Wood is the most basic resource in Valheim and one of the most used resources for base building and tools. Wood supply in the game is abundant and quite easy to farm. The problem is that you will need a massive amount of wood and this guide will show you an efficient strategy on how to farm wood in Valheim.

Getting Wood in the Early Game

Basically, this is part of the tutorial but it might not be clear to every player not familiar with open-world survival and crafting games. At first, you can just punch your way through small trees and even bushes to get an ample amount of wood to get you started. That is the only way to get them until you can craft a stone axe. You will need to farm stones at the start as well to craft this.

Different Tier Levels of Trees

Type of TreeAxeTierType of WoodLocation
Fir and BeechStone Axe and Flint Axe1WoodMeadows
PineStone Axe and Flint Axe2Core WoodBlack Forest
Oak and BirchCopper Axe3Fine WoodMeadows, Plains

These are the type of axes you need for these trees and while the stone axe can cut down pine trees, it is still best to go for a refined flint axe because it will take forever to farm

Chopping Down Trees

For the early game, you will not be able to chop down birch and oak trees as your axe will be too weak to cut them down. You will be looking to cut down beech trees and the best strategy to do this is to cut down a tree and make it fall onto other trees and instantly cut them down. You will be left with logs to chop after this which saves you a ton of time cutting beech trees down individually.

You can also have them drop on birch and oak trees but you will still not be able to cut down the log even if they break and fall. Another good strategy is to have enemies such as trolls or even Eikthyr to cut them down for you while fighting which maximizes efficiency.

Even if you have an ample supply of wood, these will always be needed so it is good to stock as much of these as possible.

Leveling Your Axes

Upgrading Items

By upgrading your axes to better versions or higher tiers, you can chop down trees faster and even use them as a weapon to eliminate enemies. You will need to upgrade your workbench to upgrade the quality of your tools including your armors and weapons.

Chopping Block Rank 2 Crafting Station

To upgrade your workbench, you need to craft a chopping block that costs wood and leather scraps. Flint is hard to obtain in the early game so you need to keep an eye out for these. After building the chopping block, you will be able to upgrade the quality of your tools, weapons, and armor to 2-star quality.

Tanning Rack Rank 3 Crafting Station

The next upgrade will be crafting the tanning rack. It will need the previous materials such as wood and flint as well as farmable resources through hunting which are leather scraps (from boars) and deer hide (from deer). Hunting these animals for resources is quite random as the game has randomly generated worlds.

It is best to hunt as much as possible every time you see them and these resources will be used a lot throughout the game anyway.


Gathering wood is extremely simple and you might have even figured out the cool farming strategies mentioned on your own. If not, it is best to learn these strategies as wood is used almost everywhere in this game.