There are many tamable animals in Valheim and as the game updates, they will continue to add more content and give possibilities for new animals to be tamed in the future. This guide will show you how to tame boars in Valheim and house them properly.

Finding Boars

Runestone Boar Taming

Most of the boars are found in the Meadows biome. The area is the safest place compared to all the other biomes and this is where you would want to build your base. This makes it easier to find and tame boars as they consistently spawn around your base. They are not dangerous and provide a good amount of raw meat and leather scraps.

Taming Boars and Housing Boars

Boar Heart

The quickest way to tame boars in the early game is to get as many mushrooms as you can and stockpile them in a chest. The next step is to build a small pen to shelter your boars so that they cannot escape when they are frightened or untamed yet.

Taming Boars

Once the pen is completed, find a boar and grab all the mushrooms you have, and feed it by dropping them 1 by 1. They can only eat one at a time when they are hungry and sometimes they do not even notice it. Keep feeding the boar mushrooms until you see their status change from “wild” to “tame” when you hover your cursor around them.

You have to be near the boars you are taming without frightening them so it will be faster to tame. There will also be a notification or message like in the picture shown above.

They will start following you and you can lead them to the small pen you built. Keep feeding them until they start to love you and do this to other boars in the area. Once you have at least 2 boars, they will start reproducing which is your main goal for taming them. This can be seen when you see purple hearts floating around the boars.

Breeding Boars

The newly-born boars will automatically be tamed and you will not need to do the process all over again. You will start to see more boars popping up inside your pen and you can dispose of them anytime you want for materials. You can do this while the other boars are watching so it does not matter to them.

Best Uses for a Boar Farm

A boar farm is the most essential food farm you should be striving towards to in the start of the game. It will be important all the way up to the end. They give you an ample amount of raw meat depending on how big your boar farm is. You want them to reproduce as much as possible and have a big pen to house more boars inside it.

The uses of raw meat goes from eating it cooked in the early game to using them for sausages (mid-tier food) or feeding them to wolves for taming. Once you have your wolf farm, they will reproduce like crazy as well and you will need to feed them if possible. These wolves are the defenders of your base and you will have to feed them if they are thinning in numbers. They reproduce faster when they are not hungry.

This is why the boar farm is critical because of their raw meat. You want more boars than wolves and since you are butchering some of your boars, you will really need to start early to have more boars.


Personally, this is one of my favorite features in Valheim. It gives a whole new depth of thinking about how your base should be shaped and is almost an automated food source for everyone. You should be careful placing the pen for your animals as your base will constantly get attacked and they might get wiped easily especially by trolls.