This year, Black Ops: Cold War Zombies has received a massive upgrade. With an all-new Field Upgrades system in place, gamers across the world are curious about one very important detail – where to find the mystery box. Die Maschine will be the most famous map in Cold War Zombies. It received it’s own cinematic intro trailer and will be the forefront location of the zombie invasion that you will help control.

Finding the mystery box in Black Ops: Cold War Zombies will be crucial to survival and victory. As the hordes become larger, your skills will be tested. With your back to the wall, there is nothing better than an extremely powerful weapon that can wipe out the mindless monsters quickly. They can be purchased at the mystery box using the money you get killing zombies.

You get +90 Zombie Essence for normal Zombie Elimination, +115 for Zombie Critical Kill, and +115 for Zombie Melee Kill. Each time you open the mystery box, it costs you +950 Essence. This will give you high tier weapons with great attachments and damage upgrades, allowing you to plow through hordes of zombies.

Each time you want to open the mystery box, it costs 950 Zombie Essence Tokens. It gives you a randomly generated weapon and if you are lucky, you could end up with an absolute destroyer. Now, to find the mystery box, these are the steps to follow.

1. Open the Green Door in the Yard

die maschine mystery box 1

Once you are deployed from the Helicopter into the yard, take out the first wave of zombies who will appear from the left. There will be around 10-15 zombies here and you can make short work of this. Killing the zombies also allows you to earn the Essence Tokens required to unlock this door.

The cost to unlock the door is 500 Zombie Essence. Opening this door will give you access to a spray-painted room called the Omega Outpost.

cold war mystery box 2

2. Blast the Rubble Blocking the Stairs

cold war zombies staris

Inside the Omega Outpost, you will find a few upgrades too. On the wall, you can get the CoD Zombie Mode Classic 1911 Pistol. This costs 750 Zombie Essence Tokens and is a great option for the Zombie mode faithful who want an authentic Zombie experience.

cold war mystery box 3

You can also find an Ammo Cache here to the left. This can be unlocked with 250 Zombie Essence. It replenishes the ammo of your primary and secondary weapon.

After you kill the zombies that will emerge from the far right corner of the room, move up the stairs to find the blocked pathway. Here you will have to blow up the rubble using an explosive which costs 750 Zombie Essence Tokens. After this, you have access to the bedroom.

3. Burst Through the Bedroom Wall

cold war 7 bedroom

Once you reach the bedroom level, you will have to fight off a much larger wave of zombies that attack from multiple directions. On this level, you have to kill about 25-30 zombies.

You also have the option to purchase the MP5 on this level which costs 1250 Zombie Essence Tokens. After the wave is over (check the stairs first), you can head over to the far left corner of the room to find another obstruction.

cold war mystery box 5

You can blast this wall with an explosive and this will cost you 1000 Zombie essence Tokens. Break free into the crash site, which is the best location on this map shoot some zombies.

4. Crash Site Mystery Box Location

cold war zombies crash site box location

At the crash site, you will find a big plane split into three and another smaller plane next to it with one of the wings embedded into the earth at a steep angle. Head into the clearing.

Head past the small plane into the gap between the tail and the body of the bigger plane. Here, on the left, you will find a long box propped on a desk. This is the location of the first mystery box and the crash site is where you can exchange your current loadout for amazing upgraded, powerful weapons.

mystery box cold war

You can access this box if you have 950 Essence token and your old buys will still be available on the ground if you decide to try out your luck more than once. Players with a lot of essence tokens can try out the box 4-5 times before you find the optimal gun.

Additional Tips

Rush to the crash site. Do not linger in the outpost or the bedroom as they are closed areas where zombies can swarm you easily. The crash site is an excellent place to farm some Zombie Essence and upgrade your weapons.

Here, you can also find a few vantage points and places to run and take cover when you reload your primary. This is the best place to take a breather before you head-on into the facility to try and turn the power back on, which is crucial to earning a victory.