Black Ops Cold War Zombies has received a major upgrade this year and is already being touted as the best in the franchise history.

Though die-hard fans of CoD Zombies find reasons to pick it apart, the game mode offers players a completely new experience integrating several new features like custom loadouts at the start of a game, a new slew of field upgrades, all-new mystery box weapons, dark aether gameplay and a crafting table that allows you to make a whole host of secondary weapons that supplement your combat.

There are several Tactical, Lethal and Support items you can craft on the table and each suits a style of game play and helps you navigate thorugh some sticky situations you might encounter. If you are paying with a squad, you might want to decide roles beforehand to try and decide which items each player will craft.

This guide will explain the roles and abilities of what we think are the best craftables in CoD Cold War Zombies and how they will help you in different situations and stages in your zombie gameplay.


crafting table cold war zombies 6

With Zombie kills, you earn salvage. All upgrades on the crafting table are bought with salvage points that you collect after killing zombies. They can be seen on the ground as green, highlighted scraps that you collect on the go (you auto collect these). Gather a sizable amount to then buy the best items and unleash hell upon the undead.

Best Tactical Items on Crafting Table


crafting table cold war zombies 5

During a Zombie run, we all hit a point where a health revive is compulsory. As the levels progress, the waves get larger and the damage you take increases as a consequence. A stimshot is a great option to boost your health when your screen is bloody and glowing red.

This addition comes in handy when the big boss zombies come into play. They tend to cause heavy damage and their introduction often draws your attention leaving your open for damage from the minions that swarm.

The stimshot costs a measly 100 salvage to make and keep a few handy in one slot with the other open for more offensive attachments is a great idea and is a good build when combined with a top primary weapon and offensive field upgrades.

Stun Grenade

crafting table cold war zombies 10

This addition is a zombie deterrent. When thrown it causes disorientation to nearby zombies at a certain radius. This means that it gives you time to reload or regroup before you unleash a flurry of bullets at the dazed undead.

In Cold War Zombies, the stun grenade costs 250 salvage which is much cheaper than the Cymbal Monkeys which costs 1000 salvage. The Cymbal Monkey attracts a horde but the stun Grenade disorients them, serving the same base function – to stop a wave in its tracks. At one-fourth the price, it is a real bargain and an efficient weapon for team members who are looking to head inside and work on entering the Dark Aether and gathering parts for the Pack-A-Punch (which is compulsory for survival in the later rounds).

Best Lethal Items on Crafting Table


crafting table cold war zombies 8

Hands-down the best throwable weapon in the game. Single-shot zombies from range and you can just pick it back up and use it again. It is a cool way to start off an assault in a zombie horde and often comes in handy when you are caught reloading. A melee attack is not reliable from round three onwards as you need too many hits to kill a zombie. But the tomahawk is a great addition to your arsenal for rounds 3-6 where you try and storm through defenses and get the power back on.

Though there are better options for later rounds, the tomahawk is a reliable companion early on. It can tactically influence the way you play by enabling you to pick off the fastest in a horde. It costs just 100 salvage and can be swapped for a more lethal craftable in later rounds.

Frag Grenade

crafting table cold war zombies 3

A CoD Zombie classic, this explosive addition will take out 5-6 zombies easily. You can store 4 frag grenades at a time and unleash them in the closed quarters of the Die Maschine map’s inner chambers. Zombies tend to swarm you easily here and leaving behind a couple of frags or throwing them in the midst of a huge pile-up ensures you crazy kills. It also drains the life of the zombies just out of range, making them easier to pick off with your primary. The Frag Grenade costs 250 Salvage to craft.


crafting table cold war zombies 9

We prefer the Molotov over the C4. Firstly, killing zombies by fire is extremely satisfying. And secondly, the Molotov is supremely effective. Even though the C4 has a detonate feature that you can use to explode at the right time, it is satisfying to throw down a Molotov and farm zombies through it. The dumb undead follows+ you into their death.

The Molotov also has a large burn radius and kills 10-15 zombies when placed correctly. Fire is very effective as a zombie deterrent in this game. Coupled with the Ring of Fire Field Upgrade – you could become a raging zombie scorcher. The Molotov costs 500 Salvage and is definitely a worthy offensive tool.

Best Support Items on Crafting Table

Combat Bow

crafting table cold war zombies 1

The P4P champion of the craftables, the combat bow costs just 50 salvage but can be a lethal weapon in the right hands. Exploding on impact, there is no limit to how many zombies the bow can kill.

With 4 flaming arrows in your quiver, you can use it at the right moments to reduce hordes and make the job easier. The arrows explode on impact and cause a lot of damage. Expert tip: Do not aim the arrows at the zombies but the ground below. This will cause a wider damage radius taking out more enemies.

Sentry Turret

crafting table cold war zombies 2

Unleash a huge Gatling gun that can neutralize multiple hordes. Possibly the most lethal addition other than the Chopper Gunner (Air Support). This can wipe out zombies in a 90-degree radius for a minute and can be an excellent strategic tool too.

Place it in corners where it has a maximum view of the zombies. From here, it can unload a flurry of bullets and take down 30-50 zombies if placed right. The turret costs only 100 salvage points and is extremely underpriced. Its efficiency could be nerfed but for now, it remains extremely deadly for its price.

Chopper Gunner

crafting table cold war zombies 7

Take control of a Gatling gun in a chopper and rain down hell on zombies below. For just 250 salvage, you can instantly be teleported to a chopper, avoiding damage and also killing off giant hordes of zombies. This lasts for a short duration but is incredibly effective if you can aim quickly.

This ability can only rescue you in the open areas of the map though and is a great tool for farming Z essence. This makes it easy to unlock mystery boxes and try to upgrade your primary weapon. Also, it is the best get out of jail card in the game. When cornered and helpless, you can chopper in support!

Also, the chopper can get a tremendous number of kills when the zombies are grouped together. So run around a few times in the crash site and then you can run to an open space and call for the chopper gunner.