Crush weapons in Old School RuneScape enable players to defeat a variety of foes. These foes often include demons, beasts, monsters, knights, and even giant spiders. 

There is an incredibly wide variety of crush weapons throughout OSRS. Due to this variety, as well as the wider range of foes to fight, your choice of crush weapon really matters.

While there are a lot of weapons to choose from, only a few are really viable in high-level content.

However, there are several crush weapons in OSRS that are viable for later in-game content.

In this OSRS crush weapon guide, I will talk you through the best crush weapons and tell you how to obtain them too.

Hill Giant Club

The first crush weapon I’ll mention is the Hill Giant Club. I see it as one of the best crush weapons in the game for one simple reason: it is the best in slot crush weapon for F2P players in OSRS.

The +65 crush attack bonus provided by this weapon makes it not just the best crush weapon for free players, but one of the best weapons, period, for free players. 

You can get the Hill Giant Club by defeating Obor, the Hill Giant boss. You will need to kill some regular hill giants until they drop the giant key. Each giant key is good for one attempt to kill Obor, also located in the Edgeville Dungeon. He has a 1/118 chance to drop the club. 

Dragon Warhammer

Next, we will discuss the Dragon Warhammer as one of the best crush weapons in OSRS. The warhammer is highly coveted due to its special attack, Smash. The special move deals 50% more damage than a normal hit, and lowers the target’s Defence by 30% if damage was done. 

Using the Dragon Warhammer’s special attack to lower Defence is pretty much a necessity in a lot of higher level boss fights, such as God Wars bosses, the Chambers of Xeric, and the Theatre of Blood. It may also be useful after learning how to get to Catacombs in OSRS.

Outside of its special attack, the Dragon Warhammer has a crush bonus of +95, and requires at least 60 Strength to equip. It’s also a one-handed weapon, so you can pair it with a defender for more attack bonus, or a shield for more defense bonus. 

You can get the Dragon Warhammer as a drop from the Lizardman Shamans in Shayzien, on Great Kourend. You need 100% favor with the Shayzien House, as well as a full set of Shayzien armor to kill them. The Shamans have a 1/5000 chance to drop the Warhammer. 

Elder Maul

Third, the Elder Maul is another one of the best crush weapons in OSRS. In terms of its stats, it is the best crush weapon in the game, with a whopping +135 crush bonus. However, this massive bonus comes with a few drawbacks. 

One such drawback is the fact that the Elder Maul is a two-handed weapon. This means you can’t pair it with a shield or a defender. It also has a significantly slower attack speed than the other, one-handed entries in this OSRS crush weapon guide. 

To have a chance at obtaining the Elder Maul, you need to participate in the Chambers of Xeric, Old School RuneScape’s first raid. Loot distribution in the OSRS raids works a little differently than everywhere else in the game. 

In simplified terms, your team in the Chambers of Xeric needs to earn enough points to roll on the unique drop table. Every 8,676 points adds 1% to the unique drop chances, up to 65.7% with 570,000 points. 

Of course, the more points you contribute, the higher your chances of receiving a unique drop. Assuming you’ve rolled on the unique drop table, the Elder Maul has a 1/34.5 drop chance. 

Granite Maul

Fourth, the Granite Maul provides another great crush weapon in OSRS. At its core, the Granite Maul is a less effective, but much more accessible, version of the Elder Maul. It’s two-handed, so it attacks slower and can’t be paired with an off-hand. 

However, these drawbacks don’t stop a high number of players from using the Granite Maul for PKing, or player killing. While I personally am not an expert on pking, from what I can gather, the maul is often used to finish off low-health targets with a single, high-damage hit. 

To obtain a Granite Maul, kill Gargoyles in the Slayer Tower, located near Canifis in Morytania. You must complete the quest “Priest in Peril” to unlock access to Morytania. Additionally, you need 75 Slayer and a rock hammer to fight the Gargoyles. 

I’d highly recommend using Barrows gear here, specifically Guthan’s. With the Guthan set, you inflict life-steal on the Gargoyles to restore your HP. Knowing how to repair Barrows in OSRS can greatly impact your chances of getting the Maul.

The basic Gargoyles have a 1/256 chance to drop the Granite Maul. If you have the Slayer reward “Bigger and Badder” unlocked, you can fight the superior variant, the Marble Gargoyle. Marble Gargoyles have a 3/256 chance to drop, while the bosses, Dusk and Dawn, have a 2/250 chance to drop. 

Inquisitor’s Mace

Finally, we will bring the best crush weapon in OSRS discussion full circle with the Inquisitor’s Mace. Just like how the Hill Giant Club is one of the best weapons for F2P players, the Inquisitor’s Mace is one of the best weapons, period, for paying players. 

In addition to the stellar crush bonus of +89, the mace also has a Strength bonus of +89 and a Prayer bonus of +2. These bonuses make it very similar to Old School RuneScape’s other best in slot melee weapons, the Blade of Saeldor for slash, and the Ghrazi Rapier for stab. 

Of course, the Inquisitor’s Mace acts as the crush version of these weapons. Just like the other two, the mace is also one-handed, so it can be paired with a off-hand. Having stats this great and pairing it with another stat-enhancing item makes it a force to be reckoned with. 

To obtain the Inquisitor’s Mace, you need to fight the Nightmare of Ashihama, or Phosani’s Nightmare in Slepe. They are the same boss, Phosani’s Nightmare is simply a harder, solo-only version of the encounter. 

You can fight the Nightmare once you’ve unlocked access to Morytania by completing the “Priest in Peril” quest. Since the Nightmare is a newer boss, its drop table also works a little differently than most others in OSRS. 

Simply put, when fighting the boss as a team, the mace drops at a rate of 1/1200 to 1/686. When fighting Phosani’s Nightmare, the solo version, there is a roughly 1/2000 chance to get the mace. 

Final Thoughts

There is a wide range of great crush weapons in OSRS, many more than mentioned in this guide. However, some of the weapons mentioned here are noteworthy for a number of reasons. 

A couple, like the Hill Giant Club and Inquisitor’s Mace are best in slot items for their respective player tiers. Meanwhile, others, like the Granite Maul and Elder Maul, are often used for a completely separate reason: pking. Finally the Dragon Warhammer is a necessity due to its Defence-lowering special attack.