Steel dragons in OSRS are powerful draconic-type monsters that can be found in several locations.

They’re a somewhat common Slayer task and are notable for their guaranteed steel bar drops. Many players fight steel dragons for these resources and other valuable drops, such as the draconic visage.

However, the dragons are difficult to kill, so specific, efficient setups are used to minimize damage taken and supplies used. In this guide, I’ll demonstrate the best way to kill steel dragons in OSRS.


First, let’s look at where steel dragons are located within Old School RuneScape.

They can be found in the Brimhaven dungeon and the Catacombs of Kourend.

Brimhaven Dungeon

In the Brimhaven dungeon, the steel dragons are very close to the southern entrance, which itself is near Tai Bwo Wannai village. You can unlock this entrance for a one-time payment of 5,000 trading sticks.


From the southern entrance, run to the west into the black demon room, then south into the metal dragon room. This room contains iron and steel dragons, as well as the entrance to a Slayer task- only area with more metal dragons.

From the northern entrance, where you’ll have to pay 875 trading sticks and use an axe to chop some vines, run northwest, then follow the dungeon’s curve counter-clockwise. Before reaching the black demon room, you’ll encounter moss giants and fire giants.

The metal dragon room in Brimhaven dungeon contains four level 246 steel dragons, and the task-only section has another nine steel dragons of the same level.

Catacombs of Kourend

Slightly more powerful versions of steel dragons are found in the Catacombs of Kourend.

They are located on the western edge of the dungeon. You need to run west through the skeletons from the main entrance near the Dark Altar, then north through the hellhounds.

From there, you’ll be in a room with brutal blue, red, and black dragons. An Agility shortcut to the steel dragons is immediately west of the entrance to this brutal dragon room. The shortcut requires 28 Agility.

Alternatively, you can enter the catacombs from a hole in Lovakengj. This hole puts you just north of the Agility shortcut.


If you don’t have 28 Agility, you’ll need to run around the edge of the entire dungeon. From the Dark Altar entrance in the middle, run east through the moss giants, then south through the bloodvelds and jellies.

From the jellies, run west through the dagganoth, ankou, and banshees. When you reach the banshees, run north through the shades, and you’ll get to the steel dragons.

Keep in mind, these enemies are aggressive and quite dangerous without a Slayer helm equipped.

Skill Requirements

There are no hard requirements to fight steel dragons in Old School RuneScape, but you’ll have a tough time without the following minimum skills:

  • 70 Attack, Strength, Ranged, Defense, and Hitpoints
  • 75 Magic
  • 44 Prayer for protection prayers

The Best Setups

Due to the effectiveness of the Dragon Hunter Crossbow and Dragon Hunter Lance, you can use any combat style to fight steel dragons in OSRS.

However, if you don’t have either of these Dragonbane weapons, a Magic-based setup is easiest and most efficient.

Magic Setup

The lower-tier metal dragons (bronze, iron, and steel) are much easier to defeat than their higher-tier counterparts because they don’t get closer when attacked from a distance.

This means you can fight them safely, using very few supplies, with the right Prayers and dragonfire protection.

An antifire potion and the anti-dragon shield should be enough to negate all damage from a steel dragon’s Dragonfire breath. Besides that, wear the best Magic gear you can in the head, chest, and leg slots.


If you have the Slayer Helm, wear that on a steel dragon task. The anti-dragon shield or the Ancient Wyvern shield are necessities, and you should try to bring at least the trident of the seas, weapon-wise.

The Occult Necklace, Imbued God Cape, Rada’s Blessing 4, Tormented Bracelet, Eternal boots and imbued seer’s ring are best in slot for the rest of your gear. Of course, each of these items can be replaced with lower-tier items if you don’t have them yet.

In your inventory, the only hard necessity is an antifire potion. I’d recommend using extended antifires to save on doses. You can also bring fire and nature runes for high alchemy.

Melee Setup

You can fight steel dragons with a melee-based setup if you have access to a Dragon Hunter Lance. Since you’re attacking up close, you’ll take more damage than fighting with Ranged or Magic.

Wear the best melee gear you can in the chest, head and leg slots; typically, players wear Bandos gear and the Slayer Helm, which should always be worn on-task.

If you don’t have Bandos, wear the Proselyte chest and legs.

Weapons-wise, you should be using the Dragon Hunter Lance, or the Osmumten’s Fang if you have access to them.

An anti-dragon or Dragonfire shield is a necessity in the shield slot, while the Amulet of Torture, Infernal cape, Rada’s blessing 4, Primordial boots, Ferocious gloves, and Imbued Berserker ring provide the rest of the best-in-slot gear.

If you don’t have any of those items, they can be swapped out for the next best thing. For example, if you don’t have the Ferocious gloves, you can wear Barrows gloves instead.

In your inventory, you need to bring antifire and prayer potions. You will be using the Protect from Melee prayer constantly.

Ranged Setup

Ranged is a feasible way to kill steel dragons in OSRS if you have the Dragon Hunter Crossbow. Just like fighting with Magic, you can avoid damage by fighting the dragons at a distance.

In your head, chest, and leg slots, wear the best Ranged gear you can, such as Armadyl, Karil’s, or Blessed Dragonhide. I cannot stress enough that if you have the Slayer Helm, you should always wear it on Slayer tasks.

Be sure to wear your best Ava’s Device on your back and the Necklace of Anguish, Zaryte vambraces, Pegasian boots, and Imbued Archer’s Ring in the rest of your slots. Of course, if you don’t have these, wear the next best thing.

Weapons-wise, you should be using the Dragon Hunter Crossbow and an anti-dragon shield or Dragonfire ward. For ammunition, use diamond bolts (e) or broad bolts.

All you need are antifire potions in your inventory, but alchemy runes and some food can’t hurt.