The game of volleyball is dynamic and exciting to watch, and it is surprisingly fun in Nintendo Switch Sports. The motions are intuitive, and the rules are easy to understand.

In Switch Sports, volleyball matches are played with four players, two versus two. This means that you will have to play with someone else or depend on the CPU.

This guide has Switch Sports volleyball tips for winning, so you can earn more points, get new items, and rank up on the ladder. Although this sport is relatively simple in this game, there are things you can do to improve your performance.

Timing Is Very Important in Volleyball

Switch Sports Volley Timing

Timing is everything in this game. Hitting the ball correctly increases its speed. It will travel much faster when spiked if you do a good job saving and lifting it.

This approach makes the game more fun for everyone since it has clear objectives. However, it also means that, when playing competitively, mistakes are magnified.

A lousy block and a slow spike might mean that you are making your opponent’s life easier and increasing their chances of hitting the ball correctly. If that happens, you might be the one who will have to react to a fast spike.

How to Block Better


React to the Spiker’s jump when it is your turn to block.

Blocking better certainly helps you win more games. And to do that, you need to react to the opponent spiker’s jump.

If you jump to block just after their jump, chances are it’s already too late. At that point, the opponent will have already spiked the ball, and it might go over your head and hands.

The best time to jump after the Spiker is a little after their feet leave the ground. Keep your eyes locked on the enemy spikers and move your arm as soon as you see them going after the ball.

To easily recognize who is going to spike, so you can react appropriately, just pay attention to the player who saved the ball.

In this game, the player who performs a save is always going to be the one who spikes.

Play Mind Games

Volley 1

Mind games work in many different sports. It can help you win more often in Chanbara, and it can also help you let you spike a ball through an adversary’s block.

If the adversary’s block is really good, you might want to slightly change the timing in which you jump to spike the ball.

Jumping early might cause them to also try to block early. Delaying your or taking a while to spike the ball after doing it early a few times might throw your opponent off a bit.

Switch Sports

Using the Slide Attack mechanic can also confuse your adversaries. This can help you get them out of sync, surprise them with a harder spike, throw off their rhythm, and so on.

Play With a Friend

Play With Friends

Volleyball, like tennis, is a 2v2 game in Switch Sports. However, unlike tennis, you don’t control both characters when playing alone.

This means that you might play with a CPU or someone you don’t know. This might cause you to have a below-average player or a player who isn’t well synced with you even if they are good.

Generally speaking, when you play with friends, you will experience more fun and exciting matches than playing with strangers online. Not only that, it’s much easier to cooperate and get in sync with someone you know.

Final Thoughts


Playing volleyball on the Nintendo Switch is fun, especially with friends. It’s even more fun when you win, as is the case for pretty much all competitive games.

Never underestimate your opponent, and remember they are trying to win just as much as you are. 

The best way to win consistently is by turning all tips into habits and having fun while playing.

People tend to play their best when they’re having fun because there’s less pressure on them, which is another thing that can happen more easily when you are playing with someone you know.