One of the most essential skills in tennis, at least when it comes to Switch Sports, is being able to serve fast and hard.

There is a special kind of serving in this game that is faster and even leaves a trail behind it to indicate speed. This is called a rocket serve, a technique that can help you win many games and make you look like a pro player, even if you’re still an amateur.

The question is, how do you serve fast in tennis in Switch Sports? In this article, we are going to explore how to do it and how it benefits you. Keep reading to learn about this technique that will make you win more frequently!

How to Rocket Serve

Fast Serving

In order to perform a rock serve, which is just a fast serve in the game, players must hit the ball when it is at its highest point.

If you move your controller from down to up when serving, your character will throw the ball upwards but won’t hit it.

You must swing again to hit the ball when it is in the air, but you don’t even have to hit it immediately.

Since the game gives you some time, you can throw the ball into the air a couple of times to get a sense of how high it goes and how fast it falls. Try to get a sense of when the ball is at its most elevated position. That’s when you must strike the ball.

The timing is tricky, and this might be pretty hard to get right at first. However, once you can do it consistently, you will have a significant advantage over your adversaries.

If whoever is on the other side of the tennis court can’t handle a rocket serve or can’t use them, you’re already ahead of them.

Although sometimes it might feel like you have managed to serve fast, you will certainly know when it happens. 

A rocket serve looks different. The ball travels across the court slightly above the net. Besides, the ball moves really fast from one side to the other. Even the trail behind is different.

Serving a high-speed ball can take your adversary by surprise. It also sets the pacing of the match as soon as it starts.

On top of all that, since fast balls are much harder to hit, it might also mean that you will be depleting the adversary’s stamina from your first move.

All that combined makes a rocket serve essential for you to consistently win matches and compete against higher-level players.

It’s not because Switch Sports is a Nintendo game that you shouldn’t strive for a long winning streak. Besides, winning grants you more points, which means more items in a shorter amount of time.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts 1

In tennis, fast serving is good because it gives you enough time to set up your own position on the court, which helps you quickly hit a shot that will be much harder to return than usual.

Another reason is that fast serving is often an easy way to get a point. Most returners can’t defend it properly and will either miss the ball immediately or position themselves immediately once they hit it.

Rocket serving is not easy. You might be able to do it sometimes, but it will take you a long time before you can perform it consistently.

Don’t worry, though. You will get there. Practice makes it perfect, and you just need to keep in mind what you need to do during each match.

You will do it accidentally sometimes, and some intentionally, but chances are you won’t do it often at first.

However, if you keep practicing and readjusting the time, I’m sure you will get there. Eventually, you will start hitting the ball consistently at its highest point, and that’s when you will be a really intimidating opponent. 

Now you know how to perform a rocket serve in your Nintendo Switch. Combined with a decent notion of the Switch Sports’ Tennis mode, that is more than enough to be highly competitive.

Make sure to check Switch Sports Tennis tips to combine a fast serving with other techniques and tricks that will help you win more often. And if you just like winning no matter the sport, you might want to learn how to get a strike every time in Switch Sports Bowling.