Ango Natsume is the arrogant and prideful monarch of the Sendai Jail. He manipulates people into thinking that he is a great author and produces his own cult of followers.

With such an arrogant personality, the Phantom Thieves got curious and investigated his rise to fame and Agno Natsume will end up being the second boss in the game.

This guide will teach you how to beat Ango Natsume in Persona 5 Strikers.

Sendai Jail – Ango Natsume Monarch

Compared to the Shibuya Jail, the Sendai Jail has more variety in affinities and requires more diversity with Joker’s Persona and your party composition. Seeing as all jails have their own unique personal attachment to each of the Persona 5 characters, Sendai Jail is connected to Yusuke. He is one of the strongest characters in the game and he is also the best person to bring in Sendai Jail.

If ever you get lost inside the jail, you can remember a few of these tricks.

  • Find interactable objects or jump or dash onto.
  • Use double-jumps and find if there are any platforms you can climb on.
  • Use your Third Eye ability to easily find some of these interactable objects and follow which path is nearest to the objective marker.

You can learn more about useful tips and tricks for exploring in our beginner guide.

Once you make your way to the end and sent the calling card, you will fight Ango Natsume who transforms into a golden dragon.

Ango Natsume Weaknesses

Ango Natsume Weaknesses

Ango Natsume is strong against multiple elements and Makoto, Ryuji, Joker’s Arsene, Ann, and Morgana are all weak or completely nullified. You can still bring at least one of them as long as you are bringing Yusuke or Sophia. The best strategy is to always stagger the boss or make him flinch with your elemental attacks that the boss is weak to.

The best possible party composition for this fight would probably be Joker (Jack o Frost Persona), Yusuke, Sophia, and Haru. All of these characters will deal increased damage except for Haru but she can come in as a healer for your party anyway.

Bless damage and Ice damage are the best elements to use for the fight and if you have unlocked the second tier of elemental spells that costs 14 SP, each cast will stagger the boss and open up follow-up attacks every time. As mentioned in our beginner guide, you should be loaded up with SP recovery items, and spamming elemental weaknesses and refreshing SP is the fastest way to bring this boss down.

Tips and Tricks for the Fight

Ango Natsume All Out Attack

As much as possible, use the surrounding crystals or even the monuments to escape his special attacks quicker. These special attacks are easily seen above his head in a bubble. If you use the crystals, this can stop his spells and you can unload more attacks.

Do not worry about the normal swipes and attacks. If you can dodge them, it would be great but it is alright to get hit every now and then. Focus on dealing as much damage as possible in the short windows you have on damaging the boss before he casts anything.

Like mentioned before, spam the elemental spells such as Kouha, Kouga, Bufu, and Bufula as much as possible. Keep staggering the boss and mix in a few follow-up attacks in-between. Use as much SP as you can and refresh with your consumable items.

Ango Natsume Defeated

Alternate between your characters especially when you are bringing characters such as Sophia and Yusuke. You can bring up your Showtime gauge faster and just keep spamming your elemental spells. You do not have to go through Yusuke’s whole SP meter before switching and you can be more efficient if you can activate more Showtimes during the fight. It can help save more SP recovery items for other boss fights.


The boss is as easy as Alice Hiiragi and with the boss having 2 weaknesses, this should be over very quickly with your team at max strength upon entering the fight. A fun fact about Ango Natsume is that he is known for plagiarizing works and his weakness is the same as the Dragon-type in Pokemon. The Persona series has been known to include fun pop culture references in their games.