Final Fantasy 16 introduces a dynamic combat system that rewards players for their precise timing and strategic decision-making.

One of the key techniques to master in this game is parrying, a maneuver that allows you to deflect enemy attacks and turn the tables on the enemy.

In this guide, we will delve into the mechanics of parrying in Final Fantasy 16 and provide you with valuable tips and tricks to make your parries more consistent and effective.

How Parry Works

Parrying in Final Fantasy 16 revolves around attacking an enemy at the same time as they launch their attack toward you.

Technically speaking, the consistent way to hit a parry is to make the ending of Clive’s attack animation hit the beginning of an enemy’s active frames of attack.

Another way to phrase is to say that the end of clive’s active frame should hit the enemy right when their windup animation ends.

That said, there are ways to make it easier to happen.

Two of the best ways to make sure Clive will parry an opponent is by extending the active frames while making sure you perform a significantly quick attack.

There are two attacks that you can count on to make parrying easier. One is the sliding lunge you can perform by pressing the jump and the attack button at the same time.

This attack will make Clive move forward and immediately hit the opponent.

The other attack is the charged sword strike. The one in which Clive lights up his sword on fire while you hold the attack button.

Release the button when the enemy is about to attack, and you will significantly increase your chances of getting a successful parry.

Although these tips make parrying less difficult and more consistent, it doesn’t mean it will be easy.

You still need precise timing to pull off this powerful mechanic. However, not all attacks in the game can be parried, especially those with wide areas of effect or utilized by bosses.

That said, there are Eikon moves that allow you to dodge, block, and counter even spell attacks from bosses.

Although they can stop those attacks, each of these Eikon abilities works on its own and does not count as an actual parry in Final Fantasy XVI.

Nevertheless, learning to parry effectively and using Eikon’s defensive abilities can be the key to overcoming even the most challenging foes.

The Power of a Successful Parry

When you successfully parry an attack in Final Fantasy 16, time slows down, granting you a golden opportunity to launch a counter-attack without retaliation.

Not only that, stagger damage is heavily increased, making it the perfect moment for you to use the abilities that will bring your opponent closer to a stunned state.

Parrying also gives you a safe window to use any abilities that take a while to charge up, and the parry animation itself is more than enough time to charge your sword and hit the enemy with a flaming strike.

This ability becomes particularly valuable when facing enemies with longer cooldown abilities or when you aim to deal extra damage. It is a skill that can significantly enhance your combat prowess.

However, as you’d expect, all this power doesn’t come for free. Parryin isn’t easy. Not only that, this is a very risky thing to pull off.

Weaving Defense into Offense

Parrying in Final Fantasy 16 goes beyond a simple defensive maneuver.

It allows you to intertwine defensive abilities like dodging and parrying into your offensive combos, creating a seamless and fluid combat experience.

By knowing when to halt your offensive string and incorporate defensive moves, you can maximize your efficiency in battle.

Make sure to have a balanced set of Eikon Skills. Some should be meant to bring your opponent into a Stagger state. The others should be used to deplete it’s life bar once you stun the enemy.

If you ever feel the need, bring a defensive ability and an area-of-effect one as well. Defensive abilities are often good for either damage or stunning the opponent, so decide which works better for you.

Utilizing Abilities to Set Up Parries

In Final Fantasy 16, certain abilities can serve as catalysts for setting up successful parries.

Iconic traits, such as Garuda’s Deadly Lift and Phoenix Shift, can be strategically employed to create opportunities for parrying amid your offensive onslaught.

Sometimes enemies can take specific actions after you use certain abilities, but that’s not the best way to set up parries.

The best one is to recognize the enemy’s next attack and use the Eikon ability that will kill enough time for you to mindlessly land a charge attack that can successfully parry the opponent’s next move.

That said, this is not easy to do and you will need to know the monster you’re fighting very well.

Developing Aerial Parrying Skills

Unlike some other games, Final Fantasy 16 allows players to execute parries while in mid-air. This opens up new possibilities and adds depth to combat strategies.

It is crucial to familiarize yourself with the game’s aerial mechanics to master aerial parrying. 

You must become comfortable with dodging and executing combos while airborne. That will also make you more comfortable to time your aerial attacks in a way you can successfully parry while mid-air.

Aerial parries can be especially advantageous against certain enemies and contribute to your overall combat prowess.

Using your charged sword strike also works.


Parrying is a vital technique in Final Fantasy 16, demanding precise timing and strategic decision-making.

By mastering the art of parrying, you can turn defensive maneuvers into offensive opportunities, gaining the upper hand in challenging encounters.

For instance, this mechanic will prove very useful if you ever decide to face the most challenging Notorious Marks in Valisthea.

We have explored the mechanics of parrying, provided insights into utilizing abilities, and emphasized the importance of weaving defense into your offensive strategies.

Embrace the art of parrying in Final Fantasy 16, and let it elevate your combat skills to new heights.

Remember, practice makes perfect, and with perseverance and dedication, you will become a parrying master in Final Fantasy 16.

So go forth, face your adversaries, and unleash your well-timed parries with precision and confidence.