Did you know that Switch Sports allow players to unlock new items? This is Nintendo’s way to make you play for longer.

There aren’t many customization options once you start the game. Depending on how much you care about how your avatar looks, you might need many new items.

However, there’s more to customization than clothes and haircuts. It includes stickers, sports gear, and a few other things that can help your game and character look exactly how you want.

Keep reading to learn how to get new items in Switch Sports.

How to Unlock New Gear and Other Items

Item Points

Generally speaking, you don’t need to do anything besides playing the game to collect new items. Every time you finish a match of any sport, you get some points.

Once you have 100 points, you are rewarded with a randomized item from a collection of your choice. These items might be stickers, clothes, or something else.

The number of points obtained by each match varies. They depend on modifiers that come from doing specific things when playing against others.

For instance, you get extra points if you serve fast in tennis or if a deuce happens during your tennis match.

Besides, knowing how to rocket serve and playing with friends online is a great strategy to win more often.

Each sport has its own multipliers and conditions that change how many points you receive, but they all grant you more points if you win.

If you follow our Switch Sports Soccer tips for winning more often, you will gather points much faster.

Have a Nintendo Switch Online Subscription


Using a Nintendo Switch Online subscription will make your life as a gamer much easier.

Sadly, you will find yourself stuck with a maximum of two items per week if you don’t have an active subscription. Also, there are items that you won’t have access to without a subscription.

Since you choose a collection from which you get an item, not the item itself, you have to play continuously until you are lucky enough to get the thing you want.

Unfortunately, some items are locked behind a pay way. This means that you can only try to get them if you have a Nintendo Switch Online active subscription.

On the other hand, if you are subscribed, you can get many items in a single sitting.

Play Three Sports


You can queue up for up to three different sports in Switch Sports. If you do it, that means you will not wait too long for a match. In other words, you will be gathering points much faster.

This might not be ideal — many people have one sport in mind when they stop to play, but it works well if you are more worried about the grinding.

Besides, although I just told you to play three sports, it will work just as well if you queue up for just two instead.

Honestly, I just play three of them, and I keep getting matches, so you do you. Just know that the more sports you play, the less you wait, and the faster you get the items you want.

Final Thoughts

Item Table

From time to time, new items will become available, which makes Switch Sports quite exciting since its customization is far better than what we saw in Wii Sports!

One of the reasons I will keep coming back to play more Switch Sports is how good it feels when you finally unlock that item or clothing that I had my eye on.

Besides, I’m already curious to see the items that will be available in the future. I have to admit, unlocking new things usually gets me hooked. It keeps me coming back for more, and I’m certain it’ll do that for many of you as well.

It’s true that you still need to pay for a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to have the chance of getting all the items you want, but at least these cosmetic additions are not paid DLC.