In Call of Duty: Cold War, gamers are looking forward to a highly improved Zombie game mode. The game mode has its own dedicated fanbase and with every new COD game, the popularity of killing zombies en masse increases.

In COD Cold War, Field Upgrades in Zombies have undergone a major revamp. In a bid to link multiplayer and Zombie game modes, the creators of COD Cold War have taken steps to integrate common weapon load-outs and classes. But, the Field Upgrades in Black Ops: Cold War Zombies will be completely different from those found in Multiplayer this year.

There are five new field upgrades for Black Ops: Cold War Zombies. We will analyze the role of each and rank them based on how effective they will be in ensuring you and your squad the best success against the brain-hungry zombies in COD cold war.

List of COD Cold War Zombies Field Upgrades:

  • Frost Blast
  • Healing Aura
  • Energy Mine
  • Ring of Fire
  • Aether Shroud

Best Field Upgrades in CoD Cold War Zombies Ranked

Ring Of Fire (Offensive Field Upgrade)

This field ability allows the player who uses it to form a fiery beacon. When the player and teammates enter this ring, it adds damage to their bullets. It lasts 15 seconds and can be effective in a variety of situations. It also deals heavy fire damage to zombies who enter the area of the fire beacon cast.

When the squad is cornered, when a teammate is struggling, when there is a fresh wave of zombies that needs to be dealt with or enforce a victory – this ability is versatile and awesome.

It is very strategic in its application too, allowing for a quick team regroup. It provides the members a chance to head to a common point (the teammate with the ring of fire field upgrade) and take the game from there.


Using Aetherium Crystals that you collect during the game (exclusive to Cold War Zombies) you can upgrade your selected field upgrade.

Level 1: Double the damage dealt to zombies within the area Field Upgrade

Level 2: Block Zombie projectiles from special zombies and boss zombies.

Level 3: Ammo taken from Stock instead of the current magazine (you do not need to reload, so spray away)

Energy Mine (Offensive Field Upgrade)

This field upgrade is possibly the most damaging of the lot. It allows you to quickly launch an explosive charge to the group that detonates and zaps nearby zombies. The purple energy pulse can be shot into the ground before a horde of zombies and it will detonate in 4 seconds, killing all in the vicinity.

mine cod cold war zombies

This will be an excellent tool to displace nearby opponents and buy you some room to heal, regroup, or approach a better vantage point to take down some blood-hungry monsters.

mine 2 cod zombies

It can also be used strategically. Run into an enclosed room with multiple exits and plant this behind you and charge out. The enclosed space will capture multiple targets, giving you a massive amount of kills.

Dealing heavy damage, this field upgrade will allow you to add to killstreaks, farm more kills.


Using Aetherium Crystals that you collect during the game (exclusive to Cold War Zombies) you can upgrade your selected field upgrade.

Level 1: Increase max Charges to 2 during the game

Level 2: Double size of the blast

Level 3: Double Detonate Single Charge

Healing Aura (Defensive Field Upgrade)

Healing Aura (Defensive Field Upgrade)

This Field Upgrade in Black Ops: Cold War Zombies allows you to be the healer of your squad. You can summon green beams that heal you and your teammates and you are when in contact with the beam.

Every effective squad needs a healer build. Especially in a game mode like Cold War Zombies, you need to ensure that you replenish health at regular intervals. There are waves of zombie hoards that attack you and you need to regroup and heal in order to survive.

You can also use the heal before a boss attack. There are boss zombies in COD Cold War Zombies. They fire projectiles (barbed wire and bullets) which can cause damage from range. Having full health before they arrive will help you defeat them easily.


Using Aetherium Crystals that you collect during the game (exclusive to Cold War Zombies) you can upgrade your selected field upgrade.

Level 1: Gain regen buff for entire squad that lasts 10 seconds (invincibility and increased damage)

Level 2: Beams knock down zombies and stun boss and special zombies (megatons and bosses)

Level 3: Revive killed or downed allies

Frost Blast (Offensive Field Upgrade)

This allows you to launch a blue, icy wind that forms a ring on the ground. When the zombies enter this ring, they are immediately frozen in place and they take heavier damage too.

This ability also does damage to the zombies that are caught in the blast radius. This makes it a highly effective tool to clear corners or hold one size while you take out zombies on the other side.

This can be used in tandem with a heavy RPG weapon or Claymores to effectively wipe out a large number of zombies. The only reason this ability ranks fourth is that it is a defensive tool that serves an inoffensive function. It does a variety of functions but not one function well. It slows down opponents but doesn’t kill them. Also, it has to be timed well to be effective, which might be tough to do for beginners.


Using Aetherium Crystals that you collect during the game (exclusive to Cold War Zombies) you can upgrade your selected field upgrade.

Level 1: Blast lasts +3 seconds

Level 2: Two charges available to deploy in quick succession

Level 3: Double size (radius) of the blast

Aether Shroud (Defensive Field Upgrade)

What do you really want to do during a zombie attack? Become invisible right? The Aether Blast Field Upgrade allows you to do that in COD Cold War Zombies. This is similar to the Zombie Blood ability from previous iterations.

cod cold war aetehr

When you are surrounded, a quick aether shroud can give you the tactical advantage which allows you to circle behind and rain down fire. This can be used in a variety of situations but it’s most common usage will be to get out of trouble.

The reason it is ranked last is that, firstly, not much is known about this ability. Secondly, it does not cause much damage on its own. It is a temporary blanket to escape a mass attack. But you still have to deal with the zombie hoard when the invisibility weapons off. It does not do any damage of its own and is just a get out of jail card for emergencies. But, with a skilled team, it can be a fun ability to use too.

Also, it lasts for a very short duration and cannot give you a massive advantage like some of the other field upgrades on this list do.


Using Aetherium Crystals that you collect during the game (exclusive to Cold War Zombies) you can upgrade your selected field upgrade.

Level 1: Insta reload ammo for current weapon

Level 2: +1 seconds of dark aether (invisibility)

Level 3: Warp forwards a small distance to get away from danger.

How to Charge the Abilities?

CoD COld War Zombie Field Upgrades can be charged by getting kills. Some abilities charge faster than others. According to Treyarch, Healing Aura can heal people across the map, even out of visual range, but requires “double the kills to charge than an offensive-based Field Upgrade, such as Energy Mine.”

You get to choose your field upgrades in the match lobby. Here you and your team can each choose one ability. This requires communication to determine who will use which upgrade. A good mix of upgrades with the right players will ensure that your team maintains good offensive and defensive balance and help you kill hordes of blood-hungry zombies.