Once you have encountered a Lox, you will see why they are almost begging you to be tamed. They are cute, fuzzy, and insanely strong creatures. The fact that you can tame a creature this large is amazing and the bigger challenge might be trying to build a shelter for them. This guide will teach you how to tame Loxs in Valheim.

Where to Find Loxs

Lox Pen

These mythical creatures are only found in the plains biome. They are usually in herds of 2 or 3 and most of the time surrounded by other deadly creatures. While these Loxs are tamable, they are still extremely dangerous.

How to Find the Plains Biome

Like finding the swamp, you just need to sail across the ocean and go from island to island until you see a grass field with little to no trees. This is also easy to spot because most grasslands are the forest type of biomes filled with an exaggerated amount of trees.

Once you sail near the shores of an island, you can immediately check if what kind of biome is it from the upper-right portion of the minimap. This means that you do not have to dock your ship before you know whether the place is the plains biome or not.

Finding Loxs

Loxs are found near the shores of the plains biome. They can roam around the area but they will never reach the mountainside of the island. This was probably made by design because it is easier to pen them up while near the shore.

Taming Loxs

Tamed Lox

Taming Loxs are almost the same as taming boars near the start of the game. When you stealthily approach a Lox, you can see their taming progress when you are in melee range from the target. If you are spotted, or near the Lox, they will pound you to the ground so be careful. You can use armor that boosts your stealth like the troll armor set.

Once you see the Lox’s taming progress, you will likely see “XX%” tameness with hungry or acclimatizing. Acclimatizing means that it is still getting used to you so the process of taming it will be through your presence around the Lox. Keep being near the Lox while not being in the direct line of sight from the Lox. It will naturally increase the tameness level of the Lox and all the Loxs near you.

Once you see the acclimatizing status change to hungry, it will become a little wild and this time, you can feed it. You can use the cloudberries near and if you want to be more efficient, you can use barley to tame it faster. These are found in the plains biome as well.

99 Lox

It will take at least an hour to tame a Lox through acclimatizing but it will also tame all the nearby Loxs as long as you are progressing with them all at the same time by staying in the middle of them all. Once you have reached 100% tameness, a message will notify you that you have tamed the Lox. This goes for any other Loxs that you may not be following but is near the vicinity.


Loxs are a great source of high-tier meat and their pelts are used for different kinds of armor as well. The unlimited supply of high-tier meat is the best benefit you can get from taming them and everything else is a bonus. It might take at least an hour to tame these creatures but it is definitely worth it in the end. You can even tame Loxs even before exploring the mountainside.