This build order allows you to launch a swift attack on your opponent during the Feudal Age.

As a result, you will disrupt their economy and potentially slow them down from advancing to the Castle Age

However, this tactic requires skilful execution and quick thinking. We’ll walk you through how to Feudal Scout Rush in Age of Empires 2 in this article.

Build Order

  • 3 villagers build 2 houses and then go to sheep
  • 3 villagers to sheep
  • 1 villager builds a lumber camp and then goes to wood
  • 2 villagers to wood
  • 1 villager builds a house near the boar and lures the boar to TC
  • 1 villager to the boar, along with the one that lured it
  • 1 villager builds mill and goes to berries
  • 2 villagers to berries
  • 1 villager builds a house next to the second boar and also lures it
  • 1 villager to berries
  • 5 villagers to boar and/or sheep
  • Research loom
  • 5 villagers from sheep to the woodline
  • 1 villager from wood builds a barrack close to woodline
  • Advance to the Feudal Age
  • Build a stable
  • Produce scouts

You can use your scouts to harass your opponent as soon as the first one pops out.

This build works very well on open maps. It allows you to quickly attack your opponent and potentially ruin their economy by killing off a few of their villagers. 

However, this is not an advanced build. It is a bit gimmicky and has dire consequences if you don’t manage to pull it off. That’s usually how most rushes go at lower ranks, though.

This build is very capable of distracting and slowing down your opponent. This might not guarantee a win, but it can ensure you will start ahead if you are successful at harassing the enemy villagers.

Microing is very important when using scouts to fight your battles. Also, make sure you’re not neglecting your economy when going for the rush.


Spearmen can obliterate this build.

However, scouts are fast and can be a pain to deal with, even if you have the right units to fight them.

Instead of chasing after the scouts, keep them near your villagers to protect them. This might work better than microing every interaction between your units and the enemy’s scouts.

Drushing is a very good option to deal with a scout rush, and it is also one of the many things you should learn in AoE2. Practice it so you can put it into use when your scout reveals the enemy is trying to cheese you with this build.