Final Fantasy 16 is an action-focused game, but it doesn’t completely shy away from its RPG roots.

The game features a level system that can be exploited, albeit to a small extent, to enhance your gaming experience and make it smoother.

However, grinding for experience can become a bit tiresome, and some methods are more effective than others.

Optimal Experience Points Farming

Certain activities will yield more experience than others.

If you engage in these activities while equipped with the right items, you can obtain a significant amount of experience that would otherwise take much longer to acquire.


Participating in hunts is an excellent way to earn substantial XP rewards. I’m not referring to simply slaying random wild creatures, but rather targeting the stronger creatures listed on the Hunt Boards.

Seek out hunt board quests and complete them to boost your experience gain. By taking on challenging hunts, you can accumulate experience points while engaging in thrilling battles.

These monsters may be unique at times, but more often they are stronger versions of enemies you have encountered before. Either way, they grant more experience than your average wild monsters.

Accessory Bonuses

Equipping XP-boosting accessories like Wages of Warcraft, Fortune, or the Heavens can provide a significant advantage.

These accessories offer a 15% XP boost, amplifying your leveling progress. Additionally, consider using Scholar’s Spectacles, which grant an extra 10% boost and are available as a pre-order bonus.

Explore the World

Hunting enemies and completing errands is another method to earn experience.

If there are no specific creatures to hunt, your next best option is to locate the largest hostile creatures and help those in need throughout the world of FF16.

Side Quests

Be sure to tackle side quests as they often offer significant XP rewards.

They also contribute to the game’s world-building by providing additional details about the various cultures within it.

Exploring the game world and interacting with NPCs will lead you to various side quests, many of which can be discovered at the first hideout. You can also check the world map for green icons over each location, indicating the presence of a side quest or an unfinished one.

Fight Big Enemies

Keep an eye out for mini-bosses and powerful enemies scattered throughout the open world. Engaging and defeating them can yield a decent amount of XP.

These challenging encounters not only provide experience points but also offer thrilling battles for adventurers seeking a challenge.

Speaking of challenges, if you are concerned about gaining experience and becoming stronger in the game, make sure to defeat all Wind Elementals before the Garuda fight that follows the boss battle against Benedikta.

Defeating Wind Elementals not only rewards you with valuable crafting items but also provides a substantial amount of XP.

These encounters are particularly beneficial in the early stages of the game, allowing you to gather experience points while obtaining unique materials essential for crafting decent weapons and armor.

Optimize Your Experience Farming

Setting up your accessories efficiently is a good way to ensure you get the most out of each battle.

For players aiming for a focused leveling session, make sure to equip XP-boosting accessories such as Wages of Warcraft, Fortune, or the Heavens to maximize your experience gain during the farming process.

If you have the FF16 pre-order bonus, it’s also a good idea to equip the Scholar’s Spectacles.

Accumulating Hunt Board Quests before starting your XP farming session can be a smart move.

This, combined with the effective use of the fast travel system, will prevent you from spending too much time traveling across open fields and forests where most hunts take place.

Taking this proactive approach helps you make the most of your time and efforts, maximizing the experience gained during your focused leveling session.

By implementing these strategies and optimizing your approach to leveling up in Final Fantasy 16, you’ll be able to progress efficiently through the game’s story.

With increased character strength, battles and item crafting will become easier, providing more gil and a greater supply of materials for better weapons and armor.