There are many different ways to enjoy playing games, but nothing quite beats the feeling of completing every little thing a game has to offer.

The world of gaming has a huge community of ‘achievement hunters’ – those that attempt to unlock as many in-game achievements and trophies as they can.

The biggest prize for achievement hunters is often the Platinum trophy. Going ‘Platinum’ is when 100% of trophies have been unlocked (and on PlayStation, a Platinum trophy is awarded for such a task).

But, until now, the thrill of 100%-ing a game has all come from completing the grind, whether short or a marathon.

We wanted to incentivize achievement hunters with something more. And with that, I’m delighted to announce the DiamondLobby Trophy Race.

We have no affiliation with Techland, the developers of Dying Light 2, and did this with our own money for a bit of fun.

What is the Trophy Race?

The Trophy Race will hopefully become an ongoing DiamondLobby competition for a selection of new major game releases. For now, however, this is a race to unlock every trophy/achievement in Dying Light 2 Stay Human.

The promise is simple: the first person to prove they’ve legitimately completed every trophy in Dying Light 2 Stay Human on Steam, PlayStation or Xbox, following our full rules and terms laid out here, will be paid $1,000.

What are the rules?

Here’s a TL;DR for those that are interested, but please do check out the full list of rules if you wish to compete:

As fairness and verification is crucial, every trophy must be unlocked whilst live streaming, with all stream videos remaining public. We have been in discussions with members from the achievement hunter community and this is the only way we can ensure the race is provably fair.

To prevent influencers and those in fortunate positions from getting a head start, you can not begin before our official start time of 19:00 ET on Feb 3rd 2022 (00:00 GMT, Feb 4th).

Once you’ve completed every trophy in the game, all on stream, you can submit your proof of victory via our form (note: form closed as we’re reviewing entries).

Anything else?

To hear about future trophy races, or to find out when races are won, be sure to follow our lil’ account on Twitter.


The Dying Light 2 Trophy Race has officially been won. We interviewed the champion in our guide: How Long to Beat Dying Light 2.