The Satisfactory Awesome Sink and the Awesome Shop are both special buildings in Satisfactory. These buildings are unlocked early in the game and will be used as much as possible. While the building is self-explanatory, there are several ways you can set it up to improve its efficiency. This Awesome Sink and Shop guide will cover everything about the buildings and their proper uses.

How to Unlock the Awesome Sink and Shop

The Awesome Sink and Shop will both be unlocked by completing the Resource Sink Bonus Program milestone at the HUB terminal. The milestone is at Tier 2 and will require 400 Concrete, 500 Wire, 200 Iron Rod and 200 Iron Plate. Once the milestone is cleared, the blueprint for both buildings will be unlocked under ‘Special’ in build mode.

The Awesome Sink will require 15 Reinforced Iron Plate, 30 Cable and 45 Concrete while the Awesome Shop will require 200 Screw, 10 Iron Plate and 30 Cable. Both buildings are easy to build once you have all your basic production needs up and running.

How to Get FICSIT Coupons

Awesome Sink Coupon

In order to get FICSIT Coupons, you should acquire enough Awesome Points which will be seen in the Awesome Sink building. These Awesome Points are gained through sinking items into the building and while the first few FICSIT Coupons will be easy to get, it will exponentially get harder every time you get a FICSIT Coupon.

Do not worry because as you progress through the game, the items you automate will return more Awesome Points once sunk. To put it into perspective, an Iron Plate will give 6 Awesome Points for each one sunk while the Turbo Motor will give as much as 465,056 Awesome Points for each one sunk.

It is possible to create multiple Awesome Sinks and will be a great way to earn some FICSIT Coupons on unfinished projects or any excess materials you have in a production facility. The coupon points will be shared among all the Awesome Sinks constructed. If you choose to deconstruct the Awesome Sink, the FICSIT Coupons will be stored indefinitely throughout the playthrough.

Unsinkable Items

There are items that are unsinkable in the game. Most of these items are important and it is not recommended to sink them anyway. These items will not give Awesome Points and will not disappear if you do accidentally sink them. However, it will clog the entire conveyor belt and you will have to delete it to fix the clog. The best Satisfactory best sink items are as followed:

  • HUB Parts
  • Power Slugs
  • Power Shards
  • Hard Drives
  • Mercer Spheres
  • Somersloops
  • Alien Carapaces
  • Alien Organs
  • Nuclear Waste
  • S.A.M. Ore
  • Cups and Statues
  • Beryl Nuts
  • Bacon Agarics
  • Paleberries

Best Value Sinkable Items

For the early game materials, any excess can be sunk until you need them again. There are some that will be available and will not have much use until you progress further. These are Caterium Ores and Raw Quartz.

Caterium Ores can be turned into Quickwires for 17 points Awesome Points each and Raw Quartz can be turned into Quartz Crystals for 50 Awesome Points each. These items will be used in the future but with how slow you will be progressing once you unlock these resources because of the milestone difficulties, you will find a surplus of these products for a long period of time.

Once you have unlocked the Refinery, you will have byproducts that can be turned into certain items. It is best to sometimes sink these items as the whole production line will stop if your output gets full and has nowhere to go. You can learn more about Refineries here.

The best value for these byproducts will be turning them into Packaged Fuel and Packaged Heavy Oil Residue. They can give a steady amount of Awesome Points for 270 and 170 each respectively. You can choose to use a conveyor splitter if you would want some Packaged Fuel for your vehicles and jet packs.

The highest return item for getting Awesome Points will be the Turbo Motor. It gives a whopping 456,056 Awesome Points for each one sunk. Automating Turbo Motors will be the hardest and will be the ‘endgame’ production facility.

This will be the best method to farm Awesome Points since the 2nd highest product will be nowhere near the points you can get from Turbo Motors.

Awesome Sink and Shop Layout

Awesome Sink Layout

The example above is a simple strategy to use. You can treat each of those storage containers as an end product of a production line and merge them all before an Awesome Sink.

Make sure to leave a larger space between your containers and the Awesome Sink. This way, you can have a wide array of conveyor mergers to sink. While you can have multiple Awesome Sinks active, it is more efficient when conserving more power. Sinking high-end products usually have low production rates and you can conserve space as well by combining them.

Awesome Shop Guide

Farming those FICSIT Coupons could be tedious when you have been sinking items for a while. The Awesome Shop makes it all worthwhile as you can buy almost everything in the game with it. You should spend those FICSIT Coupons wisely as they will be harder to come by.

What to Prioritize

It might be tempting to spend those FICSIT Coupons at the start when you start lacking materials such as Iron Plates and even Biomass for electricity. You should definitely save them until you reach the higher tiers where some materials you are lacking will be harder to produce.

Items such as Heavy Modular Frames, Computers and Motors can be a huge help in progressing as they are hard to automate. They are also needed to solve your electricity issues once Fuel Generators are unlocked. Certainly stay away from purchasing any statues in the early game.

Awesome Shop Prioritization

Foundations and Walkways are important blueprints in making your place better in terms of logistics. You can also use these when you explore outside your base. The Double Ramp Pack will help you easily build foundations up mountains quicker and will not cost more Concrete.

Attachments and Walls are good mid-game investments to tidy up your production facilities. If you do not plan on remaking your production line into something more aesthetic, you can unlock this early and save much more space.

How to Unlock the Cyber Wagon

Cyber Wagon

The Cyber Wagon is a secret vehicle that is unlockable in the game. It is mirrored over Tesla’s Cybertruck. You can unlock the Cyber Wagon by sinking a FICSIT Coupon in the Awesome Sink. A single FICSIT Coupon will do as it will only give you 1 Awesome Point when you sink it.

This only unlocks the Cyber Wagon in the Awesome Shop which will have to be purchased for 20 FICSIT Coupons. While it may seem fun, it is quite useless as a vehicle. It runs slow and does not have cargo space.


When you reach around 30-40 hours of gameplay, you will get a grasp on how the progression feels in the game. This can help you determine which products to sink at a certain point in time and which items you should prioritize.

You might change your prioritization in the Awesome Shop when resources like Caterium Ore, Raw Quartz and Coal are 2000-2500 meters away from your base. This Awesome Sink and Shop guide is only meant to give you a general idea on how it works. The Awesome Sink and Shop are just supplementary to the game and you can even reach the last tier without it.