-12~
Lethal Punto*S5S14/36*-8/-2*-3
Shield UppercutDown+S2S13-12~
Sky BreakForward + S6S22-1~
Finish!Back + S4S32-12~
Jumping LightA (airborne)j.A6~~
Jumping HeavyB (airborne)j.B12~~
Knuckle BlasterS (airborne)j.S20~~
Summon AstraM5M3+15+10~50
Dragon SmashDown+M2M3+12-44~60
Dragon Warrior PrincessForward + M6M3+15+7-8~40
Biting DragonBack + M4M3+15+3-24~50
Dragon WingM (airborne)j.M~30
Dragon Force**~A**~~~20
Dragon Breath**~B**~~~30
Dragon Fang**~S**~~~40
Dragon SortieAwakening SkillAS2+16-32~

* Lethal Punto can be charged. Charging this Skill increases its startup frames and decreases the frame disadvantage on block.
** The button you press after using Summon Astra defines what Dragon Knight’s pet dragon will do next.

Lost Warrior

NameCommandNumpad NotationStartupOn BlockOn HitMana Cost
Light (Chain)A during Light5AA~0+5
Crouching LightDown+A2A12-3+4
Crouching HeavyDown+B2B15-6~
Mysterious SlashS5S14-8+2
Resolute CutDown+S2S18-3~
Phase ShiftForward + S6S20-18~
VanishBack + S4S26~
Jumping LightA (airborne)j.A14~~
Jumping HeavyB (airborne)j.B18~~
Mysterious SphereS (airborne)j.S24~~
Vanish CutterM5M3+15+5-2250
Absolute GuardDown+M2M3~~50
Mysterious PierceForward + M6M3+15+17~~60
Vanish StrikeBack + M4M3+15+15~~70
DominateM (airborne)j.M3+15+2~~70
Ancient TriggerAwakening SkillAS2+16-36~

How Frame Data Works

Striker hits crusader 2

Fighting games traditionally run at 60 frames per second. For a long time, animation in these games was keyframed and still is in most games. That means you’d count the time of animation in how many frames it had.

For instance, one can say that a move has 20 frames, which means 1/3 of a second. However, a move with a total of 20 frames might take 5 frames to start, remain active for 5 frames, and then take 10 frames to recover.

It can also change depending on how it connects. Fighting games don’t allow you to move while being attacked. If an enemy’s attack connects to your character, your character will be stunned, even if blocking.

The difference is that blocking makes you recover faster from the attack. To know if your attack allows you to recover faster than your adversary, we use Frame Data.

If you are negative, or at frame disadvantage, after using a move, it means that your opponent recovers faster. If you are positive, or at frame advantage, after a move, you recover faster and can keep going.