How to Unlock the Zombie Coffin Dance Easter Egg in Call of Duty Cold War Zombies

The zombie coffin dance Easter egg is just one of many Easter eggs you can find in Cold War Zombies. This is also one of the easiest ones as long as you know all the locations as they are all fixed locations and not randomized for every game.

This can give your whole team a boost on items and this is more of a fun little secret than a mandatory one to help you in the game. This guide will show you how to unlock the zombie coffin dance Easter egg in the Call of Duty Cold War version of Zombies.

Unlocking Pack-A-Punch

The first step in unlocking the zombie coffin dance easter egg is to restore power to the facility and restore the Pack-A-Punch machine while you are at it. It takes a lot of rounds to build up enough points to open all the obstacles going to the Pack-A-Punch machine.

You will enter the facility under the bunker and open the last door inside the facility to restore power to the area. Once you reach this part of the game, you will need to go to the Dark Aether by entering the anomaly.

After entering the Dark Aether, you will look for the missing part that would restore the Pack-A-Punch machine. It is usually located inside the facility inside the small room near the Speed Cola vending machine. You can take the teleporter near the 2nd open area and it will lead you straight to that location. Although it costs points, it is the fastest way to go there.

Once you teleport back and exit the Dark Aether realm, you can go back to the Pack-A-Punch machine in the bunker and it will be unlocked. What you will be looking for after this is the 5 hidden blue orbs that you need to shoot.

Finding the 5 Hidden Blue Orbs Easter Egg

Once you are in the facility with the power restored and the Pack-A-Punch as well, you will go for the 5 hidden blue orbs which are all conveniently located in the same area. There is no certain order you need to follow as long as you get all the blue orbs. The location of all the blue orbs is all the same in every single game so it would be easy to repeat for your future runs.

Orb 1

The first blue orb is located in between two terminals near the corner of the facility. Probably one of the toughest spots to find because of all the zombies running at you. Be careful taking too long since you might get pinned by multiple zombies and you might not be able to make it out.

Orb 2

The next blue orb is hidden inside an open window where you cannot jump over. Another tough cookie to spot. This is located below the Pack-A-Punch machine. You need to go down the stairs and this window is literally under the staircase. Zombies can also spawn here to beware. Just go to the rightmost corner of the window so you can see it as it is not visible at any other angle.

Orb 3

The 3rd blue orb is probably the easiest one to spot but sometimes players overlook this one as it looks like a ceiling light. It is just above the facility in the corner and you will need any weapon that can hit it from that distance. Popular shotgun builds will not be able to hit this one.

Orb 4

The fourth blue orb is hidden below another staircase next to the engines. Just climb above the boxes near the engine to get an angle at it. It is located also below but not directly near the Pack-A-Punch machine. It is nearer to the exit staircase.

Orb 5

The fifth and last blue orb is near the first blue orb. This is directly under the room where you turn on the power in the facility. Go outside that room and head directly below it. You need to crouch under the metal wall plating and find the last hidden blue orb.

Zombie Coffin Dance Easter Egg Rewards

Once you get all the blue orbs, your whole team will teleport back to the Dark Aether world and you will all spawn near the Pack-A-Punch machine where you can see a ton of zombies dancing.

They are all immune and you are just going to enjoy the show. Once the zombies stop doing the coffin dance, they will drop the crate that they are carrying where your team can open it.

These items are quite random and sometimes can be powerful even. You can get common items like armor plates and scraps but you can also get ammo mods and high rarity weapons that you would normally find inside mystery boxes in the later stages.


This is a fun little Easter egg in Black Ops Cold War Zombies and there are many others that help you even more in the game. This is probably the easiest one as you can easily get a boost from acquired items from the crate. You can even get your loadout or gear set up until you unlock Wonder weapons as long as you have good perks. It saves a lot of points especially if you are the one who was able to get the weapon in the free loot crate the zombies give.