Wine in OSRS is a great healing item sought out by many players for its incredibly efficient healing to price ratio. While it heals eleven hitpoints and lowers the Attack stat by 2, it is sold in many in-game shops for a whopping one coin. 

Making wine, however, is one of the best Cooking training methods in the game, due to the awesome accessibility and simplicity of its ingredients, as well as some mechanics unique to the jug of wine. 

Wine is often used for content where melee stats do not matter, such as Agility, Thieving, and Wintertodt. There are even niche combat situations, such as when using Ranged or Magic, where wines can be used effectively. In this guide, I will explain how to make wine in OSRS.

Gathering Ingredients

Making wine in OSRS can be done in a few simple steps. The first step of which is to get at least 35 Cooking, to unlock access to wine making. With level 35 Cooking, simply grab some grapes and jugs of water.


Jugs can be bought at many of the general stores around Gielinor, and filled at any of the world’s abundant water sources. Grapes can spawn on the third floor of the Cook’s Guild, in the Phoenix Gang’s Hideout in Varrock, and be bought/dropped by various sources.


Some of these sources include bosses like Vorkath, Zulrah, and the Kalphite Queen, all of whom drop a large number of noted grapes somewhat commonly. Grapes can also be bought from Culinaromancer’s Chest, after starting ‘Recipe for Disaster.’ 

Thieving the wine stall in Draynor Village can also provide you with grapes, and, finally, you can grow your own grapes in Hosidius with 36 Farming and at least 65% Hosidius favor. The grape seeds are untradable, and can only be bought from the Tithe Farm reward shop.


Additionally, both a set of grapes and an empty jug spawn on the top floor of the Cook’s Guild, just southwest of the Grand Exchange. You will need 32 Cooking and a chef’s hat equipped to be let in.

Fermenting Wine

Once you have grapes and a jug of water in your inventory, simply use the grapes on the jug of water. It will become a jug of unfermented wine. Unfermented wines will become either a jug of wine, or a jug of bad wine after twelve seconds. 

A successful jug of wine will grant you 200 Cooking experience, while a jug of bad wine will grant you none, similar to burning meat or fish. You stop making jugs of bad wine at level 68 Cooking, so I would recommend waiting until then if you want to do this as a serious Cooking training method. 

Additionally, the twelve second delay on the creation of your wines is a unique mechanic that can be leveraged for insane experience rates per hour. Each time you add grapes to a jug of water, this twelve second timer resets. 


This means you do not get experience until twelve seconds after your LAST grapes are added to the jug, and that you will get all the experience at once, even for jugs in your bank. As long as you keep making jugs within twelve seconds of each other, you can get over 400k Cooking experience per hour making wines. This makes it great for gathering tiles in a Tileman save.

Final Thoughts

Making wines in Old School RuneScape can be done in a few simple steps. First, you need to get 35 Cooking to make them at all. Then, gather grapes and some jugs of water from one of the many sources of both items. 

Simply use the grapes on a jug of water, and it will become a jug of wine after twelve seconds. Making many jugs of wine in succession will grant you great Cooking experience rates per hour, and drop ridiculous amounts of this experience at once.