Gil is Final Fantasy 16’s main currency. You use it to craft new gear, reinforce weapons, and purchase items such as potions and elixirs.

You might need gil for many reasons depending on the game mode you choose. However, accumulating a large amount of it can be challenging at times.

Don’t worry, though. With the right strategies and a keen eye for opportunities, you can make it work no matter how long you’ve played.

In this guide, we will explore the various methods and tips on how to farm gil in Final Fantasy 16.

Sell Items and Materials

Unlike some of the previous Final Fantasy titles, battles alone do not yield substantial gil rewards in FF16. Instead, commerce becomes the primary means of accumulating wealth.

Rather than relying solely on the gil obtained from battles, focus on looting valuable materials and items during combat.

Selling these loot items can yield greater amounts of gil than the battles themselves. So, prioritize collecting loot and remember to sell them for a significant boost in your gil balance.

This is especially easy to achieve when you’re already hunting large creatures for experience.

Some enemies will drop items that you can sell for some extra gil, especially if you are not making use of them.

Uncommon items like Briar Clam Shells and Dragon Fangs are worth a decent amount of gil. The same goes for potions.

However, the best way to gather Gil by selling items is to get your hands on valuable items. Check the following table:

Valuable ItemSell ValueWhere to Get it
Gil Bug200 gilCan be found in chests and is often given as a reward for completing quests
Black Blood400 gilDropped by enemies and is often given as a reward for completing quests
Goblin Coin800 gilCan be found in chests and is often given as a reward for completing quests
Empty Shard1600 gilGet as a “A Swelling Chorus” donation at the Patron’s Whisper after accumulating 135 Renown
Amber3200 gilFinish the Ruin Reawakened (Svarog) Hunt
Fallen Enigma5000 gilFinish the Ruin Reawakened (Svarog) Hunt

As you progress through early stages of FF16, you’ll frequently acquire new gear and weapons, rendering your older ones obsolete.

If you’re all about maximizing your gil, embrace a mindset of detachment and sell the items you no longer need.

Keeping these items in your inventory might be tempting, but selling them instead will provide you with a quick injection of gil without the need for extensive farming.

Although selling items is lucrative, be careful not to sell everything, especially unusual or rare items.

You might need them to craft better gear which can make a huge difference in your HP, defense, and damage output.

This is especially true if you plan on playing the Final Fantasy mode of FF16, which is its hard mode New Game+.

Complete Side Quests

Similar to how you quickly level up in FF16, engaging in side quests presents a great opportunity to earn gil.

While not every quest rewards gil, many offer generous gil payouts early in the game.

Additionally, side quests often reward you with sellable items, further increasing your gil balance.

On top of all that, increasing your renown will allow you to receive donations in the second hideaway. These donations, which include uncommon items, can be sold for more gil.

Explore the World

Though FF16 is not an open-world game, it features several large areas and dungeons that beg to be explored.

Some are so large you might spend a significant amount of time walking if you don’t have a chocobo.

Sometimes, these areas will only have two places for you to see that are easily overlooked.

Although most of these explorable areas will not contain much to be found, you will often stumble across craft materials and valuable items. From time to time, you can also find a better weapon or a rare accessory.

Take the time to thoroughly explore each location you encounter. Treasure chests, items on the ground, and other hidden surprises are scattered worldwide.

While doing that, you will often have to fight enemies, which only helps you level up and earn more gil anyway.

While enemy encounters might not be the most optimal way to earn gil, the items you discover can be sold for a tidy profit.

Enhancing Your Gil Earnings

Certain items in FF16 can significantly boost the amount of gil you earn. Some are better than others, and some are easier to find than others.

Keep an eye out for these key items and utilize them to maximize your income:

Cait Sith Charm

This is a pre-order accessory that increases the gil earned by 25%. If you have access to it, equip it whenever you engage in gil farming activities.

The Golden Testament

This item is even better than the Cait Sith Charm. It increases the amount of gil you earn by 35%.

This item can be purchased from Charon’s Toll for 5000 gil, but it can only be found there after the “Cid the Outlaw” main quest.