Badminton is one of the most enjoyable sports in Switch Sports.

Two players face each other by sending a shuttlecock back and forward with two rackets. In this case, the shuttlecock must go over a net every time you hit it, and it must land within a delimited area — much like tennis.

Although this sport can look somewhat silly and very simple to play, this is still a competitive game, and winning still grants you extra points to get new items in Switch Sports.

So, if you are looking for Switch Sport Badminton tips for winning more often, you found the right guide.

How to Play Badminton

How to play

Generally speaking, this sport is straightforward to play. This is one of the reasons I find it very enjoyable.

Characters move towards the center of the court every time you hit the shuttlecock, so you just have to worry about the timing in which you swing your racket and how you do it.

If you swing the Joy-Con to the left, you will send the shuttlecock to the left. If you swing it to the right, you will send it to the right.

By swinging from down to up, you will send the shuttlecock to the back of the court in a really high arc. That might be dangerous since it gives your opponent some time to react, but it can be useful to set up timing traps and make them walk all the way to the back.

If you hold ZR, you will perform a low power swing that makes the shuttlecock land right after it crosses the net.

Finally, if you swing the racket when the shuttlecock is at its highest reachable point after a wide arc, you can spike it to make it go so fast that your opponent won’t have a chance to react.

Change Things Up

Bandminton Point

Change the way and direction that you smack the shuttlecock to put your opponent off balance. Take more risks than normal and try things you’re not usually comfortable with.

For example, if you usually swing sideways without thinking about it — never from down to up and never holding the ZR button — you might want to try sending the shuttlecock high up in the air or just return it while holding ZR sometimes. 

Also, spike the shuttlecock whenever it’s possible to surprise the enemy, then switch with a slow return to mess up their timing.

This will serve as a distraction that could make your opponent even more off-balance as they attempt to recover.

When it comes to Badminton, strategy is essential if you want to win. Just swinging left and right will make your moves predictable and easy to return. If you keep playing your opponents at their level and comfort zone, they’ll always be better than you.

The key to beating your adversaries is finding a way to force them to move—like forcing an opponent who likes serving from one side of the court over to your preferred side. That puts them at a disadvantage.

It’s all about figuring out where you can change things up and using strategy to shift things in your favor. If there’s no change, it will be easy for whoever is playing against you; so challenge yourself to challenge your opponents.

Watch Out For Spikes

Bandminton Spike

You usually have an opportunity to spike the shuttlecock when it is at the highest point in which your character can reach it.

When that happens, the shuttlecock will leave a purple trail, which usually means it traveled high before going over the net.

Spiking is the best way to take your opponent off-balance. It will be really hard to react to such a fast return, so you might want to force them to return the shuttlecock in a way that sets up for you to spike it.

I usually start by swinging the Joy-Con while holding ZR, then I swing it upwards to send the shuttlecock to the back of the court.

Note that your opponent might want to do the same with you, so you better pay attention to when you are being set up.

Returning a spike might be even more efficient than performing one, so you might get a free point if you know what is coming.

Note that it might take a long time for you to get to a point in which you can notice that you are being set up, and it might take longer to start hitting those fast returns.

However, practice makes it perfect. You will see it coming at some point, and then you will be able to do something about it.

Mind Games

Bandminton Versus

No matter how much you read about it, you won’t be proficient at Switch Sports Badminton without putting in the work.

One reason why is your brain needs to get familiar with new moves and commands. It’s like learning a new language: You have to hear and see words over and over again until they become second nature to you.

Fortunately, it doesn’t take too long. With time, it won’t be about execution or remembering to switch things up, but about mind games. You and your opponent will keep forcing the other out of a comfortable area, guessing what you intend to do next and how to throw you off.

I know it sounds complex for such a simple game with easy motions, but the simpler the game, the less it is about playing the game and the more it is about outplaying the opponent.

Being competitive can help you win more often, but don’t let it get in your head. Playing sports, especially Switch Sports, is all about having fun, so don’t forget to relax.

Also, many of the strategies in this game transfer to Tennis, so you might want to try that out. However, you better learn how to serve fast to have a competitive advantage there.