The types of offensive plays you run are as important as the players running them.

Choosing the right play at the right time can be the difference between winning and losing. As you discover new plays and get more familiar with them, you’ll be able to execute everything to perfection and keep your opponent on the back foot the entire game.

To do this, you need to have the right offensive playbook that plays to your strengths both as a player and as a team.

Here are some of the best offensive playbooks in Madden 22!

Choosing the best offensive playbook for your team

It’s hard to choose a single best offensive playbook in Madden 22.

The stock playbooks that you’ll find when you play with different teams are all tailored to that team’s specific skills and personnel. If a team has a strong-armed quarterback and quick receivers (Kansas City Chiefs, for example), you’ll find a lot of passing plays in their book.

Conversely, if a team has a star running back, you’ll see some unique running plays designed to make the most out of his skills.

So, when you’re choosing a perfect offensive playbook for your team, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does your QB have a good Throw Power rating?
  • How quick and tough is your HB?
  • How good is your offensive line?
  • Are your WR’s fast, can they catch, and how good are they at changing directions?
  • What kinds of plays do you like to run?

Once you have the answers to these questions, you’ll know whether you should go for pass-heavy, run-heavy, or more versatile playbooks.

Here are our favorite offensive playbooks in Madden 22 to give you some inspiration!

Las Vegas Raiders

Raiders' offensive playbook

Year after year, the Raiders have some of the best offensive sets in the game with a lot of formations to choose from. It’s a pretty versatile playbook with excellent passing and running options.

If you have a good TE you’ll likely enjoy some of their short passing plays that are difficult to stop. There are some great plays to choose from in the Raiders’ Shotgun, Singleback, and I formations. If you have a good running back, you’ll also find some great running plays.

Overall, it’s a versatile playbook with plenty of fun plays for just about any kind of roster.

Kansas City Chiefs

KC Chiefs' offensive playbook

The KC Chiefs’ playbook, on the other hand, is pretty pass-heavy.

Andy Reid is known as a pass-first coach and, with Patrick Mahomes, Tyreek Hill, and Jason Kelce, his offense was in full swing last season. They might have been stopped in the Super Bowl but they’ll be a force again this year without a doubt.

If you’re a fan of the passing game, the Chiefs’ playbook has some of the most interesting plays to check out. EA did a great job of building out Andy Reid’s offensive playbook and handing it to players.

New England Patriots

Patriots' offensive playbook

We also featured the Pats in our best defensive playbooks in Madden 22 article – which just goes to show how much knowledge and pure football IQ Bill Belichick and his team bring to the table. Their playbook is among the most diverse ones each year, and Madden 22 is no different.

The Pats’ offensive playbook is quite versatile but it excels in short to medium passes and dynamic running plays.

Their Gun Empty Ace Patriot is filled with fun sets to play and you’ll find some unique plays there that you won’t be able to find in other offensive playbooks.

Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Ravens offensive playbook

This is a great playbook for a run-heavy offense, especially if you have a mobile QB.

The Ravens built their offensive plays around Lamar Jackson so you can expect a lot of QB draws, QB powers, and other plays that give your quarterback a lot of room to demonstrate his speed.

Other than that, you’ll see some interesting plays designed for your running back and regular passing plays as well. It’s a run-first playbook but it does offer a lot of simple passing plays that many Madden 22 players like to run.

New Orleans Saints 

Saints' offensive playbook

The era of Drew Brees might be over for the Saints but their offensive playbook is still one of the most interesting in the game.

There are a lot of Singleback and Shotgun options to choose from, as well as lots of running plays to keep things interesting and mix it up. If you have a good quarterback with solid Mid and Short ratings, you’ll likely find more success with this playbook than some others.

It’s also simply fun to play because there are lots of trick plays and dynamic running sets.

Making a Custom Offensive Playbook in Madden 22

While you’ll find a lot of great plays in different offensive playbooks, your best option is to create a custom playbook and start filling it up with plays you like.

Simply play the game, memorize a play you have a lot of fun (and success with), and add it to your custom playbook. Over time, you’ll create the best offensive playbook for your team and style of play.

To do this, tap the NFL logo in the main menu and go to Playbooks.

Choose a team whose playbook you want to customize. It’s best if this playbook is already one you like to play with. This way, you can leave lots of sets in, remove the ones you never run, and add some of the fun ones you discovered when playing with other teams.

Here, you’ll be able to change audibles, delete plays, and add any of the plays in the game. To make things easier for yourself, sort the offensive plays by formation or set.

Creating a custom offensive playbook


Finding the best offensive playbook in Madden 22 is mostly a matter of preference and personnel. So, play around with different formations and sets to find out what works best for your style and team.

The good news is – you can do this by simply playing the game. Have fun with different teams and see what kind of offense they run. This will help you think outside the box and expand your playcalling horizons.

And, when you’re ready, you can start slowly creating your own offensive playbook filled with those plays you find the most successful.