Wyrms in OSRS are dragon-adjacent Slayer creatures cited by many players as one of the first significantly profitable Slayer tasks to be unlocked. They are guaranteed to drop a set of wyrm bones, which are somewhat profitable, and can drop a number of items great for high alchemy. 

Some of these items include rune medium helms, rune battleaxes, red dragonhide chaps, and earth battlestaves. Each of these items are worth a few thousand coins when the level 55 Magic spell High level Alchemy is used on them. 

Wyrms can also drop various dragon weapons, such as the dragon dagger, dragon sword, dragon knives, and dragon thrownaxes. These are some of the best dragon weapons in the game, and to obtain them, you should follow this OSRS Wyrm guide. 


Fighting wyrms in Old School RuneScape has a few requirements. First, you need at least 62 Slayer to be able to damage the wyrms. Second, they can only be found in one location, the Karluum Slayer Dungeon. 


This dungeon is located inside Mount Karluum, the mountain where the Slayer Master Konar can be found. To get there, you can use the Fairy Ring CIS, a skills necklace teleport to the Farming Guild, or the Rada’s Blessing 3 or 4. 

The reason this is listed as a requirement is due to Karluum Slayer Dungeon’s special property. You need to be wearing the boots of stone, boots of brimstone, or granite boots to avoid taking constant, rapid damage while inside the dungeon. 

The boots of stone can be bought from any Slayer Master, and require at least 44 Slayer to equip. The boots of brimstone can be created by using a drake’s claw on a pair of boots of stone, and the granite boots can be dropped by Fossil Island Wyverns. 


Once you have both these requirements out of the way, I would recommend having at least 43 Prayer for all three protection prayers, and at least 60’s in all your combat stats. If you have 62 Slayer, you probably have these covered. 

Combat Style Overview

The next step in this OSRS wyrm guide is to decide which combat style you would like to fight the wyrms with. This will inform your gear choices and the experience you gain. 

I would not recommend using magic on wyrms, since Magic can be costly to use for combat, and the wyrms have a somewhat high resistance to it. This means your kills will take longer and use more runes, making it less cost-efficient than Ranged. 


If you choose to use Ranged, you can negate all damage from the wyrms by staying at a distance and using the Protect from Magic prayer. They will not close the distance, they will simply keep attacking with Magic.

When using Ranged, you should wear your best ranged bonus gear, or your best prayer bonus gear. Ranged bonus gear will result in faster kills, while prayer bonus gear results in longer trips before your prayer runs out. 

In terms of Ranged weapons, use whichever weapons you like best. The wyrms do not breathe fire, so they do not require any form of dragonfire protection, like the anti-dragon shield. This means you can use two-handed weapons like shortbows and the toxic blowpipe. 


If you would like to use a crossbow, be sure to check out the OSRS Crossbow Guide for more information.

Even though they don’t breathe fire, the wyrms are classified as draconic by the game. This means the dragon hunter crossbow and dragon hunter lance are the best in slot weapons for fighting them. 

Safespot Method

Additionally, there is a way to safespot the wyrms with Ranged, without needing to pray. This can only be done while on a Slayer task, and with a shortbow or other weapon with the same attack speed (3 ticks). 

You can lure the wyrms to the corner of the eastern alcove in the Slayer task only area, and trap them there. By standing on a specific spot, you can range the wyrms from outside their attack range, rendering them unable to attack you.

Note that the wyrms will return to an idle state after not being able to attack you for a bit, so you may need to attack it again. This is why we use a weapon with a 3 tick attack cycle, so the attacks can be better timed with the wyrms idling. It might take a few tries to get this timing. 


If you decide to use melee, you can also wear prayer bonus armor, but you should also bring some food in your inventory. The wyrms can attack with melee and magic, and can use both in melee range. 

This means using a protection prayer (either Protect from Magic or Protect from Melee) will not completely negate all damage the same way it would if you were using Ranged. You can use either prayer, but the decision should be informed by the armor you wear.

If using metal armor, such as the Proselyte set or more traditional melee bonus armor, you should pray Protect from Magic. Metal armors like this are weak to magical attacks, while providing significant defense against melee. 

MeleeGear 1

Ranged armors such as dragonhide and higher tiers have massive Magic defense bonuses, so if you choose to wear them, you should pray Protect from Melee. These armors are weaker to melee than they are to Magic. 


In terms of melee weapon choice, you should be using the stab attack style. The wyrms are weaker to stab than they are to crush or slash. Therefore, you should use a high stab bonus weapon, such as the dragon dagger, abyssal dagger, Zamorakian Hasta, or Ghrazi Rapier. As mentioned above, the dragon hunter lance is your best in slot melee weapon. 

Final Thoughts

The OSRS wyrm guide has a few steps to be followed. First, make sure you meet the requirements of 62 Slayer and the appropriate boots for the Karluum Slayer Dungeon. You should also have at least 60’s in your combat stats, and 43 Prayer. 

Next, decide whether you would like to use Ranged or Melee on the wyrms, since this determines the gear and prayers you will be using. If using Ranged, you can negate all the wyrm’s damage by attacking at distance and praying Protect from Magic. 

If you want to use melee, make sure to use a stab bonus weapon, and pray against the attack style your armor is weak to. If wearing metal melee bonus armos, pray Protect from Magic, and if wearing dragonhide or high magic defense armor, pray Protect from Melee.