Getting a 99 overall rating for your player is a prestigious achievement. There is even a club, or fraternity as they would say, for players who are able to attain a 99 rating in Madden games.

These are reserved for only the best in the world and they are accompanied by the likes of Patrick Mahomes, Michael Thomas, Davante Adams, and a lot more legendary players.

Every player would want their rating to reach 99 if they can but it is not that simple. This guide will teach you how to get a 99 rating in Madden 22 Face of the Franchise mode.

How Are Ratings Computed?

Firstly, you would need to understand your own position. The ratings all depend on the specific stats your position requires.

As I play the QB for my team, which I selected whilst trying to learn how to be the number one draft pick in Madden 22, physical attributes for my QB do not affect my overall rating but the stat is somewhat useful when I decide to push the ball myself.

Passing and offensive awareness increase your rating more than speed, change in direction, and strength in this position. But, for a wide receiver, tight end, or running back, you might need those attributes more and you can experiment to see how they affect your rating.

The same goes for the defensive side if ever you chose that position for your character. These can be all found in the Madden 22 skill points section when you edit your character. You can press square (PlayStation) or X (Xbox), depending on which platform you play on, while on the main screen on Face of the Franchise mode to edit your attributes.

This will allow you to improve and add to your player’s ability and skills. But first, you need to learn how to get skill points in Madden 22.

How Do You Increase Player Rating?

While on the edit screen for your player, you can go to skill points and see the skills you need to improve for your position and playstyle.

These skills are depended on both so if you are a QB, you can choose to be a “General” QB who excels more in throwing passes by increasing your power and accuracy.

Every time you level up by playing games, you will receive rewards such as experience points, reputation, skill unlocks, and skill points.

You can allocate these earned skill points in its own section and you can check which skills actually increase your rating.

After experimenting with 13 skill points for my QB, increasing my power, accuracy, and pocket pressure all gave a big boost to my overall rating. In fact, I can reach 96 overall by maxing those 3 skills alone.

However, when I started increasing my speed and stability, it did not move the needle. Even without the available skill points, you can hover each skill and temporarily apply skill points to check if you are going to increase your rating.

This is how I knew that it would be almost impossible to get to a 99 overall rating. But, you are not here to read that. There are other options you can do to increase your rating too but, it does not reflect on your overall rating.

Doing Side Activities and Goals

When you play the Face of the Franchise mode, it will not be your typical regular season. You will end up receiving a few activity notifications such as calls and training from people like your trainer, brand manager, teammates, and anyone involving you as a player.

These activities help you receive temporary boosts to your player’s attributes. The most common one would be doing your side activity which will be from your trainer. Brandon will give you a few options on what to do to help your team prepare for the next game.

You can either choose to increase your team’s chemistry, morale, your player’s attributes, or experience points. If you choose the attributes, this will be a temporary increase as it only lasts for a week.

I tried doing this without spending my skill points first so I was 82 overall when I experimented. I increased my attributes right before the game and my 82 overall did not move at all.

It seems that it does not affect your player’s overall rating at all but, the stats are still there to boost your game. It makes sense since the boost is only temporary.

For goals, these will be coming from your players or brand manager, and sometimes, the attribute increase goes to your teammate instead of you which is also a good thing. Keep in mind, these are all temporary.

How to Improve Your Player More

When you reach certain milestones for your player’s level, you receive unique boosts such as additional ability slots, Xfactor slots, and more. This allows you to unlock an ability to be used for other positions.

For example, if you reach level 20 as the General QB, you will unlock its unique Bazooka ability for other positions. Although this ability seems very specific to a QB, some physical abilities might be useful from other positions or playstyles where you can mimic them for your QB.

Generally, you would want the specific abilities from your own position but with a different playstyle. For example, the Magician (QB playstyle) has an ability called Run & Gun which will be useful for all QBs in general.

It boosts the player’s ability to make a pass while moving as it increases your accuracy on the move. It is unlocked by reaching max level with a Magician QB.

Getting a 99-rating, or at least the highest rating you can get in Face of the Franchise in your position, will take a lot of time to do but it will be crucial to pushing your player’s ability to the limit and become a legend in the game.