The Space Elevator is one of the main buildings in Satisfactory. The way it towers over every other building makes it rightfully so. The Space Elevator upgrade requirements can be hard to deliver and this guide will help you learn everything about the building and what you should do to make it as easy as possible.

What is the Space Elevator For?

The Space Elevator is a special building in Satisfactory. It is the main progression building and is used to advance to the next tier which unlocks all sorts of things. The Space Elevator has 3 phases where deliveries are made to finish the Project Assembly. Each phase requires special Project Parts to complete the delivery and are usually products of what you have been making in your current tier.

Once you have unlocked the next tier, you will have new milestones to complete in the HUB. The milestones are the ones that unlock most of the buildings in the game progression-wise.

Space Elevator Phases – Requirements and What They Unlock

Constructing a Space Elevator will require 500 Concrete, 250 Iron Plate, 400 Iron Rod and 1500 Wire.

Phase 1

The requirements for the first phase are relatively simple. It only requires 50 Smart Plating. Smart Plating is made in the Assembler and requires Reinforced Iron Plate and Rotor to create. Once the Smart Plating delivery is complete, tiers 3 and 4 will be unlocked with new equipment, new products and new construction options.

The milestones to complete at the HUB for tier 3 will be Coal Power, Vehicular Transport and Basic Steel Production. For tier 4, the milestones will be Advanced Steel Production, Improved Melee Combat, Hyper Tubes and Logistics Mk.3.

Phase 2

For phase two, you should keep your production line of Smart Plating as you will need 500 Smart Plating, 500 Versatile Framework and 100 Automated Wiring. This can take a while because Versatile Framework and Automated Wiring can be hard to acquire and cannot be manually crafted.

Versatile Framework will require Modular Frame and Steel Beam to create while Automated Wiring will require Stator and Wire. Modular Frame and Stator will be the hardest one to automate especially at a high production rate.

Once the delivery is done, you will have access to all the milestones available for tier 5 and 6. These are Oil Processing, Industrial Manufacturing, Alternative Fluid Transport and Gas Mask for tier 5. For tier 6, it will be Expanded Power Infrastructure, Jetpack and Monorail Train Technology.

Phase 3

Phase 3 will be the hardest one to accomplish and might take more than a few days to finish. The delivery requirement will be 2,500 Versatile Framework, 500 Modular Engine and 100 Adaptive Control Unit. Just like before, you can keep your Versatile Framework production and maybe even increase it.

Modular Engine will require Motor, Rubber and Smart Plating to produce. Adaptive Control Unit will require Automated Wiring, Circuit Board, Heavy Modular Frame and Computer to produce.

This delivery will unlock tier 7 and 4 new milestones to complete. These are Bauxite Refinement, Advanced Aluminum Production, Hazmat Suit and Nuclear Power.

Space Elevator Tips and Tricks

Try manually feeding the Space Elevator

If you feel like you want to progress to the next tier without having all the products available, you can start by building the structure required for the end product.

Space Elevator Manual Feed

The image above is an example. You can have an Assembler right next to the Space Elevator input and have the required amount of storage containers to connect into the Assembler. If you are making Automated Wiring, it will require Stator and Wire. Manually feed the designated storage container and fill it up with Stator and Wire.

This is a great strategy to opt for when finishing the 3rd phase. Automating with a Manufacturer will eat a copious amount of time and you do not really need to automate items such as Automated Wiring, Modular Engine, Adaptive Control Unit and Versatile Framework. They have no use after the delivery.

You can still choose to automate them and use an Awesome Sink to sink them for Awesome Points after the delivery is done.

Always place the Space Elevator near or on your base

Space Elevator 2

The Space Elevator is an extremely towering structure. Not only is it visible from at least 2,000 meters away but also has a built in beacon on your compass so you can easily locate it. Exploring will be a big part of your playthrough and when you get lost or you would want to gauge how far you are from the base, you can always look for this structure as it will be visible from afar.

Automate as many materials as you can before advancing tiers

The game is designed for you to progress at a certain rate. If you try to manually craft multiple advanced items in your current tier, it will only get harder once you get to the next tier. It might even set you back into creating lower tier items and waste more time.

The Space Elevator upgrade requirements can be manually crafted but for the milestone deliveries, you have to automate them.


The Space Elevator upgrade requirements can be easy for some and hard for others. You should know that this is what makes the game fun. Overcoming these challenges at your own pace is how you should enjoy playing the game.